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    Greetings members of KSI. As you can see from the title, the Forums Staff of KSI needs your help. If you're an active member of the forums, you may have noticed the reputation system. It's pretty simple to explain, so I'll be brief. Basically, every member on the forums has "Reputation Points", a member loses or gains reputation points when members either like or dislike something they posted. You can like or dislike any content posted on the forums. As a member gains or loses reputation points, they gain what's called a "Reputation Title". If you were to go to my profile here on the forums and look under my profile picture you would see my reputation title, which is "Role Model." There are various titles and they change the more reputation points a member gains or loses. As I said before it is a pretty basic system. KSI has had the same reputation titles since the system was first established. This is where you, the members of KSI come in. KSI is looking to revamp our reputation system's titles and you can help us with that. In this topic I would like you guys to post possible Reputation Title names. Obviously, there are a couple of rules. First of all any proposed reputation title cannot break the KSI Code of Conduct or the KSI Forum Rules. Secondly they have to at least make some sense. Lastly keep in mind the more reputation you have the cooler the rep title should be. A quick example would be: 10 points "Casual Poster", 20 points "Da Real MVP", 30 points "Forum Ruler", 40 points "Brad Pitt", etc. Please feel free to be as creative and as funny as possible. All titles will be considered and evaluated. Anyone is free to post here including but not limited to: Admins, Moderators, Department Heads and Staff, and Clan Ops members. If you're a member of KSI, you have a say in this. Feel free to let your Division members in on this so we can come up with the best and most unique names possible. By the end this could be a pretty fun experiment. I'll leave this topic open for a while, at least a couple of weeks. Every time a Reputation Title is approved, I'll quote it in a post so you guys know whats already been chosen. Also feel free to attach the amount of reputation points to reach your title. Once the topic is closed I will post a completed list of the Reputation Titles with a few secret titles added in that you'll have to find out by achieving that level. That last sentence brings me to my last point. Please don't abuse the rep system, but also don't feel shy about using it. It's a great tool to convey your thoughts on the subject currently being discussed in whatever topic you're in. Try and get in the habit of doing it and it'll become second nature. Reason I say that is positive re-enforcement goes a long way, in this case in the form of voted up content. That's all I got for now. Hopefully you guys fun with this, I'm expecting a lot of laughs to come from this topic. Don't disappoint Sincerely, Kered Chief Administrator of the KSI Global Gaming Network.
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    Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. These are the traits and qualities we look for in our members, to develop them further, and to construct a community together. It is about more than just gaming. For nearly 15 years, we have aimed to build upon life skills, technical abilities, and lifelong friendships. Leadership is important, but even more than that, KSI is about teamwork. Conflict resolution, understanding different ideals and motivations, and setting aside differences for a common goal are all essential to the efforts we put forth to build our squads, divisions, and departments. Members develop incredible team-building and leadership abilities through the efforts they put into making KSI the long-lasting community it has become. There are several opportunities for members to learn new technical skills as well. KSI offers the chance to take part in our various web operations departments to learn journalism, graphic design, video editing, and more. Members voluntarily dedicate their time to learning these skills and teaching others to better their abilities and explore their options. These chances to try something new and master a skill have resulted in revealing new hobbies and even career paths for KSI members. We strive to uphold a work hard, play hard mentality. When building with other people, seeing the resulting efforts being a creation previously undreamt of, strong bonds are formed between people. These ties become friendships that can last for decades, as many KSI members can attest to. The community becomes something guaranteed that people can fall back on and know that they have the support of someone, whether that member is in the next town over or across the ocean. KSI is, and always will be, a community by gamers, for gamers.
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    Xbox One: Halo Titles to Receive Backwards Compatibility Update Halo Waypoint reports that all of our beloved Halo Franchise titles above will be receiving backwards compatibility coming soon on Xbox One. The Backwards Compatibility update will include Campaign, Multiple and even LAN access. That also includes LAN access between Xbox 360 and Xbox One! To make this awesome deal even better, once these games are released in the backwards compatibility update, All of the Multiplayer Map Packs on the Xbox Store will be made available for FREE. That's right, Free. There isn't an update yet on when these games will hit the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list, but rest assured that once they do, it will likely include many weekend throwback game nights. All images property of their respectful owners.
