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    Just like I told hero when they made me cofo. Ever sense I have joined KSI I have busted my butt to get where I'm at in this community. And I will keep doing it to keep it. I have learned alot while being in KSI and want to learn more. There are so many people that is interested in joining and the more ways I can learn more about this community the more I can share with other people that would like to join and move up to take over a squad. I know that there are other people that are more qualified for this all I'm doing is looking at more ways that I can help KSI out
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    The thing with it actually showing up on the list is the users have to have the certain group, such as website manager or moderator, as their either their primary and secondary group. It also has to do with the settings of each group that has those permissions. @KSI Security X
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    im a new member looking to join some psn players. i enjoy shooters including doom, cod, battlefield and whatever else as long as its good
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    #2182 StevenStrange
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    I do have discord how do I join the ksi discord?
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    I have not been assigned anywhere yet.
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    As far as I know, these positions are still vacant.
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    Alright @KSI Security X That list is out of date. Several of those positions are filled. We have an open app for internal affairs however we don't seem to have much of a need for it right now with the present work load. We will look at filling it at a later date. Other than that nothing you have listed is either open for app or has already been filled, some have been filled a while ago.
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    Im new and waiting for my app to get looked at
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    I'm looking to return to KSI after helping out my mother. What should her health is now better? I now can focus more on a gaming community. And I wish to return back to my family. Here on the Xbox. One
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    Well I'll look for those app and I'll look at then. And your good I know it's hard to find people that is a good fit.
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    I was browsing the Site and came across a post from Chaoticz from last year. What does KSI mean to you? To me, this community is what brings together so many different personalities, races, ages from all around the world. It's a prime example of what it means to co-exist as human beings and not divide us by where we live, what our beliefs are or what skin color we are or even what platform you choose to play on (silly I know). It's a family to rely on, a friend to chill with, an ear when we are down. It's so much more than just people who get together and play video games. I've seen so many people come and go, and at the end of the day, they knew their time here was a good one. So I ask you, What does KSI mean to you?
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    So how do you put in an application
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    So I just got back into the Game! I have a few new favorites now! Offense: Capitao, Hibana, and Thermite Defense: Bandit, Lesion, and Valkyrie Also Favorites: Mute, Sledge, Blitz, and Mozzie.
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    I'm interested please sign me up The more I can learn in KSI the more I could help others learn
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    Awesome! Yea I believe we both been on top of finding out with what's going on with 2 IA spots open. Last Time I spoke to him, I believe he said changes are coming to how IA works and that help would be needed soon. Not to sure yet he hasn't posted any updates yet regarding it that I have seen yet. Hopefully will get a date when he plans on announcing @Crusader 7
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    Definitely interested to get involved into Web Operations again! I’ve reached out to Crusader regarding the IA Spots a few weeks ago with no response.
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    Sign me up, lol. I need training though. Just reading your post makes me feel like doing something. I do not know a lot, but I am willing to learn. I am into building websites and writing code for video games, but I am a novice in both.
