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  1. TheWolfOutlaw

    I would like to join KSI

    Hey I was trying to apply it keeps taking me to another site which just displays a error code I found that someone did a application before so I’m going to play my application here if it’s wrong I apologise feel free to contact me faster via discord TheWolfOutlaw#0010 Current gamertag: DG Wolf IV 2. Past gamertags: RGL Wolf, SGC Wolf XV 3. Age: 23 4. How did you hear about KSI? I’ve heard about it in the past many times 5. Have you read the KSI Code of Conduct? Yes 6. What console do you play? Xbox 7. Which multiplayer game do you play the most? Call of duty will be vanguard once released 8. Have you been a part of any other clans? If so, Which ones? Redemption Gaming Live. Syndicate Gaming Salvation Gaming RoG, Iconik Gaming RGC and Defcon gaming 9. Have you ever been blacklisted from KSI or any other clans? If so, which ones and why? No 10. Is becoming a leader within KSI something that interests you? Yes 11. Do you use any of the following? (KIK / Discord) If so how can we reach you? I use discord but not kik