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  1. Haha here's an egg

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      KSI Ares 70

      I opened it and it was a rotten egg. Lol

  2. KSI silentRob

    What Does KSI Mean to You?

    In my various periods of time, lol, in KSI I have had more enjoyable times gaming with the members in my squad more than being an outsider. A community feel has had an appeal that I can't shake. It's the comradery and friendships that kept me close and continued my connection with KSI. I find myself devoting a part of every day of my life to KSI in some shape or form whether it's gaming or chit chat in discord. That shows me how much KSI has integrated as part of my family. I thank certain people who contribute to that feeling I have for our community. Thanks to them and all of you who make KSI a special place.