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    "KSI In Real Life" By: KSI Mizz Airy When you spend so much time with people online, talking to them, teaching them, learning from them, it's amazing how easily those bonds can translate over to real life as well! A week ago, I returned from an awesome trip where I had the absolute pleasure of meeting some members of LE and seeing a couple of former SO members again. The six people I was able to see not only reminded me of how KSI can do more than just teach lifelong skills, but it can build lifelong friendships. I started by going to Houston, TX, and meeting Shayzerbeam, a Private in Avalon LE, while I killed some time before my flight to Pennsylvania. She was incredible to get to know! Having only ever talked to her on the Discord server before, it was really cool how easy she was to get along with. Within a very short time, she showed me just how much she cared about her friends and fellow members. I enjoyed my short time with her so much, that I saw her again on the way back, and by that point, it felt like I'd known her for much much longer. Upon arriving in Pittsburgh, PA, I drove up to stay with KSI MercysAngel, the squad leader of Avalon LE. She and I have been friends for a few months online. We have worked out together and talked about things ranging from her native Texan life to kids and, of course, Destiny. Her family welcomed me very warmly, and they were a blast to hang out with. Cards Against Humanity will never be the same! Mercy then accompanied me for the four hour drive to where KSI Mr Miagi and KSI BlazeDaily7, Co-Founder and Co-Division Leader of LE, respectively, live. Prior to this trip, Mercy had hardly ever talked to them. My history with them goes back a lot farther, though. They were recruited into Empire RD when KSI DoubleOh and I were getting ready to split into Cerberus RD back in 2015. All three of them were new to Destiny, and it was a lot of fun getting to play with the "KinderGuardians". To fast-forward about 18 months, Blaze and Miagi were two of the very first members of Darkness TR, the squad that would eventually execute the first successful Destiny split in KSI. That kind of bond (building something and seeing the continued results of those efforts much further down the line) is something special in and of itself. And from the moment we met at the bar, you'd have never guessed it was our first time meeting. (By the way, Blaze is the master of darts, but sprinklers are not his friends. And Miagi is the master of bouncing darts.) What's more, though, I got to see the body language for the first time of how these three reacted when speaking about KSI matters. I was really moved by how evident it is that they really care for the efforts they and the other LE members put into making the division function day-to-day. The next day, following an adventurous lunch with Mercy (duck was involved), Miagi joined us in doing an escape room challenge with a former member of the Special Ops Division (2007), KSI Moos3, as well as a couple of his friends. Teamwork won out in the end, and we escaped the serial killer with barely a couple of minutes to spare! After lunch with Moos3 and another former member and very dear friend, KSI Templar EK, Mercy and I started the journey back. For the past week, I've been holding onto that amazing, light feeling from my long weekend away. These men and women who I have known ranging from 10 years to just a few weeks reminded me what incredible bonds can be built, in game and out. Pennsylvania was beautiful, but it was this group that made the trip one of the best weekends of my adult life. Thank you, all, for your kind hospitality and even more so for your great friendship.
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    Last night I started taking KSI ZEUSWRATH 7's FTLA 101 class and I already feel like I'm being taught how to become a better leader. We went over how to recruit, how to not over step your boundaries, how to successfully micro manage, and much more. What appealed to me the most in the first night of the class was when we talked about recruiting. Yes recruiting is a necessity, but there is a lot more to it. We sell our recruits on how much fun they can have here and how much they will get to game. But what if we also mentioned how much work they would have to put into it to become a successful KSI member? When I first joined it was all about gaming, I never would had thought of taking all these workshops and classes. But now I'm hosting Sergeant's workshops. We should start training these guys as soon as they join and let them know what there signing up for. Not over stepping your boundaries, now this is a good one. An example that KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 gave us is; if a General is not doing their job properly; should he have to step in? No because he has ranks lower then him that should be able to step in. The only reason he should have to step in is if the ones below him are not well trained and aren't doing their job. A good way to not over step your boundaries is to use the chain of command up and also down, and truly mentor your lower ranking members. How to successfully micro-manage. When you hear the word micro manage you think "oh no". But micro-managing can be good. The best way to micro-manage is to train the person below you but also let them show you what they can do. Don't control them, show them, for instance if you are the General and you have a Major let the Major step in and run the squad while you as the General guide him/her. Teach your Major how to keep the squad active and how to keep your squad growing. After all the Major will be the one that takes your spot, and you don't want to micro-manage too strictly because the Major will do it to the ones below them, then your going to have a lot of members dropping out and getting transferred. So if you micro manage make sure it's to help and not hurt. We learned so much more then that but it's kind of too much to put in one article. I hope y'all found this informative and maybe your interested in taking the FTLA as well, that way you can see for yourself.
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    We do have the ability to keep stats (that can be checked by anyone) for a couple things that could lead to new awards... I am not having creative juices right now so I dont really have any names But ideas: Having X amount of reputation Having X amount of "Days Won" which is days that you had the most added reputation Having X amount of followers And then some extra would be since News has beat reporter and Tournaments has party planner Has streamed on KSI Official X amount of times Has completed X amount of GFX Requests Has uploaded / created X amount of YouTube videos
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    I think this topic is fundamentally wrong. It generalizes people, everyone is different. Just because they’re “old school” doesn’t really make them any different from “new school” members. Certain people may have different ideals but generalizing people and implying they have pros and cons is only going to cause drama and paints members in a poor light.
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    BERSERKER! First time I ran into one of those (literally ran into it) I ended up on the floor laughing. Me and an old friend that I was co-oping with decided to both roll but we ended up rolling into each other in front of the running berserker and got stomped. For those that don't know, @KSI Double Oh 7, @KSI BlazeDaily, and myself know each other personally before KSI. In fact, they are my best friends, even though I always tell people that they hate me and judge me all the time which is far from the truth. Most of the time ;). But there's a lot of memories that we have shared together that involve KSI in some way or another. My favorite moment with @KSI Double Oh 7would be starting the now seemingly never ending "cookie joke" that he hates me for. Around Thanksgiving/Christmas of last year, I texted him and asked/begged him to get me some cookies that his mom makes which he promised he would. A week later during his DIV meeting in TR, he ended the meeting asking if there were any questions. So I asked, "yes, where are my cookies doubleoh?!" To which he forgot and said he would get some for me soon. Next div meeting, he ended again with questions. I believe this time someone else asked if Doubleoh got me my cookies. It became a TR thing where "the cookies were a lie." I'm pretty sure even N3xus got involved at some point. Then I joined web ops which doubleoh was already part of and, much to my surprise and laughter, during one of the meetings someone asked about the cookies which started Nex Addo on always asking about being sent cookies from doubleoh . While I did eventually get cookies, they weren't his moms . Then we have @KSI BlazeDaily. While we were both friends with Double Oh, we were never really in the same place at the same time to develop or start a friendship. Now that I think about it, I'm not exactly sure why. However, it wasn't until we all began playing Destiny and rejoined KSI, in the Destiny squad that Mizz created, that a friendship developed. I owe a lot to Blaze, more than he will probably ever really know or even take credit for. In fact, I probably wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for him... Even though he hates me . There's a ton of memories since KSI but I'll concentrate on my favorite gaming related ones. One of my most recent favorite memories with Blaze would be playing Destiny 2 on midnight release until around 4am and then playing most of the following day as well since we both took off from work. For me, nothing makes a game greater than enjoying it with a friend. The funniest moment, besides watching double oh run up to bosses and get stomped on, would probably be when Blaze was showing me how to equip a special gun in zombies and didn't realize that I used a different controller layout. So he told me to press/hold a certain button so I did. Apparently that was for throwing a grenade. So he's like "uh, no.. nope. No. That's a grenade. Uh, just press..." which by that time I let go of the trigger and accidentally tossed my grenade at my own feet and accidentally killed myself. His response... "uh... Wow."
