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  1. KSI DarkTitan 7

    Went darker with blonde.

    wowww. )
  2. KSI DarkTitan 7


    well hello gorgeous
  3. KSI DarkTitan 7


    haha thats when we we dropping the engine in. its actually a 377. its got like 395 horse power. it sucks with gas tho. shes all finished now tho.
  4. KSI DarkTitan 7

    my 70 camero

  5. i hate the red ring of death!!!!

  6. i hate the red ring of death!!!!

  7. haha thanks for the updated comment =)

  8. wow last Feb 2008 gee you need an updated comment lol...well here you go HI!!! :-)

  9. nothin you know just chillin. what are you up to

  10. hey hey hey what are u up too???

  11. so wat u been up to lately and did u get my messege?

  12. shoot i would but i dont think i have that i think i have msn though