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    Did you know that KSI turned 16 years old this month? If the community was a person, it’d be old enough to join now. Many members have been here since they were sixteen, and, for some of them, that’s further back than they’d like to admit. Regardless if you joined half a lifetime ago or just within the past few weeks, KSI has provided myriads of opportunities for its members. The following interviews were conducted with several members who joined at various times over the years, all at the age of 16. KSI Viktory 7, currently the General of Awoken FG and Deputy Director of Education, joined KSI in 2007. He remarked on some of the skills he’s learned while in KSI that apply directly to real life. “I have learned how to speak to an audience properly with confidence and adequately convey my thoughts on the spot. I also picked up a lot of patience from years of dealing with various types of individuals… From one of my Generals in [KSI Global].org, I learned how to properly write a resume and nail interview processes.” “My earlier years in KSI were great,” said Nex Addo, currently a member of the News Team. “I used News Team to gain experience in writing. I’m nowhere near as good as I’d like to be now...but I used the skills I acquired and created my middle school’s newspaper. I eventually became an editor in my high school’s newspaper but kept writing for KSI.” He added that there were some negative aspects during his tenure as Director of Web Operations that caused strife with his husband. “Eventually, I had to re-establish time management in real life to balance KSI and my personal life.” “Well,” said KSI Micro, General of Integritas IR and Web Staff member, “the most important thing KSI taught me is responsibility and how to deal with it. When I first joined [a year ago], I had the mindset of delaying my responsibilities and just ignored issues that [occurred] in front of me. In real life, [changing] this has helped me, mostly in school and other day-to-day activity, but it made me overall a better leader [who] is always dependable to do their job with sincerity.” The development of leadership mentality seemed to be the consensus among those who volunteered to answer, including KSI Rivers 7, one of the IR division leaders and newly appointed Community Manager. After joining approximately 18 months ago, he revealed, “I’ve also learned a lot about how public service might be, and it’s opened my eyes a lot more to the world of politics. It influenced my decision to major in political science [in addition to] just finance.” KSI Illusion8, a Lieutenant in Redemption FA, joined in January of this year and mentioned his intention to join the Education department, something he’d never considered before. “I never saw myself as a leader, but now I’m helping lead a squad.” Aside from leadership and project management skills, KSI develops goal orientation in its members, whether they realize it or not. What may be surprising, though, is what kind of goals they have. It’s not about rank or power for them. It’s about the community and the people who will come after them. “KSI gave me something that I don’t think I can ever pay back, but I sure as hell can help everyone else enjoy it like I did,” said KSI Micro. “I’d like to move up in the community so I can get to know more people and help members grow. People have taught me how to deal with situations in life and how to be a better person,” KSI Illusion8 added. “I’d like to be able to do that for other people - help teach them how to deal with their problems and become a better person.” Nex Addo looks at it from a slightly different perspective. Having once been in the high-level leadership role in Web Operations, he is essentially starting over. “My goal is to help and shape leaders [and] give advice to those who are filling the shoes I once did.” From the past to the future. KSI Rivers 7 said, “I want to help move things forward. I have a relatively new school mentality, so I have a lot of ideas and changes that I feel would really benefit the community.” Additionally, he remarked on how KSI has provided a second family “like I never could’ve expected.” Longevity comes with its own challenges such as traditional mentality or technological adaptations. KSI’s reputation can be excellent or much less than that, depending on who is speaking. That in itself is an incredible thought, though. People all over the world, from the United States to the United Kingdom to Mexico, even to South Korea and anywhere in between, have taken part in KSI’s history in some way. This community has been bringing gamers together since before a few of you were even born. With a loaded word like “community,” inevitably family is mentioned. KSI has connected thousands of gamers over the past 16 years, forming bonds between them. Some of these were tested by animosity, but even more developed mentors, friends, and, as Rivers indicated, extended family members. “...KSI Icespot 7 has been there with me through this whole experience. We’ve worked side by side with the same goal, day in and day out. It’s...introduced me to a great friend that I can safely say I never thought I would have made through a gaming community. We’ve had the opportunity to grow as leaders together, and he has made my experience here overwhelmingly positive.” KSI Illusion8 has had his own taste of the KSI family. “KSI Elle and KSI BabyStream8 were the people who really started to make me feel like it is a family. KSI KamRocks and KSI Monkeypeeps are the two [who] are more like family than my actual family, to be honest.” He went on to add, “KSI xREDDOGx and KSI xTITANx 7 have kind of been like dads to me and helped me to learn how to deal with life itself.” Given his extensive experience in KSI, it was a challenging question posed to KSI Viktory 7 regarding his influences in the community. “KSI Anubis 7 was probably my biggest mentor, more so in the recent past. He taught me the value of people and why every individual matters. KSI Mizz Airy was probably the greatest leader I have ever met anywhere, period. She always had a plan [and] was prepared for any situation. She taught me in FTLA 101/202 where I learned a lot of useful tips on how to be more assertive, more organized and be able to manage my time to the utmost. [Finally], KSI Tex 7 was one of my original mentors and was able to kind of guide me through the hectic KSI routine when we were thousands of members strong. [She] was always good to me…” Nex Addo also had difficulty limiting his list of influences. “I want to say [KSI Mizz Airy] if I had to choose one, to be honest; that lady is amazing. She was a mentor to me, and...today we are personal friends. We shared many roles, flipping between leader and assistant. She was always there. KSI Koda 7, even though he can be rough around the edges, [he] means well for KSI...and can teach you how to be relaxed. From [KSI Elderpoot 7], you can learn how to work with people you don’t want to and essentially how to bite your tongue once in a while. He was good at checking me at the front door before meetings. [Finally], KSI Kered 7 is awesome and has big dreams; he can inspire you to think big. One key thing about him is that he NEVER gives up.” As KSI heads into its 17th year of existence, what sort of goals do you have - for yourself or for KSI? Every single person currently contributing in some sort of leadership started at Private at one point. Where do you want to see the community go in the future? For those of you who wonder why leadership would care what you think, you’re the future of KSI. Your voice matters, and you will shape how this long-standing community moves forward.
