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    Gaming on my Xbox One X-Destiny 2, Halo The Masterchief Collection, The Division, Gears of War, Halo 5 Guardians, Games on GamePass, Games For Gold, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Stargazing, Reading, Enjoying what time I got left Smoke-Free & Alcohol Free since January 1, 2018! I spend my time Gaming even though I'm Disabled and Handicapped, mainly been doing things Solo, most friends either disappeared or don't game anymore all 6 I rolled with for many years are now gone! I enjoy Clash of Clan on Android and spending time with my Boyfriend, talking, laughing, joking & funny how life is weird I still got the young good looking hot boyfriend who is 19, in College another year till he becomes a CNA and I believe an RN and he has changed my life for the better! He has changed my life so much I am no longer the Beer Drinking-Whiskey/Bourbon Slamming mean S.O.B! Plus I am no longer 350lbs I am down to 227lbs, I'm on the cutting phase as Bodybuilding calls it and soon in a week I be on the Building Lean Muscle Phase, workout 3-4 times a week, cardio 4 times a week trying for 5 times a week! I'm back to see what's up and I know many will find it hard to believe but YES I HAVE CHANGED AND FOR THOSE WHO DONT BELIEVE IT, YOU CSN KEEP THINKING THAT WAY BECAUSE I DONT NEED YOUR APPROVAL AND CERTAINLY NOT LOOKING TO FIGHT SO KEEP ALL THAT NEGATIVITY CRAP TO YOURSELVES!

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  1. Hello KSI been awhile but decided to update my profile and to say Hello, hope all is well and I will admit I do miss KSI