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    Call of Duty WWII: the Revival or the Destruction? By: KSI Biddulph 7 Throughout the last decade, many gamers agree on one thing in particular; Call of Duty is going down hill and at a rapid pace. Will returning to the roots of Call of Duty be the solution for the gaming franchise needs? Many veteran Call of Duty gamers are rejoicing and for good reason. Call of Duty WWII may be the solution to reviving the long-standing Call of Duty franchise and bringing the franchise back to its former glory. The most recent installments in the Call of Duty franchise always gave gamers a new gaming experience, but the games themselves never innovated upon themselves. Gamers always received the same thing in each title; a decent Campaign, wall running and double jumping in multiplayer, typical zombies, and a pay to play attitude. Now, ever since the announcement at E3, the series is set to see many new significant changes, overhauls, and innovations. Campaign The campaign in Call of Duty WWII is obviously set in World War II, the second great war that the world saw. The main character in this action packed story is Private Red Daniels, a teenager that is thrown into the US 1st Infantry Division and made to live the horrific events that occurred in Europe during WWII. Based off the trailer released at E3, the story seems to start at Operation Overlord (also known as D-Day), a major and significant battle that occurred on June 6, 1944, that saw allied forces land on beaches along a heavily fortified Normandy coastline. Even though the Call of Duty games are not known for their campaigns, gamers might notice a difference in this particular campaign due to the nature of WWII. Since the campaign's trailer was released, many gamers have noticed that it seems like the campaign is based on companionship and brotherhood. Expect to see heartfelt, tear jerking, and shivers down your spine moments in this story. Also, Activision has promised that Call of Duty WWII’s campaign will revisit “"iconic World War II battles" throughout its story, from the anarchic events of D-Day at Normandy to the long and brutal battles at Hürtgen Forest.” Multiplayer Multiplayer is one of the most important features in a Call of Duty game due to the mass number of gamers who play it. Over the last few titles released, many gamers have been in disagreement with the direction that multiplayer has been going in. Therefore, Activision has decided to do a complete turnaround, and make many new implementations on the core foundation of Call of Duty’s multiplayer. One of the newest innovations is being called “War Mode,” which “brings a gripping new layer of excitement to Axis vs Allies team play." Essentially, it adds context to conflicts. Another change in Call of Duty WWII is the change in the “create a class” system, which is now titled the new “Division system.” It changes the way load-outs work, with the removal of “finely tweaking your own personal loadout” and adds pre-made divisions (classes). There are an expected five divisions to be available during launch, and every division bringing their own personal play style to the field. The 5 divisions are: Infantry is a traditional front-lines soldier, packing a semi-automatic rifle and self-loading pistol. Expeditionary is an aggressive scout class, best suited for when situations get up close and personal. Airborne soldiers gain access to a submachine gun with an optional suppressor, allowing for a more strategic and tactical angle to gameplay. Armored is a tank class, with heavy weapons, heavy armor, and unrivaled power. Mountain is the long-range class of Call of Duty. Alongside the new gameplay options, Call of Duty WWII will also have a new “social space,” providing a central hub for multiplayer. It allows players to customize, interact with other gamers, and other soon to be announced features. It is similar to the way Destiny’s multiplayer is configured. Zombies Call of Duty WWII will also feature the return of Nazi Zombies, one of the most beloved game modes in Call of Duty. Not much has been released on the game mode, but from the reveal trailer itself, it looks more terrifying than previous installments. Call of Duty WWII is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 3rd, 2017. You can pre-order both physical and digital copies of the game currently, with three different pre-order options. The Standard Edition, Pro Edition, and the Digital Deluxe Edition. Those who pre-order Call of Duty WWII will also be able to participate in the private beta on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Links to Call of Duty WWII videos: Call of Duty WWII - Worldwide Campaign Reveal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzBhfY6tdWo Call of Duty: WW2 MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY (Credit to Ali-A) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udEGHowT16Q Official Call of Duty®: WWII Nazi Zombies Reveal Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSYUQDRTQ6s
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    Hey, it's me, that Scottish guy that everyone hates and calls alien. I may not have a huge history like some others on here; splitting squads, splitting divisions, reaching high ranks, and being awesome. However, I have been here for about a year and a half now, been in different places, and to be honest, I'm starting to forget most of the details. So here I am, writing it all down so it's not lost. Warning: I have forgotten ALOT of details of specific times. I will instead just use general references to when things happened. ==================== My original GT when I was 15 in 2016 was Killer3529, it sucks but oh well. I was a big Destiny player, always playing with random players and some people I knew. I was playing a raid with someone who had a GT like KSI DarthVader or DarthMaul or something similiar, Kings Fall raid to be specific. He started telling me about KSI, so i searched it up and found the site. From what I remember he was actually in . org so I guess I'm lucky this site came up first on the search. I read pretty much everything around the site I could like CoC, Rank Structure, How to Join, etc. I realised I had to be 16 (luckily my birthday was in two weeks). So when my birthday came - January 26th - I made an application on the forums to join a 360 Destiny squad. At this point I remember divisions like HF, RD, KB, and I'm not sure who else, being around. Most divisions still had a 360 squad lying around. Afterer a VERY long application process, KSI *I'll put the name when i remember it* contacted me. He didn't tell me anything except that he was in Atlas KB and that we was putting me in Fallen KB or Vandal KB (not sure which name was used for the squad first). So he made me put the whole recruited by thing then put me in a Kik chat with my General and squad and that was it... The