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My civic pains

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This is directed to anyone who has auto repair experience preferably, though ideas or theories help.


Doing brake work on my civic and have run into a few kinks.

After discovering a seized caliper I proceeded with stripped a couple bolts. I have sockets that are intended to handle this but they have not worked to this point. Am considering gluing or welding a socket to the stupid bolt to get it out but not in the mood for such a venture since it takes time.


SO! My question is does anyone know of a reliable socket set or tool that can handle stripped bolt heads etc. Would be a HUGE help so I can get to replacing the calipers




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No if theyre completely stripped theres no really "quick fix" tool for this easiest thing is to weld the same size bolt head onto the stripped one. Glue even jb weld wont take the torque as you try to strip them out.

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