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To Everyone In KSI

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Now, I have only been on this site for two days. I have zero experience with KSI. Though so far I have seen a great and decent community. Most men and woman on here are polite and understandable. First and foremost I'd like to thank the members of KSI and for all of there hardwork. Without these men and woman there would be no KSI. As for the leaders, a big thanks to every leader out there especially to Seven himself. I have not met the guy, but I hear he's a pretty laid back kind of person whom I hope to meet! Without the leaders there would have never even been a clan called KSI. If you are reading this your first thought maybe "oh how nice of him" than "oh he's trying to kiss blam (hint: your behind)"


I have been to many forums and it has not felt like home at any of them, but here is a different story. I feel like I have been on here for several years.


Thanks KSI, for making my day!

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