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    A sig I made for my boy @KSI Migraine
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    T&E Official Handbook The following is the official handbook for Tournaments and Events and must be read and agreed to by every member of the T&E Department upon acceptance into T&E. Mission Statement The primary mission of the Tournaments and Events Department is to provide the members of KSI Global with constant, quality and fair Tournaments and events for all KSI Global members to participate in if they so please. Our Vision Our vision of T&E is ensuring all members of KSI Global are having fun and remaining active within the gaming community. Core Values 1. Integrity 2. Sportsmanship 3. Friendship 4. Fun Our Goal To promote activity in KSI Global and to have fun. Section I. Official T&E Staff Lead(s) - Leads are responsible for the evaluation and oversight of the Tournaments and Events department. They are responsible for planning and establishing all tournaments, events and extra activities hosted by T&E. They are also responsible for ensuring the presence of T&E staff during a hosted event. T&E can have up to two Leads. Division Reps - Division reps are individuals who assigned to be the spoke person for their respected divisions. Division reps are also responsible for settling any issues that arise during a game in which their divisions are participants in. Division reps should always relay any and all relative information from T&E to their divisions and so forth. Each division is allowed up to 2 reps per division. Game Reps - Game reps are the "experts" in the game they are assigned. Game reps are responsible for establishing the rules and guidelines for Tournaments or Events hosted on said game. Game Reps will serve as refs along side Leads on any support tickets that may arise on said game. Volunteer(s) - Volunteers are individuals who wish to help out on Tournaments or events that required extra staff. Volunteers will not be given the T&E role on the forums or access to the T&E staff area. Section II. Staff Expectations Any and all members of Tournaments and Events are expected to have read and understand the KSI Code of Conduct, as well as the Xbox Live Terms of Service Agreement. Each members must follow the Code of Conduct and Xbox Live Term of Service Agreement; T&E members are also expected to operate in a professional and mature manner at all time because it is not only T&E you are representing but you are representing KSI Global as well. Section III. Disciplinary Action If Disciplinary Action is warranted against a T&E staff member in a situation the following is the Disciplinary Action policy that will be followed: First Offense - Verbal Warning from Team Leads and/or Directors of Clan & Web Operations. Second Offense - Suspension from T&E. Length of suspension to be determined varying on the situation of which has occurred. Third Offense - Removal from T&E and time lock on wait before you can reapply for T&E in the future. * No clan operations member, regardless of rank, is subject to any exception of this rule. Section IV. Tournaments & Events Head Hunters - Head Hunters is the team within a squad that usually consists of 4 to 6 primary players and 2 to 4 back up secondary players in case a primary player can not make it to the event. Each squad that is open is encourage to establishing and run a Head Hunters team after the said squad has met the requirement of 45 members in his or squad. A head hunters team can be excluded from all events if they become rude, offensive, or if they are caught cheating or being rude to Official T&E staff members. Divisional Tournaments - Divisional Tournaments are Tournaments established by the Division Leader for their division only. No other division can participate in a division tournament. These can be recruitment tournaments to head Hunter tournaments with in the division. Division Leaders are allowed to request that T&E offer official refs or hosts for these tournaments. E-Sport & Pro Teams - KSI may sign competitive esports team to represent KSI Global in the world of E-Sports. These rules are always changing and will be announced as they need to be applied for said teams. Events - These are events that are not classified as tournaments and are open for members to participate in all across KSI Global. These include Sunday Showdowns. Spirit Week - Spirit Week is one week out of every year where members of KSI Global will show their spirit for their division and community in multiple events hosted through out the week ranging from forum events to game events. Section V. Requests T&E accepts requests varying from suggestions of events to Support Tickets. Suggestions - Suggestions are inputs from members not assigned to T&E. They range from suggestions if future events to things T&E can do better on. Support Tickets - Support Tickets are submissions from divisions that had an issue during a said tournament or event. A support ticket can only be filed after the division reps in the divisions in dispute have given a solution. If the solution provided by division reps is not agreed on by all divisions in disputes then a support ticket can then be filed. ALL decisions on support Tickets will be investigated further by game Reps of said game of disputes and T&E team Leads. Team Leads' decisions is final and can not be appealed to T&E. All support tickets are to be sent to a T&E Lead on the Forums in a message. This handbook is subject to change as rules are modified or new rules are added. Updated 8/10/17.
