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Evony, now that is a new name that is popping up in ads all over the Internet. From fairly good looking women in little to no clothing, to the logo you see above this is one free to play, browser based game that makes a very strong first statement, but is here to stay. In this MMORTS game you start out the same with almost little to nothing and build slowly under protection from other resource hungry players. The goal of this game is to build your town into a striving community surrounded by other players, NPCs, and territories, all the while conquering more and more cities and valleys, upgrading skills, rising great armies, and gathering enough resources to support all the growth. But this is where this game gets tricky, every time you do anything in the game like build a worrier, march your troops, upgrade or build a building a timer appears and counts down the amount of time it will take for that task to be completed. The times start off short only being a minute here or there, but with upgrading levels of buildings the times get more great until they reach hours even days. This is not just some game that you can create a username and password and only invest a couple hours in and be great, no this takes time, planning and patience, a step above the majority of games.


Expanding a City


Construction to me was tedious; you could only build one building at a time even if you had enough supplies to do two or even three at a time. But once again this is one of Evony’s distinguishing features, with the ability of only building one thing at a time this game is not about staying up for hours on end, but more like coming back and checking the progress of your town and building more before you leave. This does get tiresome because every building in your town and outside has to be upgraded individually to unlock more aspects of the game and sometimes help speed processes of building other things. There are two views used for construction purposes, first the town view shown above and second the city shown below. The city view is like your business end view, full of armories, houses, town center, markets and other building needed for any growing economy. The town view is used for material purposes, located here are sawmills, queries, farms, and iron minds. All of the buildings on both views need to be upgraded to become stronger and survive longer.




Combat is where a completely new aspect of Evony is revealed in Map view, whether you want to just attack the computer for resources or attack other Evony players to release some stored up anger. When attacking anything I highly recommend using scouts first, they let you know what is waiting behind enemy walls and how much resistance you will encounter, as well as resources and other interesting tidbits. There is also a tool that can be used in a rally spot that should be in your city view, the button is exercise, this little in game calculator is used to test pure unite power and numbers with no add on or items affecting the results. There are many other aspects to the combat system like taking over other cities from people, and resource farming all of which are learned by sheer playing and studying Evony forums.




These are some aspects I wanted to mention that are of great importance in the game, they are Medals, Quests, Heroes, Items. Medals can be gained by conquering land and the game lotto; they are used for promotion and hero building. Game quests are more like achievements, but they have rewards with them. Heroes are what leads your troops into battle and each one gives different bonuses to towns, battles, and can be appointed Mayer. Game items have a verity of uses some speed up production, construction or even training, others give you troops or better heroes; some move your entire city to different places. The items can be won or bought for real money through the game (Evony’s way of making some cash).




After playing a few days, your addicted if you like the game. For me it is intriguing knowing at any time I can be attacked, plundered or even lose a city. This game gives a great feeling of control or power, and mixed with people from alliances can be something I see myself keeping in my favorites tab. But like all new games there are flaws that need to be fixed, but that is what makes a game sink or float in the end.


KSI Bigone or Polio on server 30 in Evony :D

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Used to play. Game sucks now.

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