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  1. <3

    1. KSI Pace 7

      KSI Pace 7

      This is KSI Pace. Im back and i want to be part of this again. Please help me. nice nowing ur still here. Im coming out of retirement...

  2. That's what I thought, ******.

  3. Erbs is my hetero-sexual lifemate.

    1. KSI TOPGUN 7
    2. KSI REAPA


      hahhaha topgun said *ban me*

    3. minitank13
  4. Oh, the other mods made it seem like it was because of them. lol

  5. Welcome for what?

  6. This is why I'm hot!

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    2. minitank13


      I'm waiting for the next mixtape! :D

    3. Pvt Dancer

      Pvt Dancer

      I know when's he going to release it ?

    4. minitank13


      He said between late July and early August.

  7. You know you want me...

    1. Tech


      You know I wantcha

  8. I like being blunt.

    1. KSI TOPGUN 7

      KSI TOPGUN 7

      heck ya man... 420 man! ><

    2. minitank13
  9. 4 years of this ****... thought you'd learn your lesson not to bother banning me by now?

  10. Yeah... We got drunk again. :P

    1. Gaia


      on cough syrup ;)

  11. Lovin' life... weird right?

    1. Ragnaroks 7

      Ragnaroks 7

      For you, yea. Did someone give you a bunch of free booze or something.

    2. Gaia




  12. Who wants to see me suck off a cow?!?

    1. Gaia


      He would like that very much.

  13. Texas = Steers and Queers

    1. Shido 7

      Shido 7

      so if you lived in texas what would you be?

    2. minitank13


      A steer because I like to bs. =P

  14. Osama may be dead but he never went to court. So who really won?

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    2. KSI SequeLs

      KSI SequeLs

      Sadly that does not always happen. regardless they should have shot to maim not kill but hey its the seals.

    3. Jaygo


      Agreed sequels, the seals can't help but kill... thats what they are bred and born to do.

    4. minitank13