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  1. Well Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there! If you cant be home for your loved ones make sure to give them a call/video chat!

  2. You arent a true angler unless you get a treble in you lol... damn largemouth decided to thrash as im getting his hook out and set this in me! So glad its out!

  3. God damn.. good butt day of fishing, didnt get pics of all the fish but definitely got a brute of a fish! Hell yeah! also south dakota didnt know what kind of weather it wanted so we dabbled in some rain/sleet/hail for like 10mins lol

  4. Both in heavy cover on the shoreline lol and on a jig? Bass makes sense... the northern? Not so much but ill take it!

  5. Wow 6 years... time really does fly

  6. felt like a noob fishing today... had no clue what the hell this was, something new I guess.. a Rock Bass... but its a bass lol

  7. Welp... went bass fishing. However, has you can see I ended up at a 25inch northern and a decent size brown trout lol good day of fishing... for some lol

  8. Got some fishing in today after work! Gave a good fight to!

  9. Say what you want about this jet but no one messes with it! ...... "I was inverted" lol

  10. Keep fishin never stop!

  11. Look at that sucker! Went way to long without a bite today and him toying with my lure! Sure showed him! Good day of fishing and eating! Caught 6 trout total (only kept 5) and 1 largemouth on accident lol

  12. Well todays catch and cook was a success! For my 1st ever fish fry, I impressed myself!