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  1. Need a dam job so I can pay for things

  2. Been awhile since I post on my feed lol. Heading to sleep. Sweet dreams everyone

  3. Still recovering and looking for a job

  4. Just got fired from my job

  5. K.S.I. Is Recruiting
    Hello Everyone!

    KSI (Knowledge, Strength, Integrity) is a large Gaming community that has been around for many years.
    We are on all platforms and are actively recruiting.

    Play all aspects of the game, Crucible, RAIDS, Story ect.

    Have people that will work with you to get your characters up to date, teach raids, carry your through crucible and more! We are here to have fun, be laid back and just enjoy gaming in General!

    Only a Few Requirements to join:
    - Be at least 16
    - Be on Discord (If you're not, we have an education department that can teach you how to use it)
    - Have a Microphone
    - Not be a part of another Clan
    - Have Fun

    So if you're Interested, please get with me and we'll have one of our officers get you squared away!!
    I look forward to hearing from you and we look forward to playing with you!

    PSN: KSI_ElitistDeath
    Discord: KSI ElitistDeath (A-LT)#9271

  6. Happy fathers day to all

  7. Got phone call letting me know that I might not have a job. Not understanding why. Now I'm worried

  8. Been awhile since I been on Facebook.

    How has everyone been????

  9. Happy mothers day to all!!!