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    I made a banner for FA. Just want some input. Thanks
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    Club Banner I made for FG a while ago.
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    My Personal Sig, featuring Tokyo Ghoul.
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    I'm gonna start posting my graphics on my feed.
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    Hope everyone has had a fantastic week so far!
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    June 22nd. Plan on drinking and going to see Jurassic World 2
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    I am trying to use the education departments forum section to post questions for testing the members. Can you make it where we can have more than 4 questions on a poll?
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    @Kronic 7 Welcome back, pal. I tagged one of our generals to get you set up in a squad if that's what you're looking for. Send me a PM so I can provide you with a invite to the KSI Discord server.
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    KSI Global Members, I just wanted to take a moment to make everyone aware of our change in stance concerning blacklists. I want to first make everyone aware of the change and how it will impact the community as well as relations with other communities. Secondly, I want to be clear on why we made the decision we made and how we think it will allow us to not only grow our community but be better individuals, leaders, and most importantly human beings. So what is this big change? We have cleared the Blacklist and going forward we will no longer be using a Blacklist! Now I know some of you probably just said "What the?" or "Is he crazy?" out loud. Please take the time to read the entire reasoning and vision before forming your opinion. What if people are kicked out? We will still have a strict DNH (Do Not Hire) policy. Members who are removed for serious violations of the C.o.C. will not be allowed to join or participate in "Community activities" or be in divisions/squads. However, KSI members will be allowed to associate and game with the DNH'd individuals. What if people are being disruptive/abusive? We need to simple work as a team and make smart decisions about who we associate with. If someone is harassing you or another member, simple block and part ways with the individual. Don't feed into the nonsense, just move on and enjoy your game time with your fellow KSI members. If a KSI member is hanging around someone that is acting in this way have an open dialog and let them know that you don't wish to hang out with the disruptive individual. If it continues to be an issue than simply don't associate with the member and inform your leadership. Why? - This is probably the most important question to answer. My question to you would be, What does a blacklist really accomplish? Many communities/gamers that are blacklisted see it as either a badge of honor or a personal insult. Both of which are contradicting to our goal of helping shape better individual. We need to learn to be better people and see situations from both sides of the coin. Even if we can't see eye to eye we still treat the other person with respect, even when they are not respectful to us. We all make friends with people that may not be the type of character that we look to have within KSI. It is not our place as a community to dictate with whom you can and can not play with. It is your money that pays for your internet, console, games, etc. You should be able to enjoy it with whomever you want. My vision is for all gamers to have fun gaming while helping each other to become not just better gamers but also better people. Our world is full of terrible people, lets help change that one person at a time. Never leave a KSI member behind! -KSI JT 7 aka Jtthemarine aka R00t Da3m0n Proud lifelong member of KSI
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    I have been looking through old videos and reading forms and documents I had saved before I left so many years ago and it has me missing the old times. I met a lot of great people in this community and hope to get it back to what it was. The forums used to be a great place to hangout with your team and friends. We planned our events and our strategy for succeeding. Maybe I am not seeing it because I am not one of the leaders anymore. I just want everyone to know that I've enjoyed there friendship and the time we spent playing. We can get things back to what I remember if we all work together.
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    The Fable Series but I really enjoy Destiny as well.
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    Couldn't you commend a veteran every day for what they've done for our country and not just on one day?
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    Personally I want to be in long enough to hopefully see my daughter join.
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    Video games helped me get over my shyness and anxiety. Lowkey it helps out a lot but some people dont believe that.
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    They will always be among the best of the best.
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    It could be a fun idea and it could help with forums activity at the same time.
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    Always had a thing for Music and prophecies plus I love Greek mythology
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    I wish people would say & do what they thought, without playing games.
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    Cookies havn't been legit since they killed the cookie monster and made him the veggy monster..
