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KSI FreakinPope

Post up your Desktop

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This is always fun to see what other people are working with.

Here is a quick tutorial for those of you that don't know how to do this.

1)find the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, it usally says "Prt Scryn" or somethinglike that. look near your F12 Key.

2) Press it

3) Open up Microsoft Paint or what ever equivalent you have.

4) Right click and press "paste". If you have done everything right up until now your desktop should show up.

5) Now save the image and upload it to www.photobucket.com and go to the image click the image code, it should say copied once you click it.

6)Paste in there and once you add your reply it should show up.

This should look something like this:



Here is my Desktop:


I dual screen and the skype window is placed to show you that is infact one desktop with 2 different backgrounds.



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i've been looking for a desktop with dates and times and stuff. Where'd you get it?

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it is called Rainmeter. that particular theme is called "darkmeter".





First one is the program second one is the skin. Happy hunting, post up what you come up with.


Also, I did some "remodeling" since Posted this. here is what I using now. I change them a lot because I haven't found something that i am 100% happy with yet.


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