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    I ban kered for hating on the most socially productive television series in as long as I can remember
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    Thank you for being interested in joining the production team, please fill out the application and I'll get back with you as soon as I can, thank you! Name: Noah Brandt Email: [email protected] Gamer Tag: KSI Warr Division/Squad: Hades Age: 16 Date: 10/20/17 1. What's your experience with productions (editing, video, recording, mixing, etc.)? I have a YouTube channel that I've put some videos on. My YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrfB9Zmxr8izn3YfjVk_YjQ 2. What are some of your strengths? Im an optimist and am almost always happy. 3. What are some of your weaknesses? I struggle with time management. 4. What are the specific programs that you use for editing, recording, mixing, etc.? iMove 5. What are some of your past projects? Check my link to my YouTube channel 6. Are you self taught or did you go to school? And how long have you been doing this? Im self taught, I've been doing this for about a month. 7. Do you work good with others on a project or do you prefer to fly solo? I prefer to 'fly solo' but if I'm needed for a group project then i can be compatible. 8. Have you struggled with procrastination or you a go getter that likes stuff done in a timely manner? I usually start as a go getter and go in head strong but slowly die out but I can correct myself if i notice myself starting to fade. 9. Where do you see yourself in the future with KSI Productions? Just making videos and having fun. 10. Just for fun...what's a Dutch Angle? I think thats just where you take a photo with the camera slightly tilted. 11. Just for fun...what's your favorite movie and game of all time. Movie- Either Saving Private Ryan or Brother where art thou Game- Destiny 1 or Borderlands 2 or Halo 3 12. Just for fun...favorite sports team all-time? I don't watch sports... I play sports.
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    Um, duh, hentai is life xD Hentai manga I will say is always stronger than the anime ver. of it because usually it is done by amateurs and the animation quality I always find is low
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    I know I can't so I can show you that I am better at PVP then you
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    NOTE: This will be updated with any changes! AG BKG EGN GRM J2H MEA TDi TRN TSB vA X1True FAOS
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    It’s not really an opinion it’s a pretty simple fact. The fact this topic is still up is stupid considering this is 100% discrimination. Unless this rule doesn’t apply: KSI does not tolerate discrimination, racism, or harassment, by or towards, any member of KSI in game lobbies, chat forums, or gaming situations of any type. Can result in immediate expulsion from the KSI Global Gaming Network. :thinking: also If you don’t know the definition of discrimination: the act of making or perceiving a difference :the act of discriminating or: the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually.
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    Fixed, something weird was going on with him being in 2 groups but it is good now
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    The following will be the preferred method of Recruitment for Aries Squad and any squads I oversee/lead in the future. Broken down into highly detailed sections, to be accompanied by an Itinerary to send new members in the near future. *Disclaimer* I have added as little example conversation as possible. Each recruiting scenario is different, many will be unique based on how you approach them (or how you are approached), and I do not wish to give you expectations on individual behaviours and responses. Go with your gut, and treat others how you wish to be treated. Trust yourself to be conversational, to be honest and transparent. To be informative and engaging. Most importantly, be yourself. These are the only examples you will need. In this thread we navigate the various forms of recruitment and what they mean. We will go over how best to not only recruit, but what to give each new recruit upon entering KSI, so they are ready to participate in the Community, and to be encouraged to stay. Far too often "Fluff" collects on our Rosters and hinders growth. Weed-whacking isn't a fun part of the job, so our main goal is Prevention. When it comes to Recruitment, I have seven steps to remember. I try to give each of them apt titles for context. Refer to them as you like, the step names are arbitrary. The information is key. So here we go! Steps of Recruiting 1. Preliminary Contact 2. Q&A 3. Code of Conduct/Rank Structure, 4. Profile and Name Games 5. Appropriate Invites 6. Relationship Stepping Stones 7. First 48 Hours/7 Days 1. Preliminary Contact How do we find recruits for PlayStation? The answer isn't exactly simple. There are four common methods that come up the most. I will cover these four in depth, but feel free to add your own methods to your repetoir as you see fit. Mass Messages First, we have the Mass Message. It isn't a predominate technique, but this shouldn't be discounted without first exploring it. When you go through your Friends List on PlayStation, you'll notice a tab called "Players Met", click it. In there, Sony has been gracious enough to provide all PlayStation Users you have interacted within Parties, Lobbies (Not all Games follow this) and other active events through communities or online play. It'll breakdown when and how you met them. From here, you go to "Messages", create new, scroll back down to "Players Met" and add as many as the limit will allow if you want and send them all one large message about KSI. This obviously isn't the most practical. On PlayStation all messages are regulated to chat parties. Which become disturbingly annoying when abused. Most people will leave before you post anything. To get around that, Copy and Paste a complete text from the PlayStation App helps. From here, you can field responses, pick and choose which replies to respond to, and so on. Do not expect this to work every time, or to get many replies back. However, it usually provides a nice handful of recruits over time. *Be aware members must be checked out for Blacklisted Friends or Communities before being recruited. This is covered later on. Voice Chat Lobbies This method is using the voice chat function while in Online Matchmaking Games to communicate with a random assortment of players to recruit. Simple enough. There is a catch. Most people use Party Function on PlayStation to stay aware from Lobbies that can have trollish behaviour, high-pitched screaming among other shenanigans. Such is life. Either way, always remember to approach those you do encounter with respect and a sense of calm. People like to join communities where there isn't drama or pettiness. A cool headed approach always wins out. People want to be sure you're not just spamming them with invites to be bounced offline, or be involved with any cancerous behaviour. KSI is above such things, but they don't know that until they see for themselves. Always present yourself in a manner befitting the Code of Conduct. People You Know This will either be the most common, or the least common for you. Inviting people you know is definitely easier when it comes to the approach as you should already know what they're looking for, and they know you. It will not come across as spam, or another whatever clan. Friends and Family will trust your judgement about communities versus someone elses. Be sure to still go through the steps of recruiting regardless, there are no exceptions. Bare in mind, your friends and family will hold you to a higher standard than someone they don't know. Always be transparent. Clan Trackers, Forums and Social Media You'd be amazed at how many Communities are out there strictly for find other Communities. People are always looking at LFG posts, and usually after doing this with moderate success, will move on to looking for a permanent group of people to play with. This is where KSI I feel has the home court advantage. Not only are we a 'Clan' in the essence of how we game, but we have much more to offer the typical gamer than any other group. Between multiple Social Media Presences, thousands of gamers in the overall community, and established security of being around for 15 years, KSI is primed to take advantage of these avenues of Recruitment for the betterment of our Community, and Gaming as a whole. When it comes to advertising the Community on a place such as ClanTracker, be aware of their rules and regulations regarding utilizing the service. Always be mindful that in order to make use of these groups, that you yourself are not infracting upon their rules. We expect our members to follow our Code of Conduct, we must reciprocate. Members looking for clans utilizing these services are more likely to be open to hearing our pitch, and actively pursuing our many Events, Training Sessions and Meetings to get the most out of KSI. This is my preferred method of Recruitment. I would recommend it as your main method. 