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  1. I think this is a personal record for you. You almost lasted a whole month without being banned.

  2. School is what will help you pay the bills in the future. Try harder! lol

  3. School is what will help you pay the bills in the future. Try harder! lol

  4. I second that! It gets really boring around here.

  5. When are you going to come out of that whole your in... haven't seen you on a min.

  6. It is though... isn't it.

  7. such an ugly color you are

  8. just dropping by to say thanks for all of your hard work all of these years... Hopefully, you still drop around some and say hey.

  9. "click" ok... its off now.

  10. YO! thought I drop by and brighten your day up Spider.

  11. I felt obligated to leave you a message... your "about me" page scared me. : (

  12. Hey Msnaughty! Thanks for the shout out... doing fine and its good to see you around again. : )

  13. Thanks for the sig comment... I have always loved your style. the one you just made is shexy.

  14. Hope school is going well for you bro. : )

  15. Thanks for the shot out! Yeah I miss the gold ole days in o6 lol! Nice to know one of the old DH members is still around.

  16. You have gotten much better in photoshop bro... keep it up!

  17. Stalker lol... sorry that I missed your call bro. Was at work n all. I will hit you up later.

  18. Happy 80 something birthday... LOL!

  19. Na.. LOL nobody thinks I'm cool. I just tell myself that to boost my ego. hehehe

  20. He was referring to me as "the cool guy" by the way.