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    One sec here is the actual oldest rank list
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    Hey Game this is the oldest rank structure i have was being used up to March 2007. This was before the remake of it for the halo 3 era. This was the Halo 2 times. PRIVATE Private can be classified as a new member to KSI. Anyone joining KSI will automatically receive this rank. Responsibilities of a Private include knowing the Code of Conduct, meeting other KSI members, and participating in clan matches. Your time as a Private is geared towards letting you get familiar with the KSI community and the way we work. Privates are encouraged but not required to change their gamer tag within 60 days. SERGEANT A Sergeant is a KSI gamer who has acquired a KSI gamer tag. As a Sergeant, leaders will be depending on you to learn game strategies and train with others in order to better prepare for clan matches. You will be expected to be an example to the Privates below you and to help them when possible. LIEUTENANT Lieutenants hold the duty of helping with the training of lower ranking members of KSI. Serves as an aid to the Captain above you. Also responsible for recruiting And bringing recruits to Captains. They can also run Practices when a Captain is not a present. CAPTAIN As a Captain, it is standard for you to begin taking a stronger leadership role. You are expected to recruit new members from outside of KSI, run practices and play clan matches. Captains are responsible for promoting a Lieutenant to assist them. The Captain Also keeps track of squad records and lists. This includes messaging the squad on clan match results and meeting times. You must also ensure that the lower ranking members are well acquainted with the code of conduct. You will report any infractions directly to your General, following the chain of command. The ranking structure is there for a reason do not take minor problems to Founders or Clan Leaders. A Captain becomes eligible for a promotion by fulfilling the above job description and going above and beyond his responsibilities for an extended period of time. As always good communication is the key to success. GENERAL The rank of General is to be taken very seriously by everyone in the lower ranks. A General is responsible for running a KSI squad. They must oversee all activity within their individual squad, as well as helping others when needed. As a General you must promote members to Captain to assist you in running the squad. A General will be responsible for keeping the member list updated and ensuring that all members have read and are playing by the Code of Conduct. Generals are expected to meet with their squad regularly to discuss squad issues and the latest KSI news. They work closely with their Captains and Co-Founders to create an enjoyable gaming experience for all. A General will take charge for a Co-Founder and is responsible for taking care of minor matters at such times. The General is expected to report infractions directly to their Co-Founder or Founder, not Clan Leaders. A General becomes eligible for a promotion by running a large and successful squad that represents what KSI stands for. As always good communication is the key to success. CO-FOUNDER The Co-Founder position is not just a title it comes with a lot of responsibilities. You will be directly responsible for running multiple successful squads. By accepting the rank of Co-Founder you are making a commitment to be a fair and responsible leader. This includes making yourself available several times a week to solve problems, hold meetings and hear new ideas. Co-Founders work closely with their Generals to ensure that all members are playing in a professional manner that represents KSI. You will be responsible for keeping your squad lists up to date. Co-Founders assume nearly all of the same duties of a Founder in their absence and will help keep their squads running smoothly. They are also required to keep discipline within their squads and report any infractions directly to their Founder or Clan Leader. A Co-Founder is eligible for a promotion after running multiple large and successful squads that represent what KSI stands for. As always good communication is the key to success. SPOKESMODEL Our Spokes Model will be in charge of our public relations. She will handle interviews and answer questions that the public may have. The Spokes model will represent the voice of KSI. FOUNDER Once you become a Founder you will have the added responsibility of dealing with all of KSI. You will be working closely with Clan Leaders to make decisions that affect your squads and KSI as a whole. Founders are also the leaders of many squads and are responsible for all aspects of those squads. They must work closely with their Co-Founders to oversee all activity within their squads, and to ensure that all members are playing in a professional manner that represents KSI. Communication and decision making are the two most important qualities of a Founder. Often you will be pulled in many different directions so it is imperative that you exercise good judgment and patience. A Founder will deal with many stressful situations and must be fair but firm, and represent the best that KSI has to