2. Q&A The first things you should inquire about when you have made contact with a potential recruit are as follows; -Determine Age (16 and older) -Previous/Current Clan Experience -Familiarity with KSI -Games Played This is both first affirmative to proceed, and the most basic background check one can make. Familiarize yourself with Blacklisted Communities and Members if possible to cross reference the answers given. *If a member is under 16, and exception can be made by your Squad Leader at their discrepancy, along with the judgement of the Squads (Co)Founder. Both must approve to proceed. When recruiting, especially for those who are unfamiliar with recruiting or do not feel comfortable with giving the inductions, it is always recommended to Squad Up. Squad Up means to have someone there who has your six. Provide you with any assistance and encouragement you need in order to properly, and successfully recruit members. Squad Up is my go-to move when it comes to any recruiting. As years have gone by, I have become rather comfortable with recruiting. Even still, better to have someone watching out for you. Much of my recruiting as I got better at it is more conversational. The information is delivered to each new recruit, but in a manner that develops naturally in casual conversation. People want to be talked to by a compassionate community member, not someone whose main interest is numbers. People want you to take an interest. As a Service Industry veteran, I have always been taught that the experience you have at a dining establishment is often decided at the door. First Impressions are everything. When they are done talking to you, they should have that innate excitement of knowing they belong, and that you care for them as a person, not a roster spot. If you do not show compassion to those at the door, why are you inviting them in? And if they do come in, will they stay? 3. Code of Conduct/Rank Structure You now have your potential member(s) lined up, you've approached them with what KSI has to offer. They've answered your questions, and things seem to check out. They are ready to get at 'er. Guns blazing, want to be the best, top member material. Much wow, very clan. Not so fast! Okay, calming down a bit here. After you've made your initial approach, have had them do the basics and made pleasantries, you need to ensure, before anything else, to read them the Code of Conduct, and send them a hard copy. Yes, a hard copy. Reading it aloud to a potential recruit does not have the desired effect, unless they are given material to absorb. If they do not receive one, I feel it's an inadequate recruiting attempt. This isn't here to put down previous protocol, this is to ensure we are promising our members that by abiding by these rules, which we send them in a small packet of impertinent information, that we promise to uphold those values to each and everyone personally. KSI is family, and as a family we hold virtuous relationships with each other. That regardless of circumstance, every member will be treated fairly, and never are they to be left behind. Ever. When reading the CoC, one must remember to present it in a thoughtful manner. Speak with a neutral tone; loud and carefully. Ensure that you are explaining these Codes when necessary, and ensuring everyone understands from the first moment of membership we take this seriously. The Code of Conduct has been updated as of 2017 to reflect a more encompassing, and detailed nature. Nevertheless, do not take for granted that people can plead ignorant if found in violation of this mandate. Give them no reason to say they don't know better. As for the Rank Structure, it's shorter here. I want every member to understand the squad ranks as they get acquainted with KSI. There is already so much info being relayed in the first 10 minutes of membership. I have the itinerary posted below for what I send via document to each new member. But when it comes to what's said upon induction; Keep it simple. Don't overload. I have the luxury of overloading here so that it's drilled into every recruiter that it becomes second nature. Ensure they understand the following in full; Private Corporal Sergeant Lieutenant (Leftenant if you're British/Canadian) Captain Major General And, to a lesser degree; (Co)Founder (Co)Division Leader Anything beyond these ranks is something to be acquainted with after preliminary KSI Membership has passed. You've now gone through the bulk of induction. It'll get shorter now. I promise (Not really). 4. Profile and Name Games If you have determined everything above checks out, we can move on to the first steps of getting them labelled KSI. We like the Billboard Approach, so when contacting fellow KSI Members, the profile answers at least a dozen potential questions. A potential KSI member should have something like this in their profile, using mine as an example; KSI Viktory X KSI Aries LE GEN Recruited by KSI Nizzy 4-19-17 Make sure they have their preferred Callsign (KSI name that hopefully matches they're Discord Username or Server Nickname) the Squad, Division initials and rank (All default new members are Privates unless there is an exception). Below should be the recruiters name and date of Recruitment. This provides basic info we all need to have displayed on PSN under the About Me option. Ensure that names are relatively appropriate (obvious offenders, we can have a little fun) and that the profile checks out. After doing this you're nearly at the end if the induction. By this point, your member might be a little impatient. Don't let this discourage you. Ensure you are calm and willing to continue, be brief but informative. This balance comes with time, just do your best. Please encourage the use of a Real Name that is a KSI name along with Real Friend Requests. Unlike Xbox where you can change the Gamertag for a cost, PlayStation has no option. Only the Real Name display with Close Friend Requests are an option to have that Callsign displayed for fellow KSI Members and friends. This is not mandatory, but shows commitment to the community for the future. 5. Appropriate Invites Once a new member has been read the CoC and basic Rank Structure,changed their profile and name, each member should be given a list of places and people to add/follow/join. KSI is a place of organization. So as a recruiter, we go through what is absolutely necessary to luxury adds. Mandatory: -Joining the KSIGlobal.com Website -Adding the KSI Squad tag (i.e. KSI-ARIES-LE) -Joining the Discord Server (It's mandatory for me) -Following the KSI PS4 Community Luxury: -Following KSI on Facebook/Twitter -Subscribbing to the KSI YouTube -Following KSI Twitch -Joining In-Game Clans or Platoons *Note -> Distinguish .com and .org for the purposes of recruiting. I understand it's silly that a rogue split from KSI is also named KSI (may they someday come home), however the reality is that we need to make sure everyone is on the same website. **2nd Note -> In game clans or Platoons are an optional at this point. We understand that many are for close friends gaming and mostly as a casual example of communal gaming with no community aspect. If however those Clans or Platoons are apart of a competing community, they must remove themselves from all Clan/Platoon related groups. KSI recruits cannot be apart of other competing communities period. Please refer to a Squad Leader or above for weird exceptions you are unable to determine yourself. At some point during this process, the PSN name of the newest recruit should be passed along to the Squad Leader (Or Major/1st Captain if unable to do so) to be added to the 'Clan Management System'. Provide the correct spelling including punctuation and capital letters to ensure that PSN name is verified in the system. This will also tell us if they are in contact with Blacklisted or DNH'd (Do Not Hire) members before they can become potential security risks to the community. An unfortunate reality, but safety is key. *Note; As a Recruiter, if your rank is LT or higher, you should be able to determine your own Background Checks. CMS makes this easy, however if you notice anything suspicious, ask questions of your potential recruit to rectify any discrepancies that arise. If you are not an officer, one can be employed to help determine this with you if needed. If you are unsure of the validity of the recruiting scenario, or red flags keep popping up, do not continue and break contact. This should not occur very often and can leave a negative view of the community in this potential recruit's opinion, but safety comes first. From this point, I recommend they add a few of your squad mates. Try to keep around that ideal amount. 7 seems to be what works best for me (I have a detailed outline farther along). Friend Requests on PSN Squad Leader - So they know whose running the show (Major should be added as well if there is one) 1 of each of Captain and Lieutenant, be sure to diversify with each recruit. 