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    lil_Hades physco3000 is my recuit for Leviticus FG registered on discord
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    KSI - Bada55kidop Knuckleberry2go is my recruit for Leviticus FG and is registered on Discord
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    Just need the General and one Officer (Other than yourself) to verify.
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    lil_Hades killercronic2313 is my recuit for Leviticus FG registered on discord
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    I can witness for the Better with Friends award. Way back in the Treadstone div on PS3, having stocked lobbies was a constant on Black Ops 2. Johnson was host to many of these lobbies. — adding to this: Mentor: Johnson, Poseidon and KSI_LOKI_7 are my mentors. I’ve known Johnny for 5 years. He took me under his wing back in 2013 and to this day still does. This dude is one of the reasons why I was able to win 2 consecutive Generals of the month. That may not sound like a big deal to everyone else reading this but it was a big deal for anyone on PlayStation to receive any recognition at the time from anybody on the website. So doing so, and being able to build upon that success with more is something i’m very proud of. And Johnson was a big factor in that happening, because without him I wouldn’t have been able to be in that position. In my opinion, this man deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. He’s one of the finest leaders KSI has overall, and his resumé speaks for itself. Trainer- The following statement above should be more than enough.
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    I do believe Bernie will throw his name out there too. I am not so sure about Schwarzenegger. Although I can definitely see Ted Cruz going for it again.
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    I haven't seen the shawshank redemption but in my opinion there are plenty movies better than Forrest Gump. 1. Saving private Ryan. Just to name one
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    An HBO series called Band Of Brothers
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    I have been a five star chef for 15 years until recently got burned out now im a cashier at a gas station on graveyard. I love it so much less stress...lol
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    the boondock saints all time favorite
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    Looking forward to having a BO4 squad.
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    I bet no one can guess mine
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    This means we restart considering we messed up? With that being said.... 1
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    Debt seems to be the big one and the first for me to pay off as well. Then i would start up a buisness in the Philippines for my family, with the buisness up and running help my parents in Canada.
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    I am the Queen of the Hill, a King needs someone to "help them" with their "little issues" if you catch my drift
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    Denver Broncos and New England Patriots
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