offer. As a Founder you have the ability to allow Co-Founders and Generals to start new squads. As always good communication is the key to success. MARKETING SPECIALIST The Marketing Specialist is a KSI leader that focuses on growing the KSI name. They are vital to the clan and deserve our respect and gratitude. Instead of focusing on squad management, they work behind the scenes to continually improve KSI as a whole. Marketing Specialists are responsible for working with our sponsors, maintaining our many web sites, and writing articles and game reviews. They also help set up and run tournaments along with finding new sponsors to donate prizes to the winners. The MS work closely with the Creator to do anything and everything possible to make KSI bigger and better. CLAN ANALYST The CLAN ANALYST rank is reserved for those whose job is to reinforce or assist existing divisions when needed. Members holding this rank fulfill two roles. If a Division is having problems in any area such as security, division leadership hierarchy, communications, morale, conflicts between menbers, low manpower, and/or low member numbers. The Clan Analyst is to work with the leaders and members of the ailing division to create a report outlining changes that should be implemented. This report is sent to Clan Directors, Senior Clan Directors and Creators. Once an action plan is created from the report, Clan Analysts will be entrusted to implement the action plan approved by Clan Directors/Creators. The second role of a Clan Analyst is to provide support in times of crisis. If Division Leaders are suddenly MIA or if a clan is attacked by rivals, the Clan Analyst is deployed immediately to assist with organizing regroup of affected members and emergency reorganization of the affected Division. CO-CLAN LEADER Co-Clan Leaders oversee the coordination of the Founders. They make sure KSI goes in the right direction and keep order between the Founders. They are the acting leaders of KSI when Clan Leaders are not present. The Co-Clan Leaders main responsibility is to divide their time among all KSI squads. They will be assisting the Founders to facilitate a professional and enjoyable playing experience. They will be dealing with major and minor problems as they arise. CLAN LEADER The Clan Leader is responsible for running their specific division in KSI. They work with their Directors to make their division better. Clan Leaders work is shown off to all of the members in KSI, as they lead to show the example of how a KSI member should act in their professional manner. Clan Leaders main goal is to make their division the best in KSI, and make sure it runs smoothly with whatever obstacles are in the way. CLAN ADMINISTRATOR Clan Administrators take a step back from the day-to-day operations of KSI squads/divisions on Xbox Live, and take a step forward in the other aspects. Clan Admistrator duties include anything from Moderating mutiple KSI websites, programming, designing websites, handling correspondence with fellow Gaming Communities/Publishers, coordinating marketing agendas, event promotions, organizing Tournaments, to managing various special projects. Due to Administrators working very closely with all all KSI Leaders including the Creator and Co-Creators, they still deserve the respect (and have authority) that Clan Directors and Senior Clan Directors have on Xbox Live. CLAN DIRECTOR The Clan Director is responsible for running all of KSI. They work directly with the Creator to make KSI the very best gaming network. They are the decision makers in KSI. Clan Directors work closely with the Clan Leaders and Co-Clan Leaders to maintain a professional playing environment for all players on XBOX LIVE. Clan Directors contribute not only their time but also their resources to better KSI in every way. A Clan Director must be a person of high integrity because they are routinely called upon to make difficult decisions that affect all of KSI. They are the eyes and ears of the Creator. SENIOR CLAN DIRECTOR The Senior Clan Directors of KSI run all of the XBOX LIVE work that is needed in making sure that all of the members here are happy, and that everything is run in the correct, professional manner. The men who are in this position must work closely with the Creator, but also work well with all the leaders under them. Their number one goal is for all of KSI runs to its best ability, and that they handle ANY problem that comes at them. They are experienced members in KSI, know what to do, and make sure it happens. Senior Clan Directors are the head of KSI, they make sure that everyone is doing their jobs correctly. CO-CREATOR The co-creator position is also for those who are co-owners of the KSI Global Gaming Network. Co-creators have the role of overlooking all of KSI, meaning, all parts of KSI; the online work, the marketing, webteam, and all other parts that make this organization run. CREATOR This position leaves our Creator with no free time. Our leader gives us his days and nights and keeps all of KSI running smoothly. He is the backbone for the entire KSI Global Gaming Network. The Creator has full charge over all aspects of KSI.
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    Migraine+Trying to read what people write to me today= loosing my mind :|