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    Would there be any interest in doing Mafia Games on here? For those who don't know what I am talking about, here is some basic information; Basic Premise https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Quick_Guide_to_Mafia I feel this would be an ideal way to promote forum use, by giving us an ongoing, relevant type of activity everyone has to be on the forums and engaged with members playing the game in order to properly complete a game. I'm not sure if there are many avid players in our community, but It'd be a fun learning experience for those who aren't as versed.
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    Very happy with the new signature. Thanks KSI Murderrr
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    Dont just view my profile to lurk or checkout my profile pic leave me a msg and get to know one another
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    KSI happy thanksgiving to all of you may you all have a blessed day and thank you for giving me a warm welcome here. You guys really are a family of gamers thanks everyone.
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    I put this request in our leadership admin request box. Once Kered sees this (or mine) he will hook you up!
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    I got it Choaticz.
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    EA has announced that they are removing the ability to purchase in-game money from their new bestseller title Star Wars Battlefront 2 after hundreds of thousands of gamers sounded off their discontent for the ever increasing cost of playing and progressing in EA’s game. Pay to win has been a strategy used by some of the largest AAA game developers over the past several years. The model is simple: either the gamer grinds out endlessly for your gear and unlocks, or your hand over your hard earned money for the upgrades and unlocks. Now, I don’t think that all pay to win is bad. I for one, am a busy person. Sometimes, I don’t have time to grind out a game for 200 hours just to unlock that shiny sniper rifle, and to be honest, I would gladly surrender $5 to have that weapon. But would I pay $5 for every piece of gear, weapon, perk, and character? Well, not when games have more options and customizations than ever before. You can easily spend hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on progression unlocks for a single game. For the past several years, Electronic Arts have gone all in with the pay to win model. Whether it’s player packs on FIFA or loot crates on their Battlefield titles, it’s obvious that EA wants to adopt this model across all of their games. Days before the official release of the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2, over 500,000 Reddit users down-voted an EA staff members comments defending the pay to play economy. This comment became the most down-voted comment in Reddit history. It didn’t stop there. After pressure from the gaming community, EA announced that not only would they reduce the price of in-game characters, but they would be removing the ability to purchase “crystals” with cash entirely. So back to the original question: Is this move by EA indicative of the beginning of the end of pay to win games? Chances are: No. While this unprecedented move by EA is a step in the right direction, it just begins to scratch the surface on an issue that runs much deeper. In a world where the mobile app market is dominated by “freemium” games, I doubt EA and other developers will be changing their methods anytime soon because so far, it has been working and people will pay hundreds of dollars to have the best FIFA Ultimate Team.
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    She disappeared again D
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    Happy Thanksgiving back to you
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    Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much! Or do, either way, hope everyone has fun.
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    Happy Thanksgiving all
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    YEAH StarWars glad that you are apart of the family Phantom
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    @Anatomy <3 You didn't Retire, you left. Denied.
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    SAO, but I’m pretty torn with this post, lol.
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    Ahhh, I’d have to back The Dark Side, Vader definitely sold me... though Ren is currently a bit of a let down.
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    Pleasure to meet you! Hope to see you around
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    Huge Star Wars geek here. When Episode 7 came out, I was blessed to be able to attend a movie marathon at AMC where they started at 10PM the day before the release of the new movie and played all 6 movies in a row then played the new one as it was released. An incredible experience. I would be dark side! My favorite character is Vader.
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    This is an interesting topic, and it was very enlightening to read through, and see what you all think of it. I think that it's hard to generalize, as some have said. Each person is different. There are those that have led and who would return only if given rank/title and dont want to do grunt work. There are also those who want to come back to help KSI to succeed. Back in 2005 I was in middle school. KSI taught me a lot, and I can honestly attribute a lot of my professional success to the basic work ethic and principles I learned here. So I would say, don't judge a book by its cover. Just because someone is old school doesnt make them lazy, but it doesnt always make them worth bringing back either!
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    New Vs. Old. There is a very specific reason why KSI was the most hated clan on XBOX live. Back in the old days a full KSI lobby would wipe the floor with any PUGs. Squad training was a big part of KSI. You typically, would get recruited and if time permitted you would be trained within 1 to 2 days on in game tactics. Once this was complete, we would take the squad into matches and DOMINATE. Which, in return would make it a lot easier to recruit. The question wasn't if the squad would grow, but do you have the leadership to keep up with the influx of members. I built a whole division 500 members in a weekend. I believe with a combine effort of old school tactics and recruiting with the new school leadership training program would be the best way to go. Therefore you have the growth with the structure. I don't mind helping with this but before you decide to implement this system(recruitment push) you need to have the officers in place to handle the squads. This is not achieved by squad splitting as it is too fast of a grow to split squads a couple times a day. Basically, you could get the people which you think would fit in the leadership trained up and is you fill a squad you move them into a new squad and start funneling recruits. We typically, had recruiters in lobbies where they sat waiting for more recruits to come in, and once they were there too finish off the official recruitment. So why, don't we just meld the two advantages we have together and "MAKE KSI GREAT AGAIN!"
