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  1. KSITechNine

    Message to my old school amigos

    Love ya Andy it's been awhile brother
  2. KSITechNine

    Where my OG's at

    Lmao about a year late but. I was in the OG Spec Ops, the OG Twisted Kaos dabbled in with the Helixs helped with the Dynasties Director/Senior at times among many other ranks/positions. Damn thinking about the fun times with Bill, BT, Rex, Lope, Soprano, Capstone, Tex, Stylez and many others like Bigg Pappa, Ak47s4All, Apocalypse, Spyder my boi Antonio damn the lists could go on. I'm actually pretty happy that I'm not on the HoF. I prefer the anonymity.
  3. sean weatherspoon hell ya

  4. ah a fellow that i remember from 06 on H2 with X

  5. lol unfortunately i dont play xbox. lol. im just here for global. ya no

  6. lmfao i thought you were very familiar espicially when you added me on facebook so how ya been lil miss nikki? btw if ya ever wanna hit me up xbl my GamerTag is RD TechNine

  7. lmao im a general but not for long