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KSI Trepidation

Hello KSI.

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Hello KSI. Nice site by the way. I'm loving it. Okay back to topic. I'm a new member of KSI and I'm finally getting the chance to post in the forums. So I wanted to say hi and welcome to all of you KSI members. My current Gamertag is AmericanTerrors. This week Friday, my Gamertag WILL be KSI Trepidation. Why Trepidation? Trepidation means fear. Now you probably thinking *Why a word that describes fear" Well, one reason. When I usually play Black Ops, I, well, dominate people. Right before I got used to Black Ops, I had surgery causing me not to be an active player. LUCKILY, KSI Stevieman is my friend in the "Real World". Couple days went by after my surgery and he asks me "Wana join KSI"

ME: "Sure"


So I join KSI and become an active member.




Well, nice to "meet" you guys, see you on xbox

KSI Trepidaion

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