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    A New Type Of Leadership Training By: Chaoticz News Team Writer KSI ZEUSWRATH7 and his team have been working hard to give out a new set of leadership classes to members in KSI. There are 5 seperate classes; -Choose the right people -Make sure they understand their role -Building and listening skills -Motivation -Vision Those are only Level 1 of the course. Additionally, Zeus is also preparing a second level and set of classes for those who want to go even further and learn more! This isn't like any other class or workshop where you simply attend, listen, and learn. KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 pushes his attendees to their potential. Each class consists of alot of detail and teaching, thus, students are expected to take notes. After each class, Zeus would issue homework assignments. Many of which were follow-up questions to ensure that students were taking correct notes. By talking to others that participated, I can see that nobody had an issue with doing any extra so-called homework. At the end of the course, a final test with 10 questions would be issued. Students have 24-hours to turn it in. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to assist KSI ZEUSWRATH 7, KSI 1NSAN1TY, and KSI Ezekiel UD in discussing and marking these question papers. Those who got over 60% were passed on the course. Those who got under 60% were spoken to about where they can go to retake the course and learn from their mistakes. Every attendee passed the course. Additionally, instead of simply giving a % and saying well done, we have back what questions the attendees got wrong and what the correct answer was. From what I got to see of the course, everyone participating benefited. Whether it be the students being taught, the Co-Teachers assisting, or me watching. We all learned some valuable information. “I joined this training because Zeus believed in me and thought I would make a good leader”, said KSI HedgeHog. “I came to a random training done by Zeus that turned into this, but I did it because I wanted to learn more about leadership and KSI.”, said KSI SunlKitty. The upside of Zavala’s class was it wasn't just any old class where the students pay no attention and take nothing from it. The students that I spoke with gave me some insight into what they took away from the class. KSI HedgeHog stated, “I learned it takes more than just energy and basic skill set to be a great leader - it takes vision and motivation as well as listening to your lower comrades and the ones that are above you, in order for you to become a great leader.” When asked if they feel more confident as a leader in their squad after this training, KSI Martidodgers stated, “I do feel a bit more confident in my squad, because we don't all have the answers to everything in life, but I can take the stories or situations that other members in this class had and the way they resolved it and maybe use it in my squad to resolve the issues I have.” This course allowed members to feel good about themselves and inspired to grow as leaders. Overall, it went well, everyone passed, had fun, and learned a lot. I highly recommend KSI ZEUSWRATH 7’s training to anyone willing to learn. Congratulations to everyone who took part and good luck to anyone in the future. The next set of classes are due to start sometime in the next few weeks.
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    Anthem Game By: Devil Cat 7 News Team Writer So this pass Sunday at the E3 microsoft conference they annouced a new game that would be like alot of games combined. Anthem will be the biggest open world game ever. It has a release date for Fall 2018 on Xbox One, Ps4 and Pc. This was one of the most talk about game reveals this year at E3. The open world game, action, role-playing video game will be developed by BioWare and published by EA. You can be a freelancer (bounty hunter/adventure/ fun for hire in a Sci-Fi civilization with your base of operation set behind the walls of Fort Travis. The fort is humanity's bastion against myriad dangers that this world has. The game offers a frictionless experience that everyone can enjoy. Anthem offers a vast open world that you can explore while you fiddle with the loot, and shoot gameplay. Plus it's also a shared open world. This terrain in the unnamed world is treacherous, and the wildlife is hostile. You also have massive Shaper Storms that doesn't look too good for you either. Anthem will be one of BioWare biggest projects yet, with the most beautiful settings in the game world right now. Players be able to traverse the lands, but also take their adventure to underwater caverns and more. The players will be using exo suits which is called Javelins. These suits come with added protection, a load out of diverse weaponary and a unique set of abilities. The two suits they showed in gameplay were balanced and heavy type. But there is also gonna be more for players to choose from. The suits have a jet pack that seems to runout without any limit. Jabelins will come with it's own set of weapons. Everything from the suit to your arsonic is fully upgradeable. You will be able to customize your load out and your javelin using items you find in the world or through a crafting system with endless capabilities. Anthem is going to have Volt guns, mortars, stinger missiles and more. The campaign can be completed by yourself if you need help you can call in support when running solo gets difficult. You will also be able to play with a team of 4 players and decimate your enemies in style. This game reminds me of Destiny and The Division. I feel like it will be competing with those games when it releases.
