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  1. Yo John how is it going old friend?

  2. Nice reference in your profile there. :)

    1. Pvt Dancer

      Pvt Dancer

      I thought you'd like it 

    2. KSI ElDIABLOx7

      KSI ElDIABLOx7

      Hey what up fellas?


  3. Nice reference in your profile there. :)

  4. Sexy ;) Can't wait to marry you.

  5. OMGRadio lol the sites been down for unscheduled maintenance for awhile now. omgradio.net It just went down without a word to any of us. Kind of lame but eh.

  6. Hey, I'm curious... what station did you DJ for? I use to DJ online, also, which is why I was asking.

  7. Stop copying the style of my awesome history story thats outdated. :P

  8. KSI AK47sForAll


    I have a 16 and 3 picture of my game tonight.
  9. No cyberstalking six.