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    Holy sh...You are a freaking legend. lol 2007 very nice
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    I remember TK. KSI Cold 7, Virus, Sxy Angel. Damn that brings back some good memories
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    Today we announce the 2017 Hall of Fame inductees and the two members who will be joining. These members truly inspire, speak, and act accordingly with Knowledge Strength and Integrity. KSI Nex Addo Nex Addo is currently the Director of Departments and has held many titles before and reached the rank of Co-Division Leader. He has been in KSI roughly 7 years and earned News Staff of the Year 3 times. He started off in the news team before furthering his time in web operation where he currently strives to push the best for KSI Global and looks for the departments to as well. KSI Grey Wolf 7 Grey Wolf started in early 2014 as a captain in Synthetic Reality then transferring as Founder to AD. Grey Wolf became Senior Director for his efforts in KSI and oversaw Wolf's Den (X360) after KSI went almost entirely Xbox One, being the only leadership present still on Xbox 360. Grey Wolf retired early in 2017 but we are still honoring his work with this induction. Congratulations to both on reaching the ultimate achievement. Thank you for your service to KSI.
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    Name: James Michael McMann Email: [email protected] Gamer Tag: KSI Beardly Division/Squad: Inferno / Hellfire Age: 23 Date: 11/14/2017 1. What's your experience with productions (editing, video, recording, mixing, etc.)? Only personal experience, and with basically no training. 2. What are some of your strengths? I am a great leader, and a great team builder. I treat all as equal until they prove to me that they deserve otherwise 3. What are some of your weaknesses? I am blunt. I call it as i see it, and a lot of people do not like it. I do not like confrontations, but if you do something that i feel is wrong, you won't creep by without getting talked to. Also i have a potty mouth :3 4. What are the specific programs that you use for editing, recording, mixing, etc.? I use Sony Vegas Pro 15.0 exclusively, but have used previous versions of Sony Vegas Pro, as well as some photoshop, and adobe program work. 5. What are some of your past projects? Only personal ones that i have posted to YouTube, an example of which is shown below. 6. Are you self taught or did you go to school? And how long have you been doing this? I am completely self taught and i have not been doing this long. 7. Do you work good with others on a project or do you prefer to fly solo? I work very well in both realms. I like flying solo, but cooperate seamlessly when working with others. 8. Have you struggled with procrastination or you a go getter that likes stuff done in a timely manner? Procrastination is my Achilles heel, however, i strive every day to be the exact opposite of that, and be better than i was the day before. 9. Where do you see yourself in the future with KSI Productions? Not sure. a productive member of KSI Productions perhaps? 10. Just for fun...what's a Dutch Angle? pretty sure Its a film/photography camera shot were it is tilted where the subject of the shot is normal. No i did not look that up btw 11. Just for fun...what's your favorite movie and game of all time. Favorite movie would have to be something from Studio Ghibli, like Princess Mononoke, or Howl's Moving Castle, favorite game would have to be either Siege, or Runescape. Don't judge. 12. Just for fun...favorite sports team all-time? The Ravens, but only because they won the super bowl against the 48ers in the 2012 Superbowl, and i made a bet on it.
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    I ban Helios for super gluing his thumbs to his nipples and walking like a t-rex into a pole.
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    It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to place the skip button as the same size or larger than the buy/pay button. I’m going to try and do this calmly and collectively, before I lose my patience with you: What do you think the purpose of that “sign up” for VIP is for? Would it make any sense, marketing-wise, to change the size of the skip button? Is it really the fault of anyone here that your sign-ups aren’t intelligent enough to read “No thanks, continue without purchasing“ and click on it? Heres what your answers should be: A. “It’s to advertise the VIP opportunity here on the forums, as a way to help support rising server costs.” B. “No Koda, that would make no sense in a marketing standpoint. I don’t know what I was thinking..” And C. “It’s my fault I didn’t explain it to my recruits better and that I did a poor job of walking them through the forum sign up process and I’ll do better in the future.” .... there’s your discussion. Have a nice day.
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    KSI isnt one division binary, I was in WD when you were recruited into Alaska. while SR may have not done things how you may have liked it there is still a possibility that it was just the people directly over you that didnt follow the correct procedures.
