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    AAP Winners for June

    AAP Awards for June 2017 The Achievement and Awards Program’s “Of the Month Awards” has been a monthly occurrence for a very long time. This June we see the hard work from the Senior Leadership down to the best Officers KSI has to offer. Here are the June of the Month Award winners: Senior Leader of the Month goes to Senior DirectorKSI Cali 7 who has been in KSI since 2009 and has constantly grown through the ranks.. Director of the Month goes to KSI Space Ops 7. The amazing and hard-working Director is in charge of the HF division. Division Leader of the Month goes to KSIHuckleberry 7. Huckleberry is the Division Leader of SR, one of KSI’s biggest and most thriving divisions. Founder of the Month goes to KSIZeusWrath 7. Zeus is a Founder in RD, and whose division is on the ride to become on of the best KSI has to offer. Co-Founder of the month goes to KSI Monkeyy 7. Monkeyy is a Co-Founder in RD, with his hard work and dedication to his division as well as KSI, RD is quickly becoming a bigger and better division. General & Streamer of the Month goes to KSIChaoticz. If you have seen KSI Chaoticz’s streams you will see he is very passionate about gaming and the the time he puts into it. He has also thrived as a leader inside of KSI and has helped build Eternal HF into a great squad that has many potentially great leaders. Officer of the month goes to KSI FORMAL. Formal is a Major in Xerxes RD division. He is a very hard working officer who deserves great credit for where his squad is heading. Global Member of the Month goes to KSIReagenbush, he is a leader with a lot of potential to one day move very high up the ranks inKSI and will make a excellent officer in the future. Member of the Month goes to KSI Hoedoor for his great work in KSI and everlasting dedication to the cause. As he continues his career in KSI he will one day be one of the next great leaders this Gaming Community has to offer. Forums member of the Month goes to KSI Nex Addo. Nex is a very dedicated and selfless leader on our WebOps staff who continues to help build WebOps into something very special. These are our winners for June, will you be on this list next month?

    Xbox Ultimate Game Sale

    The Ultimate Sale for Xbox It’s summertime, which means sales, sales, sales; for every major platform if it's PS4, Xbox One or PC. If you are an owner of an Xbox One you will be able to take advantage of the ‘Ultimate Game Sale’. This annual sale starts June 30th and lasts till July 10th. Whether it be the recently released ‘Injustice 2’ or the original ‘Resident Evil 4’ on Xbox 360, there are plenty of titles to choose from, some of my favorites include: Resident Evil Origins Collection Dead Rising 4 Halo 5: Guardians Forza Motorsport 6 Platinum Edition Bundle Far Cry Primal + Far Cry 4 Bundle The sale has discounts of up to 50% off unless you have Xbox Live Gold where you can get up to a whopping 80% savings. Let me put that into perspective for you. ‘Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition’ is Originally £23.99 ($31.24) With the 67% discount it drops to £7.92 ($10.32), on top of that if you have gold you get the 70% discount where it then is priced at £6.00 ($7.81). Now that is only the small ones. ‘Forza Motorsport 6: PEB has gone from its original price of £110 and with its 75% discount (Incl. Gold) it has a savings price of £73.53 taking it to as low as £27.44. That is amazing news for racing fans right? A handful of Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility titles are also on sale such as: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 The Walking Dead Tomb Raider: Underworld Red Dead Redemption Saints Row Microsoft doesn't just stop there, sales have also teased for certain Headsets, Keyboards, and Mice for PC Windows players. Finally, they end with nit-bit promotions including free rubber grips for all controllers made inside Xbox Design Lab and in-store gift cards. Games With Gold for July includes: Kane & Lynch 2 Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean Edited 2 hours ago by KSI Blessed Ori