squad was very inactive, with like 10-20 people. The General KSI NoShanna was a transgender who hardly every spoke to anyone or got involved with the squad... Not very relevant, but some may remember KSI Winter Fox, the first of the god damn Fox's lol. He was a Co-Fo in KB at the time. So with being told nothing in recruitment and being involved with no one, I went back to the one thing I knew: the website. Somewhere in the first few days of me being recruited I changed my GT to KSI Chaoticz. There was no reason at all behind it really. I searched for cool GT ideas and was thinking of things like KSI Chaos, KSI StormZ, and then thought of Chaoticz. It stuck So I dig around the website and looked at different teams, I saw the news team. When I was younger I had always told people my dream-job was to be an author. I gave up that dream at like 14 lol. But I saw what people were doing in the team and was interested so I applied. Thus, I met my first friend and eventual best-friend in this community. @Anatomy <3 After the application process I was accepted as a writer or trial writer, I can't remember. I do however remember being a huge suck-up in the app topic. Anatomy will vouch for this. So Anatomy for with me on Kik and we started talking. He introduced me to the News Team chat and to second friend in KSI. @Nex Addo. KSI BlazzZzze was also in the team at the time, but this is when he pretty much started to go inactive and be busy. Now here is a funny story that doesn't have too much relevance. I though Anatomy was a female. The way he spoke in private chats, his weird anime profile pic, and just the way he worked. Me being a 16-year old boy, was obviously excited about talking to "her" lol. Then one day in a Kik pm Anatomy says "Hey, wanna know a secret ;)?" and then he says BOOM and posts a picture of himself with his beard and glasses. I was like "WTF HOW". But yeah, we laughed about it and became better friends. Around about this time AAP also opened up applications and I was accepted. I've now been a member of AAP for a year and a half. I believe KSI Space Ops 7 was in charge of the team at the time. So back over to Clan Ops. Somewhere around February/March KSI Grey Wolf, Senior Director at the time, made a decision to pull every 360 squad from around the community and put them into the one division: Khronic Smokers. Squad names were things like Kush, Dab, Ghosttrain, and luckily my squad was simply Wolves. This is to date the most stupid division name I have ever heard, besides maybe Rainbow Ponies (RP). So anyway, the division leader was KSI Popcorn, aka the most useless Div Leader to ever exist. My General was KSIGodslove13 who is at the time of writing this still in KSI in another division. Around this time is where I started to actually get involved in Clan Ops. I had before this not known or done anything. So I went back to the place I taught myself everything from and found a forums post about recruiting. I brought in my first few recruits into KSI. Before I had started doing this, my squad consisted of two people.... When I got into the swing of things I managed to revive and rebuild this squad. Some of my first recruits i remember, KSI NovaX, KSI ZokSonaan, KSI DarthVader, MicrobicAxe, KSI Agora (blacklisted). So after a while of the dumb af KS div name, one of my recruits said that she was hurt by the name and didn't want to be associated with a community that calls their divisions things like Khronic Smokers and she left. I took this up to leadership and they eventually changes the name to Wolf Den. Alaska Wolf led by KSI rave nite was a BO2 squad, Cascade Wolf led by KSI RickJamesV2 was BO2/BO3, and then my squad previously known as Wolves KS was changed to Bernard Wolf WD led by KSIGodslove13 as Gen. Somewhere just before the summer, @.Koda joined our division as a Founder. I've heard what people say about Koda and I don't care, he was a good person to fill the shoes of what we needed in WD. I'd like to also say he was my first real Mentor and person I respected within Clan Ops. I feel me and Koda had a fairly good bond, we worked well together throughout the whole of the time WD was around. Somewhere down the line i convinced KSI God's love that he was not fit for the role of General, and we switched positions, me as GEN and him as MAJ. This is where I started to build myself as a leader. I started teaching my guys how to recruit how to train and how to build, we were heading in a positive direction. In summer 2016 we changed the name to Desert Wolf. I can honestly say that the first thing i ever felt proud of was this squad. Up until now the squad was kinda sucking and moving slowly. After the name change we has 2 CPTs and about 3 LTs and were really moving in a positive direction. Before the name change, we as a team to godslove that he needed to take time off KSI and retire. He was going through a real tough time personally and we assured him that he would be back, which he now is. July/August 2017 is where it started going downhill.... Every year I go on a two-week long camp with the Army Cadets during the summer and this year was the same. I put my trusted friend and CPT KSI DarthVader in charge of my squad for the small two weeks I'd be gone.... I came back to half my squad gone, Darth had literally just left KSI after being extremely rude to KSI Koda 7 and the rest of our leadership.... S**t was not good. We made a united decision to merge all of the remaining people in Desert Wolf into Alaska Wolf. I was pretty upset this had to be done, as mentioned before Desert Wolf was my pride... But anyway, we merged into Alaska Wolf with rave nite as GEN and me as LT. Eventually down the line she moved up to Co-Fo and me to GEN. So I got to know little the people in Alaska Wolf and we eventually made the squad pretty damn awesome. I met @KSI Binary who was a good friend of mine and a trusted officer. I also met KSI Norse Hunter who was an awesome guy. So between about August and November we lost all contact with KSI Popcorn our Division Leader so long sorry short we got rid of him. He was pretty damn useless anyway and this gave Koda the freedom to push WD forward without useless obstructions like Popcorn and Grey Wolf in the way. So fast forward all the way to December 2016. All that happened until then was we kept the squad stable and kept working as hard as we could. Other than that, rave nite had stepped down from Co-Founder to SGT but I eventually belonged her back up to my MAJ. So Koda got thinking, WD was all 360 and 360 would eventually die off but we didn't want WD to die off. So we made a plan for just after New Year's to make a new Xbox One squad and bring over all our members who own the console. And this Beowulf WD was born. This was another one of my most prided things in KSI. This was the first squad I had actually created from scratch and it was a really big step for WD heading in a positive