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    Hello! Welcome back! All that jazz. Last month I said we’d be starting an installment of reviews on entertainment items and for those that read it, this is the second installment. The topic this time? Bright. The movie is a Netflix original that came out last month starring Will Smith. So! Did you enjoy Suicide Squad? My first impression of the movie was that it gives off an eerily similar feel. No doubt that’s because it shares some of the same directors. It has an almost... cartoonish feel with the CGI and animation that went into the production process. On that note, the make up and special effects in the movie are as well done as any that I’ve seen recently. To avoid spoilers I won’t mention any details regarding the storyline, however, I will say that it’s a little far fetched. The backstory is almost a representation of the political events happening now. Although I’ve gotten mixed reviews from others who have watched it, personally I’m a fan. Will Smith is a great actor and by no means did he disappoint in this one. His character was salty and pretty bada** at the same time. It’s very easy to follow the chain of events that take place currently, though I do think the movie would have been far more enjoyable as a series. There was plenty of action going on, car chases, gunfights, magic, and a lot of epic stuff. My only real gripe is that so much goes unexplained, the backstory isn’t laid out that well and just jumping in current day seems almost a waste. There were a ton of great things that were hinted at and never expanded on. If it’s on your watch list I highly recommend watching it, it’s not a bad way to spend a few hours. If you’re like me and think there should be so much more, do me a favor and call the writers and directors and politely yell at them. Either way, it’s worth the time and I could definitely watch it again!
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    This lol Miagi as always been smart and this comment proves it
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    I dont believe we have met either, but I have been wanting to say what an impressive job you did on CMS. I worked with ViceCaptain on Clan.net and this is a great evolution of that! I did Clan Analysis back on Halo 2, and I wish we had the stats and system in place that we do now. Problem is there is a lot of leaders and senior leaders that ignore what the numbers are telling them, or just don't care to know. Aside from that, I am a number and stats guy in my profession. I know how to analyze numbers and to me, what needs to be done is clear, but still we will have those who just want to be able to say "we recruited 100 people this week" and ignore the fact that they lost 110. At some point people need to realize if a strategy isnt working. And even if you had a winning strategy that has worked time and time again, it can always cease to work. Times change and so should strategies. I am working to instill that at a division level but until Senior Leadership decides to attempt a new strategy, we will continue to experience the same results we have seen for the past 5-6 years.
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    I figured I would stop by to defend a good friend here and offer some feedback altogether. You yourself were a victim of people publicly saying stuff about you when they also did not know all of the details yet you're going to do the same thing in regards to Mizz Airy, whom is categorized as a retired leader. If you have a grudge against her, that's fine, but there's no need to create lies about her and try to ruin her reputation. Especially since: I have always thought of KSI as an organization/community. Naturally, with that comes staff turnover. Just like at any other organization, there are people in highly sensitive positions, such as HR, that have access to a plethora of information on employees. Even more so than KSI since KSI doesn't collect social security numbers . Point is, employee/staff turnover happens every day in the real world, you just have to trust that you have trustworthy/professional people, or at least threaten legal action if a breach does occur. I have a lot of respect for Mizz, so it kind of hits a nerve to hear someone say that she blew it and insinuate that she betrayed KSI. It's been about 3 months since she retired and I have not witnessed a single instance of her betraying KSI. Mizz did not blow it nor did she betray KSI, I'm not sure where you got that from. She also was not the old head of HR when she left, she was out of HR for quite some time as well as internal affairs. Again, like other organizations, if a staff member and leadership simply do not see eye-to-eye on things or they do not have time for things then people and leadership are free to make whatever choices they feel necessary. In this case, Mizz retired and concentrated on her personal life. ^^ I don't think we've met but those are true words, thoughts, and actions of a leader with a vision ^^ Also sounds like someone who is using the CMS statistics the way I meant for them to be used and analyzed.
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    I'm thinking about branching out into horror games this year. It's a new genre for me and there looks to be some solid ones in 2018
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    Note: Just to get the ball a rollin' Something dealing with pokemon Gotta Catch em All? - Award for any pokemon players Division Breaker - Have 2 or more squads leave your division for absurd or crazy reasons Discord awards? - Discord Mod Or discord spam, contribute more than 100 discord spam posts/pics in discord Military Participation : Not just serve and protect... Have a bad representing Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard iNKed - Tattooed and Proud - Pierced your skin with a needle and got addicted? .. wait.. nvm.. Im thinking more of the fun awards for people Final Fantast Fanatic - ? You decide stipulations OOH OOH OOH - 10-20 failed award attempts? DESTINY 2 ?!?!?!?! Raider: Complete 20+ Raids? Lalalalala - Gets lost in their thoughts .. OFTEN "I Get What I Want" - Has had an easy going KSI Career, no major conflictions, (GEN and above) The Lazy butt award - Keeps getting demoted because of Mcdonalds Wifi - Disconnects. All the time Female Gamer - Nough said' Wall-Whisperer - Has to play competitively with a fancy headset, constantly listening to people through walls Always late - Shows up late to meetings, game nights, etc etc Munchkin - Joined KSI before they turned 16, (before age regs were set) and made the rank of so and such, or.. or became a leader.. Squad Gamer - Has 500 Hours on the game the squad plays on ^^^ names or descriptions can be changed, im sh-pooting out some ideas, yall can make whatever you like out of it -------------------- IS there not a way to place polls on the side of the website, in a completely different block. Not posting through a forum.