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    I ban Messiah for banning Nex for not knowing how to type when messiah himself doesn't know hehehhehehhe
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    I ban Knox for not reading the rules
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    Thanks would be too vague. Sorry, this award isn't going to work
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    Well prior to my time here in KSI i spent multiple years serving another community, in my first year in XGN i was tasked with a prject of helping build up their Ps4 community, underneath XGN DeadMan 7 and XGN Terminator, senior directors now but were div staff at the time, the squad i built had never seen a pure squad of its type, i like doing things that have never been done before, are you familiar with the game elder scrolls online ? Well i built a pure elder scrolls online squad, i was laughed at because those who were more familoar with FPS games and their squads suggested it would be a failure, within 3 months it was the most succesful squad in PS and it was named exodus i felt the name made since given all the doubt that had surrounded it, grew from 1 to 125 members and split successfully, at this time a new division leader had been appointed named XGN LoveFox 7 who is now black listed who had the odea to rip my squad apart poece by piece because it didnt meet his personal critique of what a squad should be given his backround in FPS, we battled our difference of opinion for months while i stood by my members before i finally lost and theu turned my squad i to a hybrid for eso and overwatch and being general i had no voice or power to say no, needless to say over the course of a few weeks due to thr corumstances what once was a successful grown squad was no more, disasstisfied members left the community to look for new opportunities within other guilds, this ultimatlet led to my decision to transfer to Xbox one and request a platform transfer within XGN, my first division within the XBOX platform was triple helix at the point of joining his division after my issues i was still on the fence about continuing my XGN Career but i met a senior staff member who had given me a faint of hope that what i went through would not happen to me again, taking up a spot as 1st captain in a rainbow six siege squad (silver) i was eager to get back to work taking the squad from 23 members to 100 in a weeks time and swtting a recruiting record for 41 recruits in a single day, i was quickly growing into a sensation on the xbox side of the community, as time went on my performance spoke for itself, and i started enjoying myself once again, so much i got involved with the Events Staff which at the the time was headed up by XGN Reverend, after a few weeks i had decided i wanted to do more for the community and for triple helix so i made a donation of 1500 dollars to the community to help fund tournaments and provide prizes to the winners, the next day i woke up to mwssages galor telling me not to freak out but the division staff needed to speak with me as soon as possible, i was informed that rev had left XGN and taken the money i had donated to the community he then started a gaming community called UGR ( United Gaming Revolution) they then began to poach members from XGN, i was devastated again not many times in my life have i been left speechless but i literally had no words, my entire mentality had been effected, for months all i heard anytime i entered a party was "im sorry what he had done to you" when all i was trying to do was get past it, i didnt want to hear it, i didnt want to talk about it, i didnt even want an apology, for the second time my community had let down, they said dont judge the community by the actions of a single member so i tried to pull myself up yet again from the dirt, and requested a division transfer from Triple Helox to WaG ( Walking Amongst Gods) forna couple of weeks everything was fine, then word had gotten around all of XGN that i was robbed by a senior staff member and i began to deal with yet again what inwas dealing with in triple helix, at this point i was ready to walk away from XGN and Gaming as a whole, then the Co Division leader had suggested why not go back to PS for a few months to get away from it all, so i thought tk myself why not? And went with it, at this point love fox had been blacklisted for running PS into the ground and poaching, so i went and spent 5 months in PS ( Psychotic Solutions) catching up with old friends helping repair the damage that had been done, and trying to heal ny old ESO Squad, upon my Return to WaG alot had changed, the division staff seemed to be allowing people to bend policies and CoC and to troll, things that didnt transpire prior to me rejoining their division, to this day i still dont know what went wrong in my 5 months away from WaG but i tried to adjust being Appointed to General over Assault, i did what i do best i took something from nothing a grewnit yet again into one of the most Appointed and successful squads in XGN, but mt members began growing tired of all the disrespect being allowed by the senior staff in the division and began to question being in XGN at all, i took my concerns to the senior leaders and was pushed away like they didnt care, so i began focusing squad only activities, this upset my division staff, i was one of the highest decorated general in XGN i was LDP Mastered (Leadership Development Program) an XGN Forums moderator, General of 6 different squads, a platinum donor and community supporter, was awarded Helping hands for being one of the most helpful members in XGN and was approved by not only the President of the community but multiple other Senior Staff Members, i worked all in the XGN Recruitment department, as good as it all sounds youll never understand the terror i had to tolerate in my time within XGN, that has led me to KSI and im glad to be here in my first week my general and div staff have shown more praise and respect than any of my leaders had shown me in ny entire 2 year XGN career, Thank You for the opportunity to join this community and will repay you by Being a productive member and using all my skills and knowledge to benefit KSI as a whole. Thanks for taking the time to hear my story.
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    I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.
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    you blocked my messsages. i know it was you. can you fixo