direction. Beowulf began to build and build for the month of January. In early February I was promoted to CO-FOUNDER over all squads in WD while rave nite took over Beowulf as GEN. I was pretty excited, I was gonna be able to work with Koda and help make the rest of the division awesome. So Beowulf was a hybrid squad of Destiny and BF1 but we needed officers for BF1. So I approached KSI HysteriaX 7 Division Leader of HF at the time and we spoke about him lending a hand to WDs BF1 side. Instead we made a different plan. I approached Koda with the idea of merging WD into HF. It would give the members of WD the feeling of being apart of a strong stable division. Everyone was in board, the final step was to get the opinions of WDs members. And here starts the beginning of my biggest regret in KSI... So rave nite got wind of the merge idea and was completely against it for the sole reason she didn't like HFs leadership and security. She screwed up the whole plan and the merge didn't go forward. Me and rave nite had been working together for almost a year now, and we both can still admit it: we don't like each other, we can't work together, and were not a good team. So after a series of events that went down between me and rave nite I finally made my worst decision ever. I told Koda that I cannot deal with rave nite for any longer and that she was toxic to me.... I wanted a division transfer. He tried to convince me otherwise but eventually allowed it, I was scare he would be annoyed but he seemed alright with it at the time. At the later date we spoke about how pissed he was about the decision To this day, it honestly is my worst decision. Because when I transferred, WD lasted only a few weeks before it was shut down. All that hard work, all those bonds, the progression we were making in our Xbox one side, all ruined because I made a stupid decision. Any former WD members reading this, I am sorry.... It is a regret I'll simply need to live with. Anyway, ingot with @KSI HysteriaX 7 about where he wanted me in HF. He told me that he'd place me in his BF1 squad Eternal. He told a sort of white lie and told me that the squad was "struggling" and needed someone with my ability to help it stabilise. When I took over this squad there was a General, zero Officers, and the whole squad was fluff, 87 to be exact.... So I made some changes. I recruited up to about 40 people in the first month or two here and we pretty much got rid of all the the fluff including the useless General. The squad has been moving up and up ever since and we are getting closer and closer to a squad split. So that's my Clan Ops history! Lemme talk about my Web Ops history now. I'm gonna try condense this as much as possible into bullet points of events. -March/April 2016, KSI Anatomy 7 hands me the reigns as News Team Manager -March/April 2016 I joined Graphics as a trial artist (I was terrible) -May 2016 was an amazing month for News. We had an article posted every single day of the month with some days having double postings. At the start of the month I tripled the team from about 3 to 12 members. -June 2016 I was removed from News Manager position and for salty and left all Web Ops except AAP. -October 2016 I rejoined News Team. -November 2016 I was appointed News Team Manager again. -February 2017, stepped down from News Team to focus on my new Clan Ops journey in HF -April 2017, rejoined News team -June 2017, left News Team That is all for now, I'm pretty up-to-date, I'll add more here in a few months time when more things have changed. If anyone feels I've forgotten anything anywhere, which I probably have then lemme know.
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    This award is one of the very few which are given only at the discretion of senior leadership of KSI to those who have provided an incredible long-lasting contribution to the community. It is a coveted award, not handed out by self-nomination or even by nomination from other members. Today we have the pleasure of announcing a new recipient of this classic award. KSI Mr Miagi first joined KSI in Empire RD in November 2015. He rejoined into Darkness TR September 2016 and was a key part of building the first Destiny squad to execute a successful split. Not long after, it was mentioned that the Clan Management System admins could use help with coding, and Mr Miagi volunteered for the extra responsibility. Within six months, he redesigned the somewhat broken CMS, fixing and improving on features with assistance from KSI DoubleOh 7 and input from other community leaders. His efforts resulted in the launch of the new CMS in June of 2017, and the difference has already been recognizable. Squads are better accounted for, displays are simpler to see at a glance, and administration functions have improved significantly. For this selfless volunteered dedication, senior leadership has seen fit to award KSI Mr Miagi with the Outstanding Service award. Congratulations @KSI Mr Miagi!
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    This topic is for SR members to be able to be noticed inside the division. If you are in this Division please reply answering the following: Gamertag: Squad: Rank:
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    We never delete anything off of the site so even squad chats from divisions that people have all but forgotten about are still archived on the forums (granted it is not public to everyone, but they are still here). I do agree with the idea of creating 1 single subforum though for Meeting Notes to help organize the division sections. It would amount to, right now, 4 new sections instead of 30+.
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    This the post of the day xD I have been saying this for a while now. When people search for KSI online they wont be linked to our Discord chats, they will be linked to the forums. If we are only on Discord and abandon the forums we look dead to the outside community. We can avoid this though by keeping our forums active and healthy
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    I recently was informed about the awesomeness that is xboxdvr.com which now makes my life so much easier for social media updates! So, this topic is to sign up to be a contributor to what we post on KSI's IG, Twitter, and Facebook. (YouTube is handled by the Productions team) What does this mean? By adding your name to this list, you are giving KSI permission to access and post your clips and screenshots. This is to highlight the awesome things members are doing without having to constantly bug people to send stuff to us. You will be given 100% credit and your division will be given some publicity, plus it helps increase traffic on our pages. Win-win! So, if this is something you are interested in, leave your gamertag below. Add in your IG and Twitter usernames too if you'd like to be tagged when we use your stuff.