1 Sergeant as kind of their go-to guy for KSI 3 Total Corporals and Privates to get them rolling in terms of a circle of KSI mates. Be sure to diversify here as well. We can't introduce everyone to a new member all the time, but this is a sufficient start for anyone new to the community. Inform those members of whom you've had recruits add so they don't take then as random requests or Blacklisted members. Communication is key. Refer to package at bottom of post for details. I also have a companion Itinerary below that should be sent to each new member personally that compiles the above, and additional information that may not need to be explained, but to be there just in case. I recommend Google.doc versions of this text to be sent out, however do as you see fit for the situation. Downloadable Files also are adequate if needed. 6. Relationship Stepping Stones KSI is committed to building healthy, competitive and orderly relationships between it's members, it's leaders and the affiliated communities. It's from this that we can provide actual examples to our newer members of what to expect in the community. Everything you have presented then should be positive. And the transparency should be apparent. Until they see KSI with their own eyes, you can't be 100% positive how they will react. So show them. If you Squad Up before recruiting, this should be easier to achieve. They should already have an idea how members interact, understand they play together and have relationships built on friendship, commonality and commitment. Once they see the community Discord or PSN environment, it's merely a reaffirmation of what was witnessed previously. If you were alone, you need to guide them through the start. Discord will likely be that first stepping stone. Introduce them on Discord once they have joined the server. If you have permissions to add them to the squad group, add them. If they do not, contact a Major or above and have then added. Tag them in the Squad Chat Room, introduce them there as well. Have them add you as a friend and message them periodically on there in the future to gauge their activeness on Discord. The next major stepping stone is playing with them. Do this as soon as possible, party up and invite squad mates and introduce them as they come into the PSN Party. Be sure to send squad mates accompanying messages with a Party Request that explain you have a new recruit. *If you receive and invite with an accompanying message about a new recruit, please do everyone a favour and join if possible. We want them to see us, interact with us and be here in the years to come. Even if it's just to say; "Hello, my name is *insert name* it's nice to meet you. I'm a little busy at the moment, add me PSN and we can game when you can!" These types of micro interactions really hit home the point of the KSI Community. The more a person sees, the more they believe. The longer they stay. The more they get involved. Be a friend to those who need a friend. Lastly, before you ever leave a recruit, double check that all previous steps are understood and referenced. Members should be slightly overwhelmed, but confident KSI is serious when it comes to their needs, and our values. We cannot allow the perception of indifferent treatment and lacking of character. 7. First 48 Hours/7 Days While the information might not be as in-depth at this point, it is likely the most important. As a recruiter, I hold myself responsible for the recruit personally. From their behaviour, to their activity I hold myself to a standard that new members are made aware of the community values, but also to how they are treated in turn. As such, the initial week in KSI makes or breaks people. It goes one of three ways. One, they become an active participant in the community. Two, they are a casual community member with limited interaction within the community. Three, they become fluff. It is not a negative outcome if they are casual members. Life has a way of preventing some of our members from actively participating in all things KSI. Or they choose what's best for them for community involvement. For me, the most important thing about KSI is that KSI is what you make it. Sometimes, what's best for members is simply the Gaming Aspect. Never discourage a member who chooses that for themselves. All members are entitled to choose what's best for them, and it is our job to embrace them regardless. Fluff is a different matter. Fluff is a plague. It isn't something we want to be actively happening in our community. Don't get me wrong, it's a reality we face in this community, and it will never disappear. To put it eloquently, stuff happens. We deal with it accordingly and move on to newer and better things. It's how this community has survived so long despite the obstacles that have been placed in our way. Here is how we avoid that as best we can. After you've completed the full recruitment and induction, your new recruit should have sufficient view of the community at large. Should have the squad tag added, discord enabled, have a few KSI friends and starting to form relationships. First 48 hours should include; -2 daily check-ins, passing along any important community information if it arises -Inviting them to any Meetings or Game Nights being hosted -Have other members reach out to them -Play with them at least once -Have an Officer Contact them about interest in Training or Extra-Circular Community Groups ^ This is pretty self-explanatory. Doesn't mean it always happens. After 48 hours has passed, all of these things should be accomplished in a manner that is seamless. Squad Health can be determined by how often fellow members help you accomplish this without being asked. If you are finding it difficult to get Squad Mates to assist you in this endeavour, I would encourage you to reach out to your Officer Staff and Squad Leader to see what the issue is. Communication is important, and being in the loop helps us solve issues before they occur. One Week in KSI, a new member should have completed as much of the following as possible; -Attend one meeting and one Game Night -Should have met at least 10 members in your squad -Played with Squad Mates at least thrice -Be familiar with who the officer staff is and their ranks -Able to know the CoC -Name the Divisional Ranks -Posted an introduction on the Forums -Be ready for a promotion to Corporal ^ This may or may not happen. Life can get in the way. Members might also need more time to adjust and learn, and this is not a bad thing. Be mindful to try and understand new recruits enough to make a determination of their activity after one week and help them adjust to the level of involvement in the community they would prefer. That is the end of the recruitment guide. I hope that this answers as many questions about the basics as possible. I will be updating the guide as I can. This is the new standard for KSI Aries. Please feel free to add where I have not added sufficient data, and we can keep this as up to speed as possible. Link to the Itineray
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    The KSI Productions Team is popping, but it still needs help from you, the viewers! In the Productions Section on the forums viewers can find a request box where they are able to post whatever comes to mind, and the KSI Productions Team will strive to turn these simple requests into reality. The minds of our KSI membership are some of the most creative minds out there, and the KSI Productions Team would like to tap into some of that raw talent hidden within our membership. Want to see a GTA V montage? We can do that! Want to see a fails video? We can do that Too! Once a request is made and completed, the final video will be posted on our official KSI YouTube for all to see. So if anyone has an idea that they'd love to see in video form, place a request in the box today! Why should I fill out one of these requests? Have you ever gone on YouTube and watched a montage or funny fails videos and said to yourself. "Those are really cool; I would love to make my own? "If so, KSI Productions can help - all you need to do is fill out a request form. As a member of the Productions team, I and the rest of the team would be more then happy to sit in a party with the requester and discuss even more details, such as what all you want in the video or what music. How long would a request take to finish? The finish time on a request depends on what you request or how good you want it to look. You also have to think about the editors' real life and how busy are they with work, school, or sports. A good montage will take up to a week with a normal to busy schedule. Will my video be on YouTube? That is up to you. The Productions team would love to upload your video to the KSI YouTube. If you are worried the video might turn out badly, worry not since all of the Productions have some type of software that it will make it look good. If we upload your video it helps us grow out in the world on social media and puts your name out in the community of KSI. People will be like, "Wow he is really good and make some cool clips. I want to play with him." The Productions team is here to take insight and new ideas from the community. The request form is just one new idea implemented. If you have any comments or other new ideas, leave them in the comment section.