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    From Boots to Screen By: KSI Snipers Logic FG C-SGT (a.k.a. iFakieSniper) Some in this world take the oath to put their country before themselves and are even willing to sacrifice their lives to serve their country. But what happens when they take off the uniform? Where do the knowledge and those skills go? From behind the wire to behind the screen, take a look at how service members bring in potentially great leadership skills and a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood to our KSI family. Soldiers From being a man or woman in a uniform to a gamer, what would you see? Leadership skills? PTSD? Rudeness? These are among other questions we may have. Personally, I see how everything could potentially be a great asset to our community. Many men and women of today's society will never truly understand what it means to put their lives on the line for a country that could care less nowadays. When you see a soldier who is just getting home from a nasty place in this world, what crosses your mind? Is he “okay”? Are they the same as they were before they left? Many of our veterans are either in a hospital or on the streets because they have left to fight for this country, and, when they returned, they weren't the same. They come back physically different, or even mentally altered. Meet our Veterans Let's take a look at some experiences and see photos from a few of our members who either served or are currently serving in the military, stateside and overseas. HoneyBadger When I asked Honeybadger of Leviathan in Fallen Angels, “Do you have any leadership skills that you learned while in the military that helps with our community family?” Honeybadger responded with this statement: “The army taught me how to delegate tasks down to my guys so as to not get overwhelmed myself, I have enough confidence in my ability to lead in the army and in KSI from my time taking care of my battle buddies. In the army I'm responsible for getting my guys what they need, whether it be an ear to listen too, behavioural health, or if they are depressed and in a very dark place. So when anyone in my squad or otherwise needs an ear, I'm there.” KSI Ares 70 R-MAJ When I asked, “Do you have any experience you'd like to share? For example, what has the military offered you in leadership skills that you brought into KSI?” KSI Ares 70 R-MAJ responded with this statement: “I wouldn't be the man I am today without the training I received in the military. I was provided with a solid foundation to build upon from the very start in basic. I was provided with many opportunities to expand my knowledge base and lead others in many different environments. Everything from field operations to working behind a desk. I was provided training early on in my career at Airman Leadership School which was a requirement to actually start supervising other troops in an administrative capacity. I received additional training at the NCO Academy which prepared me to be a Senior NCO. I have had civilian leadership classes, but all have failed in comparison to the leadership training I received in the military. The core values of the Air Force is what I have accredited to most of my success. 1. Integrity, 2. Service before self, and 3. Excellence in all we do. Hard to fail at leadership if you stick to that.” Then I asked him, “And how do you implement that in today's society and in our family community?” He provided this amazing comment: “I treat everyone with the respect they deserve and consistently enforce the standards equally across the board. As leaders, we must be firm but fair. Decisions I make are without emotion and well thought out. I find it best to try and always have a game plan before I have to engage in any disciplinary type issues. I always play out several scenarios in my head in advance. Now, not all situations allow you to prepare in advance, so staying calm is key. Another key leadership quality is to lead by example. It's hard to earn trust and credibility but you can lose it in a blink of an eye.” Owner of this article is KSI Sniper's Logic Cover image from Sputnik International
