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Status Updates posted by Gaia

  1. Two Rep's at 285 on Dead-Lifts and two Rep's at 185 on Bench-Press. Not too shabby for only four weeks of strength training!

  2. But, but SA was amazing!

  3. Gaia

    Happy B-Day Dorkz!

  4. Happy B-Day Dorkz!

  5. Rags for red and Gaia for blue ;)

  6. What about, Gaia for Cyan?

    1. Kered 7

      Kered 7

      Maybe after you quit the darkside of the darkside.

    2. Gaia


      That has nothing to do with being Moderator dickhead! I'm not in any clan nor side.

    3. Airborn 7

      Airborn 7

      Gaia is a great choice for Moderator especially since he has experience with being an Admin and is a court judge

  7. And I quote Erbs, "bloody red rags."

    Grats comrade.

  8. For getting you unbanned turd.

  9. Does someone need a tissue?

    1. Wes


      Does Thou hast Issues? Herest, taketh thy tissue.

  10. You made your hand heart on the wrong side. . .

  11. Ugh you ppl hurt my brain sometimes.

  12. What's goin' on?

  13. Billy say's add me to the Hall of Fame. clear you're message centre as well. . .

  14. Happy B-Day to me!

  15. Where you been?

  16. Go petition that **** or make an appeal.

  17. Unjust user group removal, give it back.

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    2. Gaia


      Doesn't matter.


    3. KSI FreakinPope

      KSI FreakinPope

      well it does matter, but I agree with you sir

    4. Gaia


      The specific group doesn't matter, it's the member that does. ;)

  18. God damn childish behaviour.

    1. Nex Addo

      Nex Addo

      whats wrong gaia man?

    2. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      I agree with you Gaia.