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    I don't think I've argued a point with you. The only individual arguing is yourself. I've provided logical responses to ideas you are suggesting that have been suggested and even implemented before. The web ops guys before me and the guys before them have tried giving more forums to you. Guess what. They weren't used or were used ineffectively. Therefore, yes. Your request is denied. You will not get more until you use what you have right now (which you're not). I was trying to be nice about it but you weren't getting that so I'll be blunt. The answer is no. Now, in regards to the "clan ops doesn't need Web ops, web ops needs clan ops" statement... You're aware that the vast majority of web ops personnel are, in fact, involved in clan ops in some way, shape, or form, right? So that makes no sense, really, because we are in fact, one. Minus a few of us that have retired from the clan ops side, the majority of us are in clan ops too. This "Web Ops vs Clan Ops" mentality can go away because we're all One Community, One KSI. There's no "You vs Me, them vs us, clan ops vs web ops". If that's what you've been taught, you've been taught wrong, and I'm sorry. That's not the KSI we're apart of.
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    A New Type Of Leadership Training By: Chaoticz News Team Writer KSI ZEUSWRATH7 and his team have been working hard to give out a new set of leadership classes to members in KSI. There are 5 seperate classes; -Choose the right people -Make sure they understand their role -Building and listening skills -Motivation -Vision Those are only Level 1 of the course. Additionally, Zeus is also preparing a second level and set of classes for those who want to go even further and learn more! This isn't like any other class or workshop where you simply attend, listen, and learn. KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 pushes his attendees to their potential. Each class consists of alot of detail and teaching, thus, students are expected to take notes. After each class, Zeus would issue homework assignments. Many of which were follow-up questions to ensure that students were taking correct notes. By talking to others that participated, I can see that nobody had an issue with doing any extra so-called homework. At the end of the course, a final test with 10 questions would be issued. Students have 24-hours to turn it in. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to assist KSI ZEUSWRATH 7, KSI 1NSAN1TY, and KSI Ezekiel UD in discussing and marking these question papers. Those who got over 60% were passed on the course. Those who got under 60% were spoken to about where they can go to retake the course and learn from their mistakes. Every attendee passed the course. Additionally, instead of simply giving a % and saying well done, we have back what questions the attendees got wrong and what the correct answer was. From what I got to see of the course, everyone participating benefited. Whether it be the students being taught, the Co-Teachers assisting, or me watching. We all learned some valuable information. “I joined this training because Zeus believed in me and thought I would make a good leader”, said KSI HedgeHog. “I came to a random training done by Zeus that turned into this, but I did it because I wanted to learn more about leadership and KSI.”, said KSI SunlKitty. The upside of Zavala’s class was it wasn't just any old class where the students pay no attention and take nothing from it. The students that I spoke with gave me some insight into what they took away from the class. KSI HedgeHog stated, “I learned it takes more than just energy and basic skill set to be a great leader - it takes vision and motivation as well as listening to your lower comrades and the ones that are above you, in order for you to become a great leader.” When asked if they feel more confident as a leader in their squad after this training, KSI Martidodgers stated, “I do feel a bit more confident in my squad, because we don't all have the answers to everything in life, but I can take the stories or situations that other members in this class had and the way they resolved it and maybe use it in my squad to resolve the issues I have.” This course allowed members to feel good about themselves and inspired to grow as leaders. Overall, it went well, everyone passed, had fun, and learned a lot. I highly recommend KSI ZEUSWRATH 7’s training to anyone willing to learn. Congratulations to everyone who took part and good luck to anyone in the future. The next set of classes are due to start sometime in the next few weeks.
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    If you had to define KSI, what would you say? What is the essence of it? Why do we put forth all this effort to build a community? What does KSI mean to you?
