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Anyone hear about the other KSI? My story.

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Yo, I was a member of the other KSI (KSIFORUMS.ORG) only yesterday (3/24/13) and we had been planning on leaving and talking our squad, and a few other squads along with us. Come today that had been complete, my squad, of which I was 4th CPT, and the other squad left forming D4G. We left because the upper management over there was complete ****, excuse my language. My GEN, who had been in that KSI had been promised a CO-FO spot after removing "fluff" from our squad. Our Div Leader gave his promised spot to someone else, and when my gen asked about it the div leader said "oh the fluff doesnt matter anymore and I like this other guy better than you." My gen took that up to the senior directors and they told him that they view our squads like we are all recruits. Fed up with all this, we planned our another community (D4G) and I guess here I am. Now I've been told that this is the real KSI and the one I was in was lying through their teeth about almost everything they were telling us, eg. how they were sponsed by Microsoft and Turtle Beach, which was complete bull. The other KSI told us that this KSI hacked and was filled with a bunch of 12-13 year old immature kids and that it was better where we were. Looking at this situation from the outside, it seems that we were being oppressed upon and lied too. Over there they refer to this KSI as KSI Bills and that you are a bunch of lying cheating kids.


Can any 7s catch me up on why there are 2 KSIs and which one is the real one? Im just so confused on this situation and need some help. Also, D4G is not a rival to this KSI at all, we still love KSI and wish we could be a part of it, maybe we can talk something out here about giving us a new squad or something? I don't know, I would have to talk around my new community.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.