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KSI ian stopping by

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Whats up everyone? I was in KSI for about 2 years(07-09') strong and then a year on and off. My gamertag was KSI ian, KSI Frito, KSI LiL Stylez and a couple more. I was in Double Helix back around the time of Angel Eyes, Darknight, Fatboydiaz, Army Ranger Sheep Dog, Lindenknight and Nubkilla. While in the Helix I met a bunch of great people and was wondering if any of these people are still around or if any of you were in the Helix with me. I know that Darknight is in KoV, and Linden i still talk to, but the rest i have no idea about. I was also just stopping by to see how everybody is doing over here in KSI. So yeah thats pretty much it. If you know where any of those people are please tell me otherwise...Whats up?

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