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  1. **ASK your partner/fiance(e)/spouse these questions and write EXACTLY what they say: Gary Kirk\ Tiffany Lewis

    What food do I hate the most? Uhh I never knew you hated any food???=\\\\
    Sour cream onions...right
    What's my favorite band/musician? It would be country lol (I dont think he pays any attention).....////sliptknot right

    What's my shoe size? Lol 9.5 or 10 (he is wrong)
    I just told her 11

    What's my weirdest habit? I dont have any habits except keeping house clean...///playing video games

    What am I good at?.///being lazy...uh no... Being a mom and cooking and cleaning

    What am I REALLY bad at?...keeping hous clean... Um playing monopoly ummm not rubbing my back

    If I was collecting something, what would it be? Maybe seashells...///fishing stuff

    What am I afraid of? Hahaha nothing
    What is the first thing I do in the morning?
    Check my phone or piss....smoke or piss

    Who usually wins our arguments? You..you have to have the last word.....she said her

    How much time do I need to get ready? I've seen u do it in 20 mins helluva lot more then the girls

    What is one thing that I love doing that most people don’t? Playing video games...pissing her off

    I just won the lottery, what is the first thing I buy? Probably a car or house or cigarettes how am I gonna know what your gonna doo.....something for me

    What makes me mad? Being me....loseing video gane

    What is the first thing of yours I would throw away? Probably the damn xbox...///her phone

    What is the first thing of mine that you would throw away if given a chance? That damn phone lol...xbox

    Describe my ideal house:
    A 2 story house or a old house like my grandmas nothing to fancy...//%man cave

    What is your favorite memory of us? Um being at the parade looking cute that's been ages ago it feels likeat the beach got drunk and piss in motwl floor(i dont remember doing it so never happen