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    Congratulations to the July 2017 of the Month Winners! For those who did not win, keep up the great work and keep pushing towards being a winner in August. Senior leader - KSI Cali 7 Director - KSI N3XUS 7 Division Leader - KSI Mizz Airy Co-Division Leader - KSI Anubis Founder - KSI Beat 7 Co-Founder - KSI Bruin 7 General - KSI Izzy 7 Officer - KSI MercyAngel Member - KSI Obliterate Global Member - KSI Monkeyy 7 Forum Staff - KSI Monkeyy 7 Streamer - KSI Oblivious
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    Alright so I'm going to interject here...."listed reasons for removal: Good order, professionalism", precisely why you were removed. Instead of see what flaws were present to be fixed, you refused to take any accountability for some of the scenarios that displayed drama and sarcasm created. We just got done with an appeal (Boreaz) that gravitated around drama he supposedly had with you in WD. Okay lets recant on some of the past incidents that I am aware of... WD: There was a massive divide at first between yourself, Koda and Chaoticz, which eventually got solved when you were given significant decision making power in WD. There were scattered cases of drama being started primarily over the fact that you were incapable of taking any form of direction that was not your own. Eventually when Pat (Techh) took over the division, you fought him tooth and nail with any change that was deemed necessary throwing the leverage of "your people" in each argument. When we were first debating of shutting down the 360 side, that was very clearly on display. You came into a party with BT, PAPA and I, and pretty much argued your case as to why 360 side needed to stay open. Doing so you wouldn't let BT get a word in edgewise and you argued every statement he made. I remember him coming back to the party and saying (She's lucky I got a phone call, If I had gotten cut off again I would've tossed her). While BT was gone, you talked to PAPA and I, basically arguing with us on what constitutes a building division (WD capped at like 110 people after 2 years of building)...properly training you was impossible because you would refute every single thing said by PAPA or myself trying to correct the noticeable flaws in how you were trained. The thing that stuck out to us the most was your sense of entitlement to your squad, "My people, My squad" in regards to discussions about what is needed for KSI to function properly. Those are immediate red flags, that usually tell us if there ever becomes a time where a move is made that you strongly disagree with the likelihood you take "your people" while leaving is very high. That string of discussion told me that you did not see the value in serving KSI which told me it would be a serious gamble to have you in any div staff position or higher because how can you build loyalty to KSI in members, if you yourself paid more attention to your personal needs before the community? LE: This behavior continued in LE, where any significant change or training that came from above you was met with combativeness and a situation where you did the same as you did to BT in the WD discussion. In a built and structured environment your attitude towards training and moves necessary for the function of KSI were still hesitant and combative to the point Jazzmine could no longer work with you. I can name probably 5-6 people that had the same deficiency for training and order...all of them are blacklisted. All of which took personal belonging to their squads and segregated them from the rest of a division based upon their own philosophy. Good Order displayed by a leader, is someone that works with leadership staff within their division or KSI to succeed as a team. Keeping order in KSI is recognizing that we do not build here for ourselves, nor is what we build our personal property...we are here for KSI, to build and watch KSI succeed so it can serve the consensus as promised in the recruitment pitches we give new members. Professionalism is knowing when to display that synergy with those above you to create a high morale and structured environment for members to experience the true meaning of KSI...an organized entity to develop and excel not only as gamers but as human beings. Sticking to our core belief and not losing track of the fact that the morale of members is of the upmost importance in what Professionalism is in KSI. (Drama, Open Combativeness towards leaders negatively effect morale) I know in my experience of training and being a leader in KSI, KSI always comes first. I took on a commitment to this community and was trusted to help it succeed, no matter what situation I am needed in (desirable or not). That dedication is why KSI has survived as long as it has, not personal entitlement. I've recruited well over 1,000 members, trained welll over 1,000 members...none of them are my property, nor will they ever be claimed as "my people". The point of an appeal is to give a member/leader a cooling off period after removal to reflect and recognize their own flaws and how they were not compatible in KSI. That means to look past what you feel "isn't fair" and realize people don't get removed from here because they are targeted, they DID something to warrant it. So look back on the dramatic situations, re read your reasons for removal and pair them with the statements I have made...did you display order? did you display professionalism? If you feel you did, explain to me why you are currently needing to file for an appeal?
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    am i getting these im gettng really tired of waiting you guys and can you ppl give me alphabetic order pls
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    It was a hard pick between 2 and 3. I went with 3. To me the color is blended better and the piece just flows right. The vibrancy of the blues make it pop and stand out from the rest.
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    Transfer Form: Gamer Tag: KSI THE MAFIA Squad Coming From: Mayhem SR Squad Transfer To Wraith SR Who did you Inform (Gen) KSI Marti 7 Like this
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    Alot I was thinking was already said in this thread, but I defiantly think we need to move away from discord for majority of the chats. Its great to do the hey heading home in X amount of time who wants to game with me on (insert game here) most of the convos on the gen chat could be done here to make it easier on some of us who would like to add something to a conversation that happened say an hour or more before being on discord since you can quote on this and everyone knows what your talking about. Just my thoughts on this subject. Im going to attempt to push this forum more when I recruit than push discord to get activity here also.
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    I will agree that creating a sub-forum will help.
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    Coming from an administrative point of view, we won't be creating subforums for each squad, I can promise you that. Squads come and go, considering each and every division there is with each having X number of squads, after a several months we will have 100+ subforums that will receive little activity to none if the squad merges or dies off. That being said, having a subforum exclusive for Divisional and Squad meeting notes is a possibility since, even if a squad is born or dies, we are not making new subforums. I do think that division sections have WAY too much stuff pinned, so much so that it defeats the purpose of pinning in the first place. Moving out a few topics into their own section that would become a sort of archive for later review could have a positive upside. I will mention this to the other members of the Administration Team and have them either tell me their thoughts or post them here and we will see where it goes Love, Anatomy <3 Administrator
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    Also, the forums should always be an important part every time you have a squad meeting always talking about it. HOSTING FORUMS WORKSHOPS. Twice a month for your squads. Getting 4-6 people signed up and showing them how it works goes a long way. talking about it while recruiting helping them sign up earlier. making officers post three times a week.