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    Sunday Evening Meeting Atlantis Squad Attendance KSI DeadlyKill KSI Darvorka KSI iTz MaTriX KSI Obsidian 7 boomshell69 Deadshotakaredx Eman476 KR NIGHTKILLER KSI Cain KSI Pickle Rick Notes; Talked about sitting at 89 members. Also spoke about splitting soon preferably the next few days. Also Discussed Getting More Activity As Well Via Game nights and Be More Active With One Another. Also Recruiting Activity Needs To Slightly Increase. So Officers and Well Trained Recruits Are Going To Teach Each Other on How To Properly Recruit. Promotions; KSI DeadlyKill 3LT to 1CPT KSI Darvorka 2LT to 3CPT KSI Obsidian 7 4LT to 2LT KSI Cain SSGT to 3LT
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    Agreed. It's not an "us vs. them." Old school and new school have much to teach and learn from each other. We're a team and putting forth a divide like this is just going to make things worse.
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    Lol, I can tell you that from my experiences is that 9/10 times they think that their past accomplishments mean that they should be given rank again even after years of being gone. KSI changes over time and the outer workings may be the the same, but in reality small changes make for the inner works to change and they should start back at the bottom to learn the new ways. Many of the old leaders I have had return under me do not want to do the "things below their paygrade" and do not recruit because since they were former whatever they believe they dont have to do that kind of work anymore. They are lazy the second time around and want to automatically have their old respect given to them with the snap of a finger and it doesnt work like that. Not that this is always the case but it usually is.
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    I wanted to be apart of something bigger. Make a difference to the community
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    Host: KSI Tylerb22 Date: 8/4/17 (7:30 central time) KSI Mjollnir B4ndeezee HAPPY ELF 00 KSI xWildfire KSI Ken KSI DemonTank
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    It's super expensive for a App to get made, we tried before and the lowest price we found was almost $2000. HOWEVER, there was someone that offered to make us one that landed in the price range of $600-$1000 but it literally would of been the same thing as hopping on google on your phone and going to the website, there wasn't anything special about it. We've tried the free app dev kits before for Android and Iphone and they didn't work very well with anything that was website based, especially forums specifically. We've had dozens of people claim they'd make one but they never do, and the free ones that have been made happened to be less user friendly then what it was to just go to the website in the traditional way. So yeah, it comes down to the money, that we don't have to fund the apps development. We have always been super open about it getting done because there's no doubt that it would help the members.
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    Cool haven't seen Gundam some time so many Gundam out now hard to keep track
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    A looks very cool for a banner
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    I only got to do one yesterday. The one I did was really good though!
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    I ban you because you're in Orion.
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    I loved another the story telling was amazing. I added a handful of Junji's books to my to read list hopefully after I get through Akame Ga Kill Zero I'll start reading his stuff.
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    @KSI Nagisa I hope you like it
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    Host: KSI Kodama Date: 09/25/17 (6 PM PST) Attendance: KSI Beardly KSI David135 KSI Mjollnir KSI Tylerb22 KSI KEN
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    Host: KSI Tylerb22 Date: 09/27/17 (7pm CENTRAL) Attendance: Ian Byrnes DefiniteSnipes KSI Mjollnir KSI Sinatra B4ndeezee
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    Hello Savage Sqaud, lets have a gamenight tonight? I will be hosting it (KSI Carrit Nipp). Anyone is allowed to attained not just Savage Sqaud. It is going to start at 8pm est. and last about an hour. I would like to see atleast 2 full teams but 1 is ok. Like I said it starts at 8pm est. Come join us and talk to some of the new recruits! Also get to know me too.! Have a great day if you dont join and stay safe! KSI Carrit Nipp Out.
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    I think that ZEUSWRATH's lecture was very imformative. I learned a lot about what it means to be a mentor. Also, ZEUS allowed us to give our own description of what a mentor is to us. So from that, I also learned from thos that attended the lecture. There was information and examples shared from all of us which made the lecture even more informative and valuable. Overall, I enjoyed attending ZEUS's lecture and will be attending one in the future.
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    I ban Boreas for not bringing this up sooner
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    Per the Admin Team, a new rank has been created titled "Director of Departments". The Director of Departments will be a go-between for the Admins and the Department Leads. The DoD will supervise all Web Departments and ensure they are operating at peak efficiency and do whatever needs to be done to make that happen. The DoD will take direction from the Admins and Chief Administrator in all activities and changes with the departments. The DoD will have authority over all departments with permission from the Admins. Any issues and complaints that Department Leads have, they should bring them to the attention of the DoD BEFORE going to the Admins. A defined rank description will be added to the Leadership tab in the coming days. KSI Nex Addo 7 will be the new Director of Departments, congratulate him if you have the chance. HR will remain a Department and will soon be recruiting a staff. KSI NEXUS 7 has been promoted to Human Resources Director. This Department will be responsible for conducting evaluations, assisting members, and supporting the Director of Departments with resources for identifying and correcting issues.
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    I ban nexus for having an award I don't.
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    KSI Rezurrect 7 HADES Super Sergeant
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    Added and done. Sorry for the delay.
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    Yes that would make it easier thank you. @Kered
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    Hello I'm ItzHysteriaX a.k.a KSI HysteriaX 7. I am a retired division leader of hellfire but still get weekly emails for the community. Good luck everyone and game on! Hellfire is the place to be!!!