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    I'll throw my perspective at this. So I originally joined KSI at the end of 07. I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas, and I was 16 at the time. Was super excited to play with some friends both IRL, and through a bunch of groups and websites I was apart of. I really wanted to get right into Halo 3 online and try to be the best I could be. In the process of doing this I ran into a lobby full of KSI Players. Being ignorant of clans in general, they seemed like nice guys. Having fun, pleasantly not **** talking in the lobby lol (Very rare before much of gaming has swapped into private parties and quiet lobbies). We started chatting and they invited me to join. Gave me the run down, had me sign up here on the forums, change my profile. The whole deal. And I instantly felt like I was somewhere I belonged. It took me awhile to adjust to the pace, but once I got a feel for it I moved up the ranks quickly. Constantly trying to help, played with everyone I could. My friends list basically filled up within 4-5 days of joining. 100 Friend limit on 360 was a joke. I was tempted to get another account just to keep adding people and playing with them often. I moved up the ranks rather quickly, and before I knew it I ran my own Squad. And shortly before I left I had made it to Co-Founder. When I left KSI to join another community, I did so with the people in my Division who wanted to replicate the best parts of KSI without the nonsense. I think what I've realized about KSI, and what it means to me now is that while the people are important and they can influence your decisions and the bond you share; it's really about the community itself being able to bring each other together, and keep you coming back. Even if the people you started with have moved on, there is always someone new coming into your squads. Always a new challenge, new opportunities. There is a sense that over time, no matter who is in charge, or how things have changed. One thing about KSI has always stayed the same, and that's a feeling of home. People will always come and go, and those relationships can have meaningful impacts for the rest of your life. But the community never really dies. It's more than just a gaming group. It's a constantly evolving family. And people never really leave, they'll always be remembered. Names of members and leaders of old always have relevancy. Big events are always retold, people who made a difference always acknowledged. Personally, for myself right now I am going through some tough times. I can remember countless other times where life has been difficult while I have been in KSI. And KSI has always stood there for me as a beacon of continuity and strength. KSI helps me focus, keeps me strong, and reminds me that the core values of Knowledge, Strength and Integrity will always help myself and others persevere. KSI is my family, and it is my home. And even if we come and go; KSI will always be there waiting. I know there are members who still visit, watch what's happening from outside. You all have a place here, and we implore you all to come home, and remember we're always going to be there for you. Through the good times, and the bad.
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    Awesome read! Thank you for Participating!
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    I guess I will give my old timer input. I am KSI Anatomy 7, former Admin, Board of Director, Hall of Fame and all that jazz. I was in KSI from 2011 - 2017 (maybe dipped my toes into 2018 but eh...decently long time). I can share that KSI was a home for me. I joined KSI while I was still in school so I looked forward to coming home, throwing on my headset and getting to play Halo: Reach with some great friends. I knew also that not only would I get to play with people I had come to know in my squad / division, but there was a community of other great gamers I could reach out to and have just as much fun with -- I was never alone while I was in KSI. I got to explore various forms of leadership and although it sounds lame, things like running a squad meeting while I was a General to division meetings as Division Leader, really helped boost that confidence in my own leadership outside of KSI. I served a great deal of time expanding my web operations career, which is more what I am "known for" if I am even remember anymore .. RIP .. but I was able to learn how to administrate an IPBoard Forums here, learned from other artists on how to great better graphics, expanded my creative writing skills, video, and so much more. KSI was a blast and if things were different, I wouldn't be sitting here all retired and stuff but looking at all the new faces here, I think its fine that I am retired (and not in a bad way). I want everyone to have a chance to have the same takeaway I had from KSI. I definitely had ups and downs in my journey but KSI still remains something I value dearly. Take everything you can while you're in KSI, you won't regret it!