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    Like I'll start a sermon on twitch get approved by nexus haha jk but for real this stuff needs to Be organized and stuff
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    The forums are hard to navagate so a sub forum might make it easier can always try it
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    Gamer tag= KSI Reneuw
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    KSI MONKEYY 7 twitter: @omgitsmonkeyyy ig: omgitsmonkeyy
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    GT : KSI Botkiller Twitter : @Theworkableboss
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    10 points: "You did it!" 30 points: "I'm pretty awesome" 50 points: "Forum Star" 100 points: "Gonna Need a New Keyboard" 150 points: "Did I Really Post That Much?" 200 points: "What is Outside?" 250 points: "Ok I'm Only Posting 1 More..." 500 points: "I Broke The Forums!" 1000 points: "Wait.. What Year is It?"
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    100 posts - Soldier 500 posts - Guardian 1000 posts - Spartan 2500 posts - Link 5000 posts - Kratos
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    KSI is a Gaming Community full of people who care about one another. I had to explain this to my wife last night because she doesnt get why I do this. KSI is an addiction; the people, the atmosphere, the intricate meaning, and the great legacy that KSI has it what keeps brining people back. The people here are amazing, you meet great friends that you can hold onto forever. I met Fuzzy in 2009 and we have been best friends ever since, he even wrote me when I went to Marine Corps boot camp. The loving and caring atmosphere that this place provides just gives you goosebumps. The intricate meaning is something big. Knowledge Strength and Integrity, a lot of people dont really understand that and it means a lot more then people think. Finally the great legacy that KSI holds as the greatest Gaming Community on any platform ever is unreal. That is why I love KSI and what it means to me.
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    I want to take a moment to recognize several of the members in LE for their individual effort being put forth into this division. Even though I am highlighting only a few here, this is just a small sampling of the constant push y'all put forward every day. (And, by the way, this is the kind of thing that should be submitted when AAP of the month nominations are requested) I highly encourage everyone to post your own would-be nominations. You don't have to put it for every rank, but do put in the ones you feel are warranted. Even though someone may not be in that current rank, they were that rank during the majority of that month. GENERAL: KSI Nizzy - From the moment he joined Sentinel, he has been a constant driving force for making the PS4 have a solid ground in KSI again. Executing a split recently and earning his promotion to Co-Founder, he has shown time and again that he is willing to do what it takes to be a part of a team, joining in on game nights for both platforms, listening to new ideas and implementing them and enabling members to enjoy KSI. MAJOR: KSI Cthulhu117 - Among work and personal life issues, he has continued to dedicate himself to his squad, getting accurate rosters lined up, working with the squad officers on increasing activity again with Thinis and incorporating new ideas to help with the betterment of the environment of members in the division as a whole. CAPTAIN: KSI Trivom - His positive attitude has been contagious, and he has put forth an amazing effort in helping develop the new members and activities in Eden. He has assisted with sparking activity and loves to make people have fun in the community. LIEUTENANT: KSI MercysAngel - Mercy has been an incredible influence in bringing Atlantis to life, assisting her General immensely. She has hosted division-wide events, community-wide game nights, and even started a game server for anyone in the division to join. Her actions continually show that she is in this to help support other members, no matter who they are. SERGEANT: KSI Atomic - Upon joining, Atomic immediately took it upon himself to learn what it means to be in KSI and how to bring more people into the PS4 squad. His recruiting efforts contributed to a squad split, bringing LE into its first successful PS4 split. The friendliness and challenges he has put forth has reinspired other squads to keep up. PRIVATE/CORPORAL: Eclipze90 - He has displayed awesome enthusiasm for Imperium since his recruitment, developing ideas for competitive teams within Rainbow Six Siege and working with other members in absence of a squad leader.
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    Its panda panda panda time
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    izzy i am not that old fool plus at least i know what the emoji's are
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    lol you two are bickering like old ladies
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    Installed ark SE, battlefield 4, borderlands 2, all black ops, destiny, gow 4, gta5, halo reach, Minecraft, overwatch, resident evil 6, battlefront, r6s, tc the division. uninstalled battlefeild 1, borderlands 1 and ps, cod advanced warfare, castle crasher, for honor, gow 1,2 and judgment, halo 5 and master chief collection, injustice, mortal kombat x, payday 2, roblox, titan fall, warframe, world of tanks, smite.