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    Hey folks I'm really impressed with the news and events that are being presented to members of the community. Keep up the great work and remember "Build it and they will come"
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    Have you ever played the old Sega Genesis gaming system? If not you will get a chance with the new; revamped Sega Genesis flashback console. A new console being released in September from AtGames. The console itself will have 85 built-in titles, along with also having a cartridge port that will support all original Sega Genesis cartridges. Which is something that Nintendo’s throwback console greatly lacked after its release... Something that could greatly help it sell is that it looks relatively like the original Sega Genesis which could attract collectors. The gaming system also comes with two Genesis style 2.4GHZ wireless controllers, but also for ancient gamers it comes with 2 controller ports for gamers who like using classic wired controllers. The console also features a 720p HDMI output and scan line filtering which could greatly increase the graphics of the system. AtGames is hoping not to fail in the gaming market like the Nintendo NES Classic did, having to discontinue production earlier this year
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    Season 2 Episode 6 KSI NEX ADDO / KSI rave nite 7 Run Time 23:00 - Two Random News involving Video Games - Xbox Game Pass and a few more things
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    Charity Stream Giveaway! Gaming PC or $100 Xbox Card up for grabs! On June 10th the KSI Twitch Team - led by KSI N3XUS 7 - will be running a 48-hour livestream on Twitch.TV. The aim of this stream is to raise not only awareness - but funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. During this stream there will be many activities: spokesmodels from our Sirens group, the championship match of our CoD: IW tourney, and finally a giveaway for all those who have donated! Anyone who donates between now and 2pm Eastern on Sunday 11th of June will be entered into a draw for one of following prizes, both provided by KSI Lillypad! -If you live in the United States you will receive a gaming PC with the specs below. http://www.pcrichard.com/CyberPowerPC/CyberPowerPC-Gamer-Supreme-Liquid-Cool-SLC9920-w-Intel-i7-7700K-4-2GHz-Gaming-Computer/SLC9920.pcrp -If you live outside of the United States you will receive a $100 Xbox gift card or equivalent currency. If you donate, you must send PROOF of your donation to a member of the KSI Twitch Team. The prizes will not be given out until at least a week after the stream when the donations can be verified by the receiving charity. IMPORTANT: Do not donate to KSI or to our stream channel. The following link is for any and all donations. https//tinyurl.com/ksiasfp Please also be aware that no donations go into our pockets, every single one goes straight to the charity.
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    March 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners The April Of The Month Winners are in! April was a successful month for KSI, we had tournaments, squad splits, promotions, and most importantly everyone had fun. Listed below are the elite members of their designated rank, team, and/or position. Congratulations to all, no matter what rank, no matter what division, you have helped make this community stronger. If you did not win this time round, you and only you can make it possible next time round. Senior Leader of the Month KSI BIGG PAPA 7, Senior Director Director of the Month KSI Space Ops 7, HF, IE Division Leader of the Month KSI N3XUS 7, Twisted Reality {TR} Co-Division Leader of the Month KSI SugarMama 7, Hell Fire {HF} Founder of the Month KSI QUEENPINK 7, Synthetic Reality {SR} Co-Founder of the Month KSI ZAVALA 7, Reality Dynasty {RD} General of the Month KSI Anubis 7, Lost Empire {LE} Officer of the Month KSI Nizzy, Lost Empire {LE} Member of the Month KSI Scoobybear, Arcane Kings {AK} Global Member of the Month KSI MONKEYY 7, Synthetic Reality {SR} Forums Staff of the Month KSI Mizz Airy 7, Asst. Web Ops. Dir. Streamer of the Month KSI Chaoticz, Hell Fire {HF}
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    There have been some incredible changes recently that are very deserving of recognition. As of Sunday, 21 May 2017, the following occurred: - KSI Cali 7 was promoted to Senior Director, - KSI N3XUS 7 was promoted to Director over Reality Dynasty and Synthetic Reality, - And Twisted Reality split to create Arcane Kings! All of these changes show the great progress KSI continues to make. Arcane Kings will be led by KSI Red Fox 7 and KSI DrWaddles66, overseen by KSI Silvu 7 who will continue to be the Director over Twisted Reality and Lost Empire. Congratulations again!