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I made an account, refuses to let me sign in... Help?

I don't see any account registered from your ip address. maybe you didn't complete your registration?

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I've been hearing this same problem, something about the capthca not working during the registration process. I had to go in an manually validate some people for the Directors.



But I can't match this IP with any of the current validating members, so that may not be his problem.

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The log in process is quite simple to troubleshoot and/or verify your current registration status. Here;s a guide to ensure you're on the right steps to having this issue resolved accordingly:

Troubleshoot Login

  1. Log into your account with the username and password created via registration. (Doesn't matter if you're validated or not)
  2. If the information is accurate, you should be able to log into the account with limited access usually
  3. Visit the account control panel and ensure you've registered with your correct email
  4. Press "resend validation
  5. Confirm the validation via email (possibly bulk folder, if not inbox)

Troubleshoot Registration


  1. Ensure you enter the valid response for the captcha and all other required fields. There's usually mistakes made when creating custom security questions and captchas, which the administration must look into for verifying.
  2. If the registration process is having further errors when registering, there must be an internal error, which the board administration has to look into as well.

Let me know if I can further assist you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.