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  1. Hey all, I'm Caleb, aka KSI_Pathogens. I'm the current Director of Peer Support and a General over Olympia in Ancient Republic. I joined KSI back in June 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the KSI family. I've been in many different communities on various platforms, Blood Legion back in WoW, TF (Tribforce) back in CS 1.6 and source, and many others along the way. I am an avid FPS, MMORPG, And Strategy gamer with feats such as Master in Smite in season 1, eagle in CS GO, Plat in LoL, Plat Apex and ca few others.  I love the competitive scene but I like just playing for fun as well. If you ever need someone to chat with hit me up on discord KSI_Pathogens#1528 have a great day and a Merry Christmas