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Mr E Alastor

Website Layout

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On the menu bar at the top you have drop downs for the different options to highlight but not for Forums...

I feel it would make navigation on the page easier if you had the following options to jump to under the forums tab:


Division Section

KSI Education

Site Central Command


Graphics and Media


I feel this could could increase the use of the website especially for the mobile user. Lets face it that is what most people will be going to.

Also why not move the VIP section up to the main menu bar? This would get a lot more attention that way and could possibly even increase the membership from curiosity alone. The more you see something the more you end up wanting it.

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A plan for a new layout was submitted to our webmaster (R00t Da3m0n) and is pending approval still. Keep your eyes open because the proposal by Mr Miagi and myself is similar in concept of making the flow easier, as you suggested. 

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