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  1. guess whos back? hehe

  2. so im still cooler than you


  3. hey your not cooler than me lol but my bad you go under settings and go to down to the side bar friends and thats how they are all there :P

  4. If I could get my xbox live working I would.

    Unfortunately I cant get it working. >.<

    I chill on msn instead. lol.

  5. lol are you sure?

    do you play any games?

  6. hey there

    im cooler than draven

    just thought id let you know

  7. ok so i go to my controls and then where?

    i cant find the "view friends" option

  8. oh just go under my settings and where it says view friends just change it to 10

  9. how is it your recent visitors shows like 5000 but mine only shows 5 at a time???

  10. yeah you need to go and re-word that last one...no idea what you were trying to say :)

    but i did send you a friend request =]

  11. haha thanks I so what do I have a friends request because I set it to where only my friends can see me :)

  12. im glad after your long hard day of thinking, you FINALLY figured it out :)

  13. okay after a long day of thinking I figured it out lol

  14. nope, that doesnt work either

  15. haha it was because I left out the .com in it