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KSI IVIortality

Quickscope team

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Hello, this is KSI Mortality. i was in united before and i have recently joined global again and have now become a sgt. I am in Shadow Haven, Fearless. We are one of the few black ops squads. I was recently talking with my friend that is also in fearless and we have both agreed that it would be fun and cool if we had a competitive quickscoping team inside of KSI. I have seen that we lose a good bit of members in MW2 and Black ops to quickscoping clans and other community clans. I also think that they would be more interested if we had a competitive quickscoping team that faced teams like forsay optic, or faze. We would of course play them after we get used to playing together. When i recruit, i also find that alot of people dont join because they think we arent good. I think that this team will help us get heard that we arent just a community clan but we have a good cometitive side too. I will understand if people dont agree with me, but if you do, please message me on xbox or on here and i will greatly appreciate it. Oh, and this team will be for Black Ops and if the higher ups agree with it, It might move to Modern Warfare 2 also. Thank You, KSI Mortality.

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