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  1. you blocked my messsages. i know it was you. can you fixo :D

  2. I haven't played my electric guitar in like a month, so that's what I'm gonna do. Jam out a little tonight.

  3. oh yea...Pinch Harmonic

  4. There's a tree that is growing in the field of our being That's blocking the sun and preventing us from seeing The horizon that holds the fate of our future And it's fed by a mob of dictators and preachers In the business of making sure when you're frail and old That you lived your life doing what you were told And the bold-faced choice that they make to deceive Is the difference between what you know and what you believe

  5. Spider


    What brand and model is your kit?
  6. www.reverbnation.com/journeytojupiter - What I've been working on for the past 8 months musically. I hope you enjoy.

    1. KSI Eureka

      KSI Eureka

      Spider, This project is absolutely amazing, I love it. <3

  7. I don't want to talk to anyone so leave me be. For the very few who I do want to talk to, you know who you are, feel free.

  8. "Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort."

    1. KSI TOPGUN 7

      KSI TOPGUN 7

      are you suffocating? and not breathing? and do you not give a (radio edit)...

    2. KSI FreakinPope

      KSI FreakinPope

      that is a huge **** roach.. almost like it is a Poppa Roach...

  9. ‎"Of all of the things I could say. Not a single one could be, as beautiful as you are." - Beautiful (Jealousy Curve)

  10. Spider


    So wait... do we have tributes from Iron Maiden and Eddie Van Halen on Dime's guitar?
  11. Suit yourself Natas. Still a little pointless to have an bunch of themes or have paid for them and not use them.

  12. JT you stole the theme that I like from me. :/

  13. Yep. I liked it so much I had to capture it into one group. ;)