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  1. Its Shotguns old account LOL

  2. lol Sorry, my fellow gamer. Not everyone can be as fly as yours truly. ;)

  3. i want hot chicks as my friends :(

  4. Aww. Adidas hasn't gotten a comment yet. Here you go. :)

  5. My first account! Hellz yeah!

  6. Ok, you have a point. Installing new skins after doing hours of modifications is a pain. lol

  7. Ok fellas. This chick right here... yeah. She... is THE coolest person in the world. Period. End of game. Story... over.

  8. lol A bunch of "hawt chix" (god, I hate typing like that) want to be my friend... Interesting. *mental note* Life goal #1... complete. :) jk

  9. Hey, a bunch of hawt chix want 2 be ur friend. Just go with it dude :P

  10. Am I complaining? No. lol

    Just making an observation/question.

  11. What's with all the females adding me to their lists? lol

  12. first comment WOOO so hey whats up "FRIEND" lol :)

  13. KSI Shotgun SO

    I Cant Post Any Images..

    Oh shut up, Dan. I've never heard of it named that way. Yeah, just do the following: [img=http://blah.jpg]
  14. I dunno what the big deal is. It's not that hard to upgrade the forums... Unless you have a bunch of mods. lol