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    Installed: Battlefield 1, all borderlands, bo3, black ops, infinite warfare, modern warfare remastered, bo2, dark souls 3, Diablo 3, dying light, evolve, fortnite, forza horizon 3, all gears of war, halo 5, Minecraft, overwatch, PvsZ gw2, Roblox, rocket league, smite, sunset overdrive, speedrunners, titan fall 2, Rb6 siege, world of tanks, zombie army trilogy, Uninstalled: Gta5, lara croft temple of osiris, marvel heroes omega, PvsZ GW, dungeon bros, the crew, titan fall, warframe,
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    Talking Like A Team By: KSI ZEUSWRATH News Team Writer Effective communication is at the heart of most issues within KSI. Often we misunderstand each other more than we disagree. Communication is not a easy skill. Most people believe that simple conversations can communicate enough; that is a common misunderstanding. Communication is something we all can do whether it's through talking or body language. Effective communication is how well others understand you. When a member realizes how passionate and serious you are about what you do here in KSI they will most likely want to be that passionate and know as much as you one day. We as members and leaders have to watch how we send and receive intel. Don't listen to someone and think about what to say next, but think more about the message you received and then act on it. Squad leaders, division staff, and upper leadership need to understand the feelings of others and use that to push them in the right direction. Team building and Effective Communication are crucial. There is no team without communication. Every member needs to take an initiative in communication. When a team is not actively communicating their activity and growth is at stake. Good team work starts with a shared understanding of communication and it's importance, bridges team together, and needs to be practiced to ensure a team is working effectively. When communication channels in a team are properly established and information flows easily between teammates, then that increases the ability of the officer staff to interact and for team members to learn how to interact more efficiently with each other to perform their job duties. This also gives them the ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each teammate. If Lieutenants agreed on a date to go recruiting and they have a couple of Sergeants involved or spectating, maybe even try hands-on training. One would enjoy it way better than recruiting alone, and this also boosts communication and lowers ranking involvement. Build your squad into your family and have them incorporate new members with the same thinking. Members love seeing, finding, observing, etc. productivity from the start and when they see a common direction, routine, and 'consistency' it's easy for them to climb aboard with KSI.
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    Does it really matter "where" we hold our meetings? What matters is that people attend. Here's how I see it. Xbox: Gaming, The core of our community. Where we started. Discord: Good for meetings, quick chats, etc. The Forums: Supports all activity. Where we document our meetings, where we hold discussion about policy and procedure changes, and we post details about things in order to keep the rest of the community on the same page. KSI needs to stop fighting the fact that times are changing. We're no longer Xbox LIVE-based. We're more active on Discord than we are on Xbox. We can either fight it and lose people to that battle, or adapt with the times and adopt the tools our members use to stay connected. All three functions can be used together, in unison. All that's important is that we use them all to their advantages.
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    Xbox One X By: KSI SugarMama 7 News Team Manager On June 11, 2017 a new Xbox was announced to be released on November 7. It has been said that the Xbox One X will be one of the worlds most powerful consoles. The Xbox One X will be 40% more powerful with true 4K gaming. Simply making the console have much better game play. This 8-core custom AMD CPU was clocked at 2.3GHz which will bring more enhanced real world detail and smoother interactions during gaming. It has also been said the Xbox One X has more memory which means the worlds will be much bigger. A 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory was added for better performance, bigger worlds, and quicker loading times. A 6 teraflop GPU was also added to make the console more realistic with more detail and smoother animations. Consoles with 326GB/sec memory bandwidth have faster and more detailed gaming graphics and keep your gaming momentum flowing. However you view it, the Xbox One X is more distinctive and sleek. All the Xbox games will be completely compatible on this console, even Xbox 360 games. It also has the worlds best multiplayer network. The Xbox One X will be starting at $499.00, and it will be released November 7, 2017.
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    Most of our time that we spend here in KSI will be in the lower ranks, ranging from private to captain and some with the right moxie will want to climb into the divisional staff, but for most we all want to just game, laugh, socialize, meet new friends, explore the Xbox Community atmosphere. For over 12 years KSI has been the leader in the gaming community on console's, setting the standards when it comes to the way we set up the structures, the website, how we recruit, marketing, the whole thing started with a group of gamers trying to make all of us a better atmosphere for what we love to do. Over the next few months My team and I in the education department are going to be doing a series of open classes to anyone that wants to attend them. The classes will cover each rank from Private all the way up to Senior Director, we will host as many classes as needed to facilitate all that sign up for such classes. These classes are not to teach you how to do your job but to understand the function and principal of the job outlined in the SOP or direction of the Senior Directors. We would ask that if you are interested please contact your General for anyone below the rank of General, Div Leader anyone ranked below that rank. Dates and times will be announced:
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    Hi everyone, I would like to take a moment to remind you to stay protected during recruiting. Please remember that it's crucial to use our blacklist checker before you bring someone into a party, this will weed out at least 80% of threats. The reason for this is that once hackers get into your party, they can hack you and whomever else is in your party by snatching your ip. I want everyone to stay safe while out there representing KSI. The following Is a link to the checker. ksicms.com/bg_check/bg_check.php
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    Hi, I'm AbomasalOdin. I was recruited by KSI Red Scorpion.
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    Have you ever played the old Sega Genesis gaming system? If not you will get a chance with the new; revamped Sega Genesis flashback console. A new console being released in September from AtGames. The console itself will have 85 built-in titles, along with also having a cartridge port that will support all original Sega Genesis cartridges. Which is something that Nintendo’s throwback console greatly lacked after its release... Something that could greatly help it sell is that it looks relatively like the original Sega Genesis which could attract collectors. The gaming system also comes with two Genesis style 2.4GHZ wireless controllers, but also for ancient gamers it comes with 2 controller ports for gamers who like using classic wired controllers. The console also features a 720p HDMI output and scan line filtering which could greatly increase the graphics of the system. AtGames is hoping not to fail in the gaming market like the Nintendo NES Classic did, having to discontinue production earlier this year
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    Hey folks I'm really impressed with the news and events that are being presented to members of the community. Keep up the great work and remember "Build it and they will come"
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