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    Not being a smartass, and a lot of us are guilty of this, but this is a great example of how we can increase forums activity. I saw you post in discord on Tuesday about forum activity, which I responded there. However, you could have included a link to this topic for discussion which would have encouraged me and everyone else that responded to respond here. From discord: "I'm just going to say that it needs the entire community's effort. We need more interesting content to make people want to post and respond. I've seen a few times where 1 or 2 divisions tried to increase forum activity and then it dies off. I lost count how many times I've been to a meeting and heard "hey everyone, we need to increase forums activity." So then you get the bare minimum posts by a few and maybe a few good posts by others. Then eventually that attempt dies off completely because of goals/focus shifting to something else. Which, I get that certain priorities change, but if we had the entire community participating and if a division shifts focus, then the other divisions would be able to keep activity up." Here's what usually happens when you force posting activity. In the short-term, people will do the bare minimum which in return will not help activity in the long-run. People will post their favorite color, but that's not going to generate any type of interest from other members. I've taken online undergraduate level courses that had a discussion requirement: Post 1 well thought-out post about an assigned topic and then respond to 3 classmates that adds to their discussion. What did undergraduate level students post as responses? "Great job! I agree." They did the bare minimum of just replying to 3 classmates just to get it done quickly and out of the way. They most likely did not even bother to read the discussion at all. Just like in businesses, great "leaders" encourage rather than require/force. It's easy to say "everyone is required to post 3 times a week," but that's not being a leader. We completed a KSI survey where 161/2500 people answered. I could go ahead and point fingers and say that we only received 6% of our population back then because of a lack of support from upper leadership. But I'm not because I know 161 people responded because a few of us simply shared the link and what it was about and encouraged members to respond. Let me rephrase that, we were able to get 161 people to respond to a survey without involvement from upper leadership and without requiring it. The point being is that we can absolutely get results by working together and not always having to rely or blame upper leadership. However, of the 161 people, 79% were registered on the forums. 25% stated they visit the forums daily and another 25% said they visit the forums multiple times a day.... It's engaging them and getting them to want to post and respond (quality posts) that seems to be the tough part. So we should be getting people to think "hey, I should post this on the forums" much like how a lot of people are so eager to share something on facebook.
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    RD going to the top! We had a lot of promotions tonight so congrats to everyone promoted.
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    Gamertag: KSI Carrit Nipp Division: SR Squad: Savage Rank: PVT Discord: KSI Carrit Nipp #1915 1.) Do you fully understand and agree to the FTLA Guidelines, and the KSI Code of Conduct? Yes 2.) Do you fully understand that the FTLA will consist of multiple classes, benchmarks, and scenarios that may be very challenging? Yes 3.) Do you understand that there will be strict rules and guidelines regarding mandatory meetings and testing? Yes 4.) What are the reasons that you are applying for FTLA? I am new to KSI and would like to learn more. 5.) How long have you been associated with the KSI organization? 3days 6.) What is your current rank in KSI, and what division are you in? PVT and SR 7.) With your entire history with KSI have you ever been Blacklisted, and if so, why? (This does not keep you from taking the class.) Never 8.) Every person has their strengths about them. What do you believe are your personal strengths and attributes that you feel makes you a qualified candidate? Good listener, Can be a leader at times when needed, Fast learner. 9.) Every person also has certain attributes and qualities that they may like to improve. What qualities would you like to improve? Being a leader. I know i can i just have to try. 10.) Will you have access to a computer through the duration of the class? No just phone 11.) Who recommended you to take this course KSI Huckelberry7
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    Hello fellow KSI members! I just recently got in contact with KSI MONKEYY 7 and discussed future goals for KSI, and I am very excited to share the great news to all KSI members. Monkey and I examined many different goals that KSI needs to achieve. What's to come will bring entertainment back into KSI, by the means of Tournaments and events. Also, the Events Staff will be coming back better than ever. Ready KSI? Here we go. Firstly, I would like to provide the list of dates and what is planned for the rest of the month of September. Sep 10th: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare FFA Sep 17th: Minecraft Speed Build Sep 24th: Rainbow Six Siege 3vs3 The T&E staff wants to get the activity level back up to where it needs to be, and more entertainment flowing on a constant basis for you guys and girls to enjoy. What better way to do that then a good competition? On a side note, the T&E Staff are searching for individuals that would be interested in joining the T&E staff. Below this paragraph displays the jobs available in the T&E Department: Division Representatives: Help divisions have a smooth communication process. Game Representatives: In charge of helping make rules on games there assigned to. Therefore, if your ready for a little competition or you just want to help build your community, go to the events section, and there you'll be able to sign up for Tournaments or fill out an application to join the T&E staff. I hope this article was informative for all KSI members. Thank you KSI MONKEYY 7 for your time and allowing me to get an awesome interview. Hopefully, we get to do it again!
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    So you are a new General, you have minimal resources and have been tasked with building a squad for your division. You have no idea where to start, you've seen others do it...some have worked, others haven't. That anxiety is always present even when you think it's not, you really want to succeed but just don't know how. Well as a guy that's built numerous squads and divisions, I'm going to show you. FIRST things first...You want a clean slate to work on. So the Squad Tag/Club needs to be accurate and clean (active members only), the CMS has to match what you have on the tag exactly. Once this is done you know exactly what you have to work with. The next thing you do is create a line of communication with the active members in your squad. Message everyone on the tag making a presence as the General of the squad, letting them know that you are available and ready to get moving. Warning - Advice on a few topics I will repeat because of their importance of comprehension. Communication Communication is everything when building a squad, as is social engineering. Keeping an open line of communication makes it easier to motivate new and existing members as well as maintain morale through positive relations. So above all else, having that open line is the make or break of whether or not your squad succeeds or fails. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Activity Next step is you create a plan, by plan I mean that you focus on what you want the strengths to be in your squad. If you want to be a high activity squad...you focus not just on the game based activities but the social activities. The mistake many people make is they take game nights at face value and rely on them as the primary source of activity. Doing this wears your squad out on their designated game and takes the personal feel out of squad activity. (Example: Only going on dates at a movie theater. You aren't going to get to know someone while constantly distracted by a movie). Activities are actually primarily social, even a well populated party is considered activity. Party based games like Jeopardy, Weakest Link, Drinking Games etc...are all ideas of social activities, promote bonding and can be used as a training tool. The key to having fun in KSI isn't and shouldn't be solely based on the video games. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Training and Education Another plan could be to have an informed squad that can be resourceful to the other squads in the division. This requires training and ways to educate your members. Training workshops are considered Educational and not a primary source of in squad training...so DO NOT rely on them solely to inform your members. Core training is done per rank (with every promotion) to inform the member or officer of the roles designated for that rank, along with the basic functions of KSI again (The basics should be taught at every promotion, the art of repetition makes it easier of members to retain information, like shooting a basketball...the more you shoot, the better you get at it). Training doesn't necessarily need to be a structured thing, simply discussing the squad and KSI openly with members is an easy way to inform your base. Every officer and member can achieve that, by actively communicating in the squad. The Standard Operating Procedure on the website is a useful guide in what all members should be aware of through training. It's not an instructional manual as much as procedures that you should be aware of if trained correctly. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Building Recruiting is a natural and necessary part of a squad. The key is consistency, The age old argument of "Quality over Quantity" is also incorrect, Quality creates Quantity. If a squad consistently grows and balances that building with training...you will achieve both quality with quantity. "Discrediting recruiting for the sake of training, is an excuse for laziness." That is a quote I was told early in my KSI career, and it's correct. Slow building ends in the same result as hyper building, failure. Slow building creates complacency, yes members may be further trained in that format but will have no one to train and no movement to practice the skill set on. Members will bore of their games and lack of variety in social options, once a member becomes dormant...it's done. Complacency is the killer of all squads and cannot be undone unless done from scratch. Hyper building lacks substance, creating a massive base of uninformed and poorly managed members, though motivation will not be a factor...bad habits developed by poor training will be a hard rebound as well. The key is BALANCE You need to identify who is strong at training and who is strong at recruiting in your squad. Everything goes back into communication, if every member that joins the squad is communicated with and brought into the fold you will discover who excels in different areas through the training they receive. The goal is to take the active builders in the squad and pair them with the active trainers, ensuring that every member is introduced to squad life properly, and is taken note of so they incorporate themselves into the squad socially. Squad building is a team effort with every new member that joins your squad being there to help contribute to the team. With that team mindset in your squad, recruiting is no longer a carried task by the few...but a group exercise for the many. The ideal format is 25 people going out and recruiting 1 person a piece per 7 days, as opposed to 3-4 people recruiting 25 in 4-5 days. Communication, Organization, Communication and a positive environment create that ideal situation. Create a bigger picture for your members, KSI is not just a place to game because that would make us no different than any LFG or Club you can join without a squad format. KSI is pride, in what you do, what you build and who you accomplish it with. It is no different than any major organization in our market, Faze, Optic etc. are brands that were built by EVERYONE involved contributing to it's success and grind. It takes the entire squad contributing to see a successful squad survive even after you move up post split. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Roles EVERYONE IN THE SQUAD HAS A ROLE. Even the privates, their role is to participate with the squad (i,e. - Game Nights, Social Activities, Bonding) they are new members of KSI exploring a new world of possibilities they aren't aware of unless taught. Every new member could be the next version of yourself, make sure you stress the importance in them not being neglected. Teaching them to be aware of their possibilities is how name changes come into play, how officers are developed. Generals - Develop the schedule, and ensure that all areas are playing their part to make the squad succeed. That officers are communicating with members (not just their 5-6 friends daily in a locked party). Leaders appear online, we don't have the luxury to hide offline because people count on us to be available. Leaders are only in locked parties to resolve issues, or discuss the plan. Leaders talk to their members, because we want KSI to build as much as the people actively building it with us. Major - Is the General's shadow. Is the wingman that makes sure everything on the General's plate is being fulfilled, simply because they are going to be the next General and need to be sure to know what a General does and the efficiency of getting those tasks done. That includes keeping note of the meetings and weekly goals. Captains - Oversee the training and development of the squad, No they do not only train...they participate, they host game nights as well, they hop in recruiting parties and assist in building, they make sure the Lieutenants are communicating with lower ranking members and they communicate as well. One week they may host a training workshop, or an Orientation, the next week they may be heading a recruiting party. Variety is what keeps officers from getting bored. Lieutenants - Ensure that everyone that comes into the squad is recruited correctly. It's never bad to have too many eyes making sure things are correct. That recruits are background checked (to ensure no blacklisted communities are involved), Bio/Location is correct, Squad tag added. Running my training plan, that double ensures that things are correct. Lieutenants host game nights, they participate in running training workshops with Gen/Major/Captain. Their most important role is to communicate with the SGT's and mentor them to eventually succeed you (which you want, because then you move up). Training isn't just formal, it can be in basic conversation, the squad will be a normal topic in conversation...that teaches people as well. Sergeants...and this is highly debated, have a role and it is NOT just to play the video game. Changing your name is much more than free advertisement, it is a commitment to the squad, the division, to KSI. They were communicated with properly and enjoyed their experience enough to signify they want to be here long term. I like to look at the Sergeant rank as the most vital educational rank, this where they will be in a position to learn the most from squad experience. Do not neglect that for the basic function of our community. Make it a point to educate Sergeants whether it be casual squad discussion in random parties, or extra educational opportunities (Workshops, FTLA). Make sure they are socially involved with new members to give them the same experience that drove them to change their name. That is their primary role, to encourage and involve new members with a goal of them making same commitment to KSI they did. The rest is observation and learning, why we recruit and train, why we have meetings...how meetings work, help them understand our language and they will decide for themselves what makes them passionate about being a KSI member. I'll repeat this for importance sake. Officer ranks are a position of trust and progression...not a work based production line. As an officer you are the example of what Privates and Sergeants want to become in the squad environment. You are active in communicating with members and making sure Sergeants are functioning and developing within the squad. You host game nights, you host social activities, you lead parties...you create the environment as an officer. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scheduling and Organization I am known for having squads create set schedules. Like anything else in life, a set schedule makes it easy to navigate through your normal life. Imagine needing to go to a specific store, and that store is open and closed several times throughout the week and it is never at the same time...how will you know when it's open? How can you fit visiting that store in with the rest of your day? You can't and it's likely that store won't stay in business long. So I like to run a schedule on a 5 day format just to give you an idea. Monday - Gamenight Tuesday - Additional Training Workshop Wednesday - Meeting Thursday - Training/Recruitment parties Friday - Game Night Sat/Sun - Free Days (Party up with squadmates, get games in, have social activities in progress. If you are motivated to recruit, grab a few people and start a recruitment party.) Okay so to break down why I set things up like this... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gamenights - Are coordinated and ran by Officers, it keeps them involved with SGT/CPL/PVT. Every game night alternates to a new LT or CPT so everyone gets the experience of hosting one. It gives officers something active to do, that's fun and socially engaging towards members. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Training Workshops - Are an optional resource for more knowledge. Whether low or high attendance, don't be discouraged...core training is something that happens everyday in various ways. Don't bank on workshops to do it all for you, I use workshops like a Q&A to almost tutor members having a rough time in certain areas. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Meetings - Meetings the forecast of what needs work and what is doing great that week. Don't just use it for expectations, but for acknowledgement of a job well done. You go over the weekly schedule and see how efficiently it was followed. Make goals for recruitment that week (quota scare people off, set a healthy number that you expect the squad to achieve...not just specific ranks, remember Teamwork.) If a SGT wishes to attend the meeting, that's awesome and part of learning how to become an officer. Make sure to introduce any new additions to the meeting and answer any questions to help clarify to those members exactly why we have meetings. Get to business first, get all of the necessary details out of the way without distractions...then hop on a game or joke around in the party and have fun with the officers/SGT's in the meeting to show that even our meetings aren't all business. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recruitment Parties - This is one of the most important functions of a squad. NEVER RECRUIT ALONE. The object of building a squad is to have the majority of members participating in that build. I like going with 2 others when I recruit, 2 of us go into different lobbies and play a game, send out our messages...then invite to the party. One of us asks the necessary questions, the other reads the CoC, and the third is like having a character witness that highlights anything you may have missed. By doing this, you are now doubling the outgoing recruitment messages, cutting the recruitment time in half and having a wingman to cover any details missed. The roles switch off with every new recruit so everyone gets an opportunity to read the CoC or get used to the questions we ask. This prevents burn out, because 3 people doing the job of one is a lot less stressful and produces far more results leaving more time for casual bonding/gaming. When you write out a recruitment message, keep it vague. You don't want to send someone a novel, and you don't want to make any false promises. Mine for example is: "Would you be interested in joining a gaming community?", Simple leads to more curiosity, and the any positive response or intuitive response warrants a party invite. When you are explaining KSI to a new recruit, be realistic and think of what you would hope a new member could become for you. Basically stating, if you want someone that simply wants to game, lead with the gaming. If you want proactive recruits that aren't going to be surprised when you have team based expectations...lead with "You are going to meet a lot of new people, game with a lot of new people, and learn a lot of new things that will help you work as a team to make KSI a better place." So when you try to train them, or ask them to participate in the build...they are prepared and won't be thrown off or feel like they were sold the wrong product. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Okay so the reason I only run two scheduled game nights at each side of the week is...it coincides with the training plan. How it works is... New Member is recruited. Within the first 72 hours, I like to compile all recruits and bring them into a party together with 2 Officers leading or myself and another officer. I call this "Orientation" You start by having everyone in the party add each other (icebreaker, now they have multiple squad members added.) Then you check their bios/location to double check if their info is correct and they are following the squad tag/club Then you get into the basic information that can enlighten a new member, What a squad is, what a division is, what ranks are (how the chain of command works) and very brief descriptions of what they do (no novels). Tell them who runs the community (BigBT and Game). Fill them in on the schedule so they have verbal confirmation of knowing exactly when things are scheduled. Let them know that we do recruit and train (again no novels, common sense we want to give members more social options, hence why they were recruited.) Ask them their names, ask them when they started gaming, have the group get to know each other a bit. Tell them why you enjoy KSI, and what keeps you here (trust me, it opens their minds) Then promote them to Corporal and end the orientation. (That promotion will prompt most to ask how to get to the next rank, which opens the door for a name change.) Notice how I do this every 72 hours? The way the gamenights are setup in my schedule it allows me to follow that orientation with a gamenight the very next day so the new recruit is like..(Wow they were informative, and now we're in an activity.) The benefit to running this plan is it leaves very new privates on your CMS, so the Private rank then becomes a filter for you to see who is new or who was not responded (fluff). The key is at every promotion, train that person with a highlight on the basics, and the roles of the rank they are entering. So every single rank they see, they are reminded of the basic function of the squad. So by the time they reach General, they have heard the basics 6 times now so it's concrete in their mind of exactly how a squad needs to function. Again, this makes training workshops an extra luxury, not primary training. (Think it's going to take a lot more than 1 at bat to learn how to hit a baseball. Repetition.) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The importance is roles and how they work, notice in all of my format...there is social interaction? The key to building friendships is getting to know the people on your team, get to know what they enjoy and what they are strong at. Gaming is only one aspect of bonding, but is not what builds squads...it helps maintain them. How your roles work is dependent on your schedule, every officer in the squad should experience each part of the schedule meaning they never do the same thing each week. The key is creating a Big Brother/Sister effect with your officers towards the lower ranking members. They need to be in constant communication with SGT's/CPL's and new members, that is how they mentor these people and mentorship in any form earns respect. An officer is a trusted individual that has the respect of the squad not just because of their rank, because they are actively being an example of what being in a squad is about. So yes as an officer you maintain order, but you also maintain respect. Leaders are respected, Bosses are temporarily followed until a new boss comes around. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Most importantly, have fun in this process. Building a squad can be a lot of fun with the social avenues it exercises. Bonding with people and making activities like recruiting fun can change the entire work ethic of members. (We used to compete in Recruitment parties for recruit totals). We'd turn parties into Jeopardy games, Weakest Link, there is an endless supply of social ideas to make a basic party as fun as a gamenight. You want to bank on those social avenues, because banking primarily on the game gets boring after a while and if your primary objective is building a squad on that game...you don't want people burning out on it. Treat building a squad like putting a puzzle together, or building a float for a parade. People have fun doing those things and they can be mentally strenuous, but they are fun because we complete them TOGETHER.
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    Hey guys and gals so many of you have been asking for some easy recruiting notes, so this is for you! Keep in mind this is to serve as a guide and not to be read directly to the recruit. We want this to be as quick and fun as possible for them! So with that said, let's get started! Ways to recruit: 1) Facebook - Join Facebook groups by searching key words such as Xbox One, Black ops 3, Advanced Warfare, Halo 5 and scrolling over to the groups tab. There are constantly members looking for people to play with or a clan to join and this is a great opportunity for a recruit. Take a look and make sure they meet our age requirements and if so, extend them an invitation to game with us! 2) Personal friends or players you've met in game. Build a friendship with them first and don't rush trying to recruit but when the time is right.. invite them to play with your squad and if they're a right fit, you'll both know it. 3) Search forums for your game on Google and like facebook, there are always people looking for others to play with. 4) Smartglass is an essential tool. Smartglass allows us to scroll through our recent players list, select a player, and paste a generic message. you must still select 1 person at a time, but instead of writing out a message you are able to paste. To back out of a persons profile and then select another on smartglass takes seconds, where as on the xbox it can take up to a minute or two per message. So with that said, send out a friendly message to your recent players list something simple and effective: "Hey there, would you like to join an organized community with over 1500 members? We're looking for mature members playing ( your squads game here ) Ages:16+ and must have a mic" You will generally recieve a message to the degree of "okay/yeah/sure" upon getting a message from a possible recruit, do NOT make them wait. Take some time to sit down with the member and inform them of what KSI is all about. Leaving a member to wait will almost always result in them feeling un-needed and they will continue on with their evening. Now the tricky part Personally, I like to go through the 5W's Who, what, when, where, why Who? We are KSI, KSI means Knowledge, Strength and Integrity. These are 3 Qualities that we seek out in our members What? KSI Is an online gaming community, based on activity, involvement and gaming with friends, not based on skill as a Clan generally would. When? KSI was created in 2002 on the PC and branched into console gaming on the original xbox Where? KSI is activly involved in all the latest games on the latest platforms Why? We do this to have an active friendslist, bring gamers together and make some new friends. Be sure to inform the recruit that we do have rules, very straight forward rules (briefly go over the Code of conduct and keep it light) 1. No bullying, harassment, multiclanning, etc 2. Open door policy, come to us with ANY concerns so we can make there experience in KSI the best it can be! 3. Chain of command, don't go to high up for simple matters that an officer can handle. 4. Leave no man behind policy 5. Inform the recruit that we have a ranking structure to keep the community organized and go through the basic squad ranks (up to gen) 6. ADD SQUADTAG!!! Explain what it is. 7. Inform the recruit that changing their GT is not required unless they are wanting to become an officer but it is highly encouraged. 8. Explain to the recruit that we have Divisions that keep the squads organized and what their squad and division are called. 9. Change their location to represent the: Community / Squad / Division / Rank. Ensure that the member has added a couple of officers from the squad in order to keep them active (SGT-CPT) inform the member of our forums, assist them in the sign up process if needed. Provide them with the upcoming gamenight to come out for some fun Keep the recruit active, invite them to partys/games and game out. A member who feels like they've made friends within the squad is more likely to change their gamertag, represent our community positively and speak highly of your squad (Gamenights, forums ALL THE FUN THINGS WE DO!!) AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! NOW LET'S GET OUT THERE AND SHOW THE PUBLIC WHAT WE'RE ALL ABOUT AND MAKE THIS DIVISION GROW! Much credit to KSI DeCePtIoNx7 <3<3<3
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