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    My interests are in my God, Family, Work, and then play... in that order. I enjoy some hobbies which include: snowboarding, jogging, working out, going out for sushi... things of that nature. If you are interested in getting to know me more, just visit my myspace page at: myspace.com/thelocalshadowwarrior
    Or my home Clan site URL: www.BiGgamingOnline.com

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  1. ...im going to try and play more though, and im not sure if your still on my friends list but my current gt is "Rubiks Kid" but i am planning on changing it sometime in the near future so maybe well play together soon =]

  2. yo dude, i was reading my email and saw your comment. sorry i havent played xbox at all in a while, im really busy with school and stuff...

  3. Lite Brite... I miss you bro!

  4. just an additional note: I was with KSI for 3 years!! Think about this... I am not trying to convert you guys to DarkSide Gaming(DSG), rather... inform you of the reasons I am not with you anymore. Just ask me for the inside info of what KSI is really doing to it's members in LS!! Gamer Tag is: Ray Mayer DSG

  5. guys if you are reading this... I must let you know of this site! Go here, take a look around... let me know what you think! If you want to join the site, or a REAL clan with people that care for you... and has no "1" creator, rather 5-6 co-creators at any given time!! just message me via XBL. Site: www.dsguniverse.com

    my Tag: Ray Mayer DSG

  6. Ray Mayer DSG

    My artwork

  7. Ray Mayer DSG

    My KSI baby

    pics of my baby girl Noel
  8. hey, welcome 2 KSI! I am the co-founder over KSI NITR0 LS, and KSI ENCOR3 LS. Please stop by and hang with us somtime. - KSI Mayer

  9. here is the code for your sig... it includes the greek gods squad name! Enjoy! -KSI Ray Mayer ~General, NITR0 LS

  10. I was told to send you a .psd of my sig. How do i send it to you?

  11. here is the site that I got those brushes from.


    enjoy, but give credit 2 da brush artists!

  12. Ray Mayer DSG

    ksi roxi 7

    ummm... we must be on the same wave length, because you took the words from my mouth.
  13. what should I post in the LS forums?