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Clan.net shutdown 2013, the journal.

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This is the entirely fictional account of KSIclan.net (Our CMS) being down for two weeks. This is almost entirely a joke! Please don't take this seriously; we're not going to die!

All of the content of this journal is loosely based off the ksiclan.net shut down of 2013 and is written by KSI xJ E S U Sx in his account of the 2 week journey.

DAY 1-

KSI Zombie Jin 7 sends out a message saying that clan.net is being shut down temporarily so they can do some updating. We're in the dark. Our supplies are fine. Medical supplies are aplenty, food is ample, water is bountiful. Our hopes are high that we will be rescued soon! The higher ups are raising our hopes that it will be back soon and telling us to record new members on pen and paper.
These are dark times for us.

DAY 2-
No sign that the website will be back up; the higher ups are sticking with two weeks. Im not sure if I can do this. Other members are having problems adjusting to the new conditions, so used to being able to check our member count from the computer. We are realizing how useful the system is and how dependent on it we were.

DAY 3-
Word from the higher ups say that clan.net may be up as soon as tomorrow. As the word spreads, as does joy! So far everything has gone well! Most of us are easily able to convert to the simplistic ways of the old days (Paper and pen) but we will all be glad when we are rescued from this hell-like 'island' as some would call it. Light is near, we will survive!

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Thanx kered... had no idea where to put it haha :/

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This topic is now closed to further replies.