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KSI Security X

MLOA & MMLOA Policy/Section Vote Request

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Good morning/afternoon gentlemen and ladies of the KSI community. My name is Lance or KSI Security X. If some of you are old school you know I’m an old school member too. This community has came a long way. I was here during it’s glory days and it’s ups and downs through leadership and policies. This community has changed for the better for the best or worst for people. It tears me up writing this because this community has became the most active in a long time. The leadership is great, members are getting more involved, and taking the initiative to be a leader. Also how could I forget, the awesome fun gaming environment offered here mixed with fun and structure. Whatever your gaming community goals are here within KSI are stick with them. All of you have the potential to be a leader and show others you can do it. Placing other’s before yourself. Everything takes time and has a process. For someone with 14 Years of Gaming Community Experience I know how hard it is to get members interested and trained to be part of what’s here.  I had to fight to be here at one point, words can not express how all of you are in a good place here. This gaming community specifically is one big family. Like any family we all have our ups and downs. It’s important to remember to stick together no matter how hard it gets, you all are all doing incredible work. Unfortunately I am on Medical Military Leave because of my server mental health disorders. I been diagnosed with sever case of PTSD-MST related and ASPD which are extremely serious. It’s bad then it sounds or seems believe me, everyday is a struggle for myself and my family. What I didn’t note before is Being on this website helps cope. It’s a stress and anxiety reliever. I can’t do video games right now. (Clan Ops)It’s too much to handle along with other issues I prefer not discuss. 

(I can still operate and work on web ops) 


So back to the reason why I’m posting this...


I want to give back to this gaming community to the active military members and veterans of USA, Canada, and Foreign countries before I go. I am requesting to have a new policy vote and format for active military and veterans of the service who need leave for the following reasons;


1st Part

*Medical/Mental Health Issues

*Pre-Deployment/Deployment/Post Deployment 

*Military Training Exercises 

*Personal Family Leave/Fraternity Leave 

*Any other miscellaneous issues


We used to have a policy in place for its military members and veterans in the past, however I noticed that the policy or request format isn’t here anymore. I’m assumed it was taken down or hidden somewhere. There wasn’t an official leave format either when I had to do one yesterday. If possible to make a special section for that or have it as a special topic in Squads. We need to make it easy for active military and veterans to request leave.

Having it’s own section will make it the following;

*Easy and Clear to identify in its own entity then having to scramble to search in a squads subsection.

*Easy and clear to approve and see requests posted in that section. What I mean by this is say they do a request of leave in a sub section, most of the time other members are commented or posting which or tops that’s person posted and is hard to see or noticed right away. We want to make military members and veterans easy to post and access. 


2nd Part 

Military Leave Request Format purposed:




Rank at time of Submitted Request:



Branch of Service:

A brief Statement of why you are Requesting Leave: 

Please Tag the Division Leader in charge of you. If you don’t know, Tag the highest Ranking member you know in your Squad/Division: 


(Why we do the tagging as part of the format questions may ask? The format is so that we can Give a clear indication that the Leave is being requested, but tagging a leader gives a notification in that leaders inbox, hey this guy needs a request forum addressed ASAP. It also gives notification to other parties depending on who approves it.



A short and sweet format with short and sweet requirement needs for Part 1 & Part 2 when requesting.


Issues that could be addressed from a common sense prospective that will be argued in this post. Whether or not the military Leave needs to be verified. Some may say that most of the leave requests can be verified because a lot of it is simple documents that can be provided that doesn’t violate HIPPA laws or Patient confidential laws. (As an Example, some gaming communities request any military member or veteran to provide a copy of their DD-214 if a veteran, and if active military ERB/ORB) The part that will be tricky(like my case) will be the mental health/medical issues. Unless someone volunteers to give a copy of those documents they really don’t have to comply.(Protection under HIPPA and Patient Confidentiality) Which at that point it comes down to the word of mouth of the individual character if he or she has truly has extreme issues. Upper Leadership for my case know everything about me and trust me now then they did before so they don’t have a reason to second guest my request. Again I’m just laying out all the facts. What most of our active military and veterans wouldn’t like about taking leave is not having their rank protected. In old policies the rank/promotion was protected for only military and veterans. That’s the promise I do remember in the old policy that allowed active military and veterans with/without disabilities allowed to take leave that kept their rank/offered promotion  no matter what. In the general leave formats for the old policies for the rest of the communities regular members there rank wasn’t guaranteed. 

Now some will address the issues well that’s biased. Why I can prove it’s not it’s because whether or not you were Active Duty, Reserve,  a Veteran with/without disabilities wounds that are seen or hidden, we the military members have paid the ultimate sacrifice and oath to being part of that 10% of enlistment/commission  in the world.We gave our rights up at enlistment/commissioning  to fight for freedom and the rights of the public, furthermore to keep our homelands safe. 

Part 3


2 types of leave that would be presented:

*MLOA-Military Leave of Absence

*MMLOA-Medical Military Leave of Absence


Part 4


The Protection with NO Penalties for taking any one of these types of Leave is;


1.Protection of the one’s current rank at time of the requested leave.

2.Protection of the one’s offered promotion at time of requested leave.



Idk really anymore Protections that would be really needed. Again if there is other suggestions I’m missing I’m sure you guys will chime in. 


I been wanting to introduce this new policy for a while since my return back to the community and present something that hasn’t been proposed since 2014. I wanted to make a difference here and I hope this is a way I can. 


I please welcome all Leaders, Officers, and Junior Enlisted to please chime in and offer suggestions, comments, and additions to the policy that you feel would be needed to address. I love criticism and so does the community! I like to take the time to say thank you for taking the time  to hear my request to vote this in our policies for our active military and veterans. I also want to give a big special thank you for @Crusader 7  & @Elderpooter because both gave me a second chance here and believed in me. @Crusader 7 is also an extreme hard valued worker. He rebuilt the court system from bottom to top. He gave back the communities Unbiased Fair & Equal Balance of the courts cases. He brought back the trust to its members as it was corrupt in past, but he changed it around. He gave a reason for members current and past to believe in the courts again. 

Now I want to give back to the community and add a military leave policy & section for our active duty and veterans. To give back to our military and provide easy way of access when requesting leave. As far as who would approve this Leave I would suggest is upper leadership of course.

Part 5


Leadership that can approve MLOA/MMLOA:

1.Division Leader and Up

(Clan Operations)

2. Administration & Chief Justice Director

(Web Operations)

3. Adding a Web Operations Rank for the military section in what some communities call,

Military Liaison Officer


Military Liaison Director 

(Communities I been too use either one)



Thank you you again to the KSI Community, the Leadership, Officers, Junior Enlisted, and members of the military here for taking the time to hear me out. I hope this was enough information for all of you to work on while I continue my treatment. I’ll be checking in and out. 


Written By: KSI Security X

Redemption FA SGT (MMLOA)

Date: 23 May 2019



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Thanks for the shout out. These policies are handled by the board of operations. Find who is your board rep in your division and consult with them so they may propose it to the board to debate and vote on.

thanks for the suggestion. @KSI Security X

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Thanks Cru for the reply, just spoke to Security about it, our cms has a documenting feature where we can document those kinds of things. explained how it works when someone requests a form of LOA and how we document that with care and accuracy.



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