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KSI Relentless

Black Ops Challenge

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Alright on the 11th I challenge all those who wish to take me on in a 1v1. So post here with your gamertag and anytime after 1pm EST. And wait for the 11th. If you do manage to get a win I think a prize might be in order....say 1600 Ms points maybe? Also give me a few ideas for reasonable prizes, If I get enough posts maybe I can make a little 1v1 tourney.



Tigers HD~ KSI Bushido LAG-New RCT

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Alright here are the rules.


Maps: Firing Range, Summit, Havana

Gametype: SnD 4 rounds

Radar: Off/On decide in game

KillStreaks: Off

Guns: No Shotguns or LMGs

Secondaries: Pistols Only


Perk 1: LightWeight, Scavenger

Perk 2: Steady Aim, Slight Of Hand

Perk 3: Marathon, Ninja

Primary Grenades: Frag or Semtex

Secondary: Willy Pete(Smoke)

Gun Attachments: Extended mags, Dual Mag, Any Sight, Grip, Rapid Fire.

Secondary attachments: All.

Game recording: ON


Alright thats it.


Check here to see who I will play first.

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