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    I am trying to recover my old account and do not know how to get my old password. It is KSI DH THYMINE....
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    Its a great day in the neighborhood
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    Games: Destiny 2, WW2, Rainbow 6, Fortnite, PUDG. Will edit when I think more.
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    I ban KSI TT because it's been over a month since someone posted in this topic.
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    Anthem and Red Dead Redemption 2 are what I'm looking forward to the most. Currently also looking at some of the new Free Games
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    We were once one of the biggest divisions in KSI. It’s time to step up and regain that title. We have the tools and the people to do it. Let’s make it happen y’all! Let’s show the rest of KSI what Synthetic Reality is all about
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    Heck yea I'm all for it
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    Let’s make it happen SR!
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    Today marks a new era in KSI News; we will be expanding our horizons in many different ways in the weeks to come. To kick this off, we will be starting a series revolving around TV shows, movies, books, and game reviews. Now, let’s talk about a book turned TV series that became a hit beyond what anyone could imagine; I’m talking about Game of Thrones of course. The book series A Song of Ice and Fire was on my favorites list before I had ever watched a single episode of the show. Book one, A Game of Thrones, with a large number of pages, started out a bit slow for me as I wasn’t hooked until about the middle of the book; however after I made it that far I couldn’t put it down. Book two, A Clash of Kings, continued the story right where the first left off and I had finished it within a week. The remaining books, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons, took less than six weeks to finish. Now being that I was in love with the books, I was scared to ruin it by watching the show. As we all well know, the adaptations never quite live up to the hype. However! By the end of the first episode, I was in awe. I binge watched every season from 1-6 within a month and was shocked. The show was just as story-telling, action-packed, exciting and all around attractive as the books. Somewhere in the 6th-7th seasons the show surpassed the published books. However, the producers are working with the author to complete the series as he intends to finish the books. The 7th season was especially exciting as I hadn’t read most of what happens yet. If I had to nitpick, the only downfalls of the show currently are that the final season won’t air until sometime in 2019 and the worst part yet, that it must end at all. In summary, if you enjoy action, fantasy, dragons, sexy scenes, and a story that can attract anyone, this is definitely worth watching and reading. Note that the books and show both contain a lot of adult content, so it may not be the show to watch with the kids. If I had to give a rating, altogether this series would get 4.5 stars.
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    GT: KSI Calamitosis current division: XG current rank; CPT; but will soon step down time; about 6 months reason- even though I may be stepping down from my current rank and even possibly leaving my squad, I do not want to leave KSI altogether, I want to stay involved in the community in a way I feel comfortable with my schedule but can contribute as well the reason I think I would be a good fit for AAP is because it fits well with my schedule and I would overall be excited about joining this department, awarding members for their achievements and making a positive difference for the community.
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    Ksi umbreon x Xiled Gods Co founder 7 months I'll like to be more involved in the community as well since I'm part of the news, I was a former award leader for my old community
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    I don't think that most members (and leaders) of this community are capable of having a mature debate about foundational issues. Every time I see a debate or debacle happen, the person with the higher rank almost always jumps to the "I have a bigger stick" argument and it either results in someone quitting, getting kicked out, or blacklisted. Very few members of this community are capable of actually professionally debating and discussing core issues that fault us, and unfortunately, that's a major obstacle that we will never be able to get over (at least anytime soon). There's a very select few people who can have a critical conversation, avoid making it personal, and grow from that... It's really frustrating.
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    Seeing that I've seen this done it's a great idea to pull an app dev and to create something like a mobile app version of the site not the actual site, adding in features such as kik but solely for KSI members and leadership and if it was possible to bridge the connection between the app and the actual forums/ site so that way members only have to sign up on one site or the app in order to be connected to them all
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    It's your favorite **** private here (;
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    I just wanted to introduce my awesomeness that is all
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    My signature is no where near complete (:
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