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  1. Shut up about Osama. You blind *******s

  2. Ish okay :D Sorry i said it back :P

  3. How does that remind you of me?

  4. baby fix my shoutbox :[

  5. Fix my shoutbox butthole :[

  6. Why am I still shoutbox banned? Raggy poo, get on this.

  7. Everybody in the hood has had it up to here. It's getting hard and harder each and every year.

  8. Yeahhh. I was the original frosty :]

  9. You stole my name. A longgg time ago. Meanie

  10. California cool **** is what I ooze with.

  11. Aaron is a bad kid, that is all.

  12. **** yesh! Hello Kitty is bomb. I'd dedicate some ink to he kitty in pink :]

  13. Give me your hello kitty tattoo please?