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  1. Thats the left handed brake... they just cropped the left handed gas pedal out of the picture

  2. Your time here is up

  3. Ok so everyone has that one thing they impulsively buy whether they have the money to spare or not and this is mine... 3 years of waiting on this game and they kept pushing back the release and then I gave up on it in November just for them to release it and me miss it on January 18th

  4. Anyone love me enough to buy me a gaming pc???

  5. Am I the only one who had to pause and just look at their sign?

  6. Why can I not get rid of this......, Adam Byrum

  7. So i finally have gotten bored enough where I actually watched the Robert Kelly interview and let me say this... i cant tell you what that man has and has not done to whomever behind closed doors... but I do know that in all these years that he has faved people demonizing him he has kept his silence and when he finally opens his mouth to defend himself now hes “playing the victim” as mrs king put it... let me ask how one is to not be victimized when you spend 20-30 years bashing their name and their career due to something that whether it was right or wrong was said IN COURT to be in favor of him being not guilty... but you keep talking badly of him and he keeps his silence... years down the line “oh r kelly did this to me” comes right around again and the cycle starts again... im not saying I believe him or the women or that either is right... what I do know is youre not God and only God knows the truth behind these accusations... if you cannot prove that the man has done anything without a doubt then let it be... throw out the case like you would if he wasnt a famous man... if you can prove hes done these heinous acts then bury him under the jail but otherwise learn from your own teachings and stop cyber bullying this man with all this he say she say propaganda and move on... rant over

  8. Danna Benson Gene Benson Jason Beard Judah Beard

  9. I love these two clowns