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  1. KSI x Oblivious

    Money Vs Notorious

    Money Vs Notorious This fight right here could change the game as we know it. There is a boxer in one corner and a MMA fighter in the other. Both at the top of their game, celebrities, and kings of their sport. Something that has never been done or though about being done. This isnt the same as Lesnar going from WWE to MMA. This is history in the making. No one thinks a MMA fighter can stand in a ring with a boxer who is looked at as the best of his time. How did this all begin we all ask to ourselves. All of this leads to the biggest fight of the decade, and two of the biggest ego's in sports colliding. Something we haven't seen before. Will we see a crazy upset? Will we see Floyd play defense and win by decision? This is greatness before our eyes. Gives the viewers something we have all been wanting to see for a long time. This is sports!
  2. KSI x Oblivious

    NBA 2k18

    NBA 2K18 It's almost time for it to be released, September 19th is the day. Some things to know if you pre-order, you get the special early tip-off edition which will get you: 5,000 vc Myplayer apparel 10 weekly my team packs. Something that comes to my attention is that NBA 2K18 might be hard for some to buy, due to the fact that Kyrie Irving (The cover player) might not even be in a Cavaliers jersey next season. Being the cover athlete might be the only way we get to see kyrie in a cavaliers jersey other than highlights. My player is going to get a better career mode. My team is getting much needed updates and becoming more appealing to everyone. Something that is being rumored is that NBA 2K18 is getting rid of the MyPark part of the game. Personally I never enjoyed MyPark. I know some friends who are really heart broken by this, but as of right now we don't really know till the game is available for everyone. Until September 19th comes we are stuck waiting and wondering By the time this game comes out they'll have to make a roster update with all the free agent signings as well as all the trades that have happened. The outcome will look completely different, roster wise, by the time the game is released. Official NBA 2k 18 trailer https://youtu.be/KGKmBo-x1t0 Shags legend edition trailer https://youtu.be/ZQFnQFpwCWc NBA 2k legends trailer https://youtu.be/jZxh7KaD4O8 All YouTube videos make by NBA 2ks official YouTube.
  3. KSI x Oblivious

    How will it go

    The Effect of Destiny 2 and CoD WW2 on KSI. Success, or failure. It could go many ways. It could spread like a wild fire, and be really good for the community or it could be disastrous for the community. We get the best of both worlds with both of these games, both are supposed to be great and could turn out to be legendary. Call of Duty goes back to its roots with boots on the ground while Destiny 2 gives us what we should of seen in Destiny 1 but with greatly improved graphics and many more options and gameplay modes to choose from. Cons The ending is unknown. We don't know how this will effect community aspects such as recruiting and gameplay. How will we improve if the game does not take off immediately. Pros We have experience building in both game types and can continue to build even if the game does not take off. We can bring in old school Call of Duty fans who we haven't seen in a long time due to the newer Call of Duty's being futuristic. Hopefully Bungie will be successful as they almost always are and Destiny 2 will be a great game. Now some answers to a few of these questions. How will KSI stand with all these new games coming out? I believe KSI is going to continue to flourish no matter what happens. KSI has seen many games come out that could have potentially ended very bad and ended up not affecting us. KSI will continue to build off the hype and move forward into the future and see things happen that haven't been in a very long time, such as us reaching 5000 members. I also believe we will see a great increase in division splits and more rapidly growing divisions. We have very well trained leaders that are better then they have been in years. We are much stronger then we were in the past few years. I believe KSI will flourish like a wild fire. We will finally be able to enjoy CoD again with big squads and great leaders. Destiny will be what we learned to love when everything else failed around us. What we flocked to when nothing else around us was working. The planets, universes we saw together, and people we saved. Do I believe it'll end badly for the community? No, KSI is built to keep moving forward no matter what happens. It is built on building friendships, relationships, and most importantly to game with others. With that I don't see KSI falling anytime soon my friends.   Finally I almost cried watching this video. Can't wait. Caste theatre CoD WW2 song Mouth watering awesomeness. Video made by igns YouTube