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Frostiie KE

including bots on the forums for various informational purposes

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i think ksiglobal.com should use bots if there is a way to install them on the forums.

1st bot idea

Birth day shout out in shout box when its a members birthday with there ksiglobal.com account linked. this bot should only include active members and above. (EXCLUDE people labeled as in active and banned)

2nd bot idea

when ever KSI Social media goes live (FaceBook/twitch/youtube, etc..) shout out in shout box that they are live and provide link.

3rd bot idea

when ever there is a new-news article shout it out in shout box with a link provided.


I feel like these are just some examples of how a bot could be used to increase activity on the forums as also make people feel more integrated on the forums. Just think about it we need bots to help fill in were we might miss when it comes to delivering information to the members. the link will be good with giving people easy access to new KSI Content as well as the birthdays being shouted out it will allow people to wish people happy birthdays by letting the community be aware of when and whose birthday it is.

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