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  1. Hey mofo long time no talk lol I member when u was always hanging out with me n tex

  2. ksi antonius le

    Old Folks Attention!

    Damn I used to run Krime Syndicate. We had 1500 in our prime
  3. ksi antonius le

    Old Folks Attention!

    KSI will never be as it was in the h2 days. Competing against MoB, XGC , and many other knock offs started by people that left KSI. Whats the biggest division you guys have currently?
  4. ksi antonius le

    Message to my old school amigos

    I still communicate with a few old school homies. You being one of them meep. Never hurts to stop by every now and then and see who else does the same.
  5. ksi antonius le

    Message to my old school amigos

    Any of my old friends still hop on here? Shoot me an add on xbox AntonTreFiDeuce
  6. Wheres all my old school friends at?

  7. Hows everyone doing? Wheres my throwback friends at?

    1. Anarchaotic


      Way back. Lol. Been a long time.



      Hey I need you help. I just came back after being inactive for over 6 years. I know all about the old school way running ksi. I was so so division leader in 06. If im correct I beleive I actually built the AO division that you still have now. But I see there are only about 5 divisions all together now I remember there were about 25 when I was in it. Anyway it would be good if we linked up and discuss what ive missed and how I can benefit the clan now

  8. what are you talking about?