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    Hey everyone , my real is roy, so feel free to call me that, I am a surveyor for a Horizontal Directional Drilling Company. I enjoy gaming on my off time. I mostly play CoD. if anyone is looking to make new friend hit me up.
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    Early this April, FA Leviathan was breathing its final breaths as Heroiism prepared to dissolve it. Squad leadership failed to keep the squad healthy, as attendance, recruiting, and morale was at an all-time low. In a last-ditch effort to save the squad, KSI H0neyBadger (CPT) and KSI BabyBadger (LT), along with the squad’s Co-Founder, KSI xTITANx 7, approached Heroiism with an all-in request. They wanted to take control of the squad. Hero put away his jug of Hydrofluoric acid and agreed. Since that night, Leviathan only moved forward, with 107 members joining the squad to date. On October 23rd, KSI xLucifer (who was previously HoneyBadger and now General) announced at the weekly squad meeting that they were looking toward a split! Moving forward, here’s the Leviathan-Hades officer breakdown. Leviathan General KSI xLucifer Major KSI x Falcons Captain KSI CH3DDAR Lieutenant KSI Flower Lieutenant KSI BROZILLA Hades Major KSI xMaze Captain KSI TurboTSI Captain KSI AwokenAngel Lieutenant KSI New Blue Lieutenant KSI Meliodas825 I reached out to the officers to get their word on the split. "I'm extremely proud of how far we have come, when I took charge as a 1st captain we were an hour or so from failing and merging. Looking back, I can't believe how far we've come. These guys make me proud to be their general every day. In my opinion, Leviathan is different because of the bond we share. We have an event every day of the week and spend a lot of time together, whether in a party gaming or on discord. We see what we have accomplished and look to accomplish even more.” -KSI xLucifer (L-GEN) "What made Leviathan what it is today is our will to succeed. We never even had the thought of “what if we fail”, we just kept going and did what we needed to make it work.” -KSIxMaze (H-MAJ) "To me, every officer is great and did their job as best as they could, which is why we’re splitting. We couldn’t split with anyone lagging behind. The family environment and the consistent growth of the squad was not an overnight process. We started from the bottom and slowly built up. Our ability to keep our members involved every single day was the key to our success.” -KSI x Falcons (L-MAJ) "Probably what made Leviathan what it is today is the people and officers. We have had amazing people step up to the plate and show us what they can do. Also, our communication is pretty great.” -KSI BROZILLA (L-LT) "The officer that stood out the most to me was Maze. She really made me feel more settled when I was going through squad issues. She is a leader, ear, friend, and one of the most dedicated members/officers I’ve ever met. No squad takes the time and effort we do. Other squads don’t have the drive or passion. No squad has the love and support for each member like Leviathan” -KSI Meliodas285 (H-LT) Leviathan is a powerhouse squad. We have many members who are experts at what they do. KSI Luffy, KSI x Falcons, and KSI Sanji recruit like there’s no tomorrow. KSI Meliodas285 cranks out orientations like an auctioneer. Maze and Lucifer are two natural born leaders. That’s not even to mention we have 3 Web Team Leaders. There’s nothing like a Leviathan Game Night. Most of us aren’t even playing the same game, but we still have a great time talking and laughing. I feel blessed to be a part of this split. May both squads prosper. -Myself (H-LT) Written By: KSI New Blue, Senior Writer With special thanks to the Leviathan/Hades Officer Core
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    Halo 2 brought a different aspect to the table, the game was redefining the direction Xbox Live was going in. We made KSI work around it... things have changed through out the decades(that made me feel old) with communication tools.. we constantly adapted with them. The thing about the golden days is you're still in them now..... just with different prospective on what actual success is. As we used to say the next private could be the next CEO, that still applies now to whoever joined KSI yesterday. Whether it's a division leader, SGT, CEO, whatever.. YOU GUYS are the ones who impact/set the expectations as to what the next generation of members will consider to be the golden days of KSI. - As the oldies that you guys still seeing kickin around now will lecture different standards to what they considered successful based on what generation they came up under.. All that matters is ya'll never stop moving forward with trying to be beyond what you achieved yesterday.. so we can never stop having excuses for why we can't develop a better tomorrow.