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    Xbox One X By: KSI SugarMama 7 News Team Manager On June 11, 2017 a new Xbox was announced to be released on November 7. It has been said that the Xbox One X will be one of the worlds most powerful consoles. The Xbox One X will be 40% more powerful with true 4K gaming. Simply making the console have much better game play. This 8-core custom AMD CPU was clocked at 2.3GHz which will bring more enhanced real world detail and smoother interactions during gaming. It has also been said the Xbox One X has more memory which means the worlds will be much bigger. A 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory was added for better performance, bigger worlds, and quicker loading times. A 6 teraflop GPU was also added to make the console more realistic with more detail and smoother animations. Consoles with 326GB/sec memory bandwidth have faster and more detailed gaming graphics and keep your gaming momentum flowing. However you view it, the Xbox One X is more distinctive and sleek. All the Xbox games will be completely compatible on this console, even Xbox 360 games. It also has the worlds best multiplayer network. The Xbox One X will be starting at $499.00, and it will be released November 7, 2017.
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    Here is the start to my proposed plan. First off you have to recognize what is working and what isnt working. Workshops dont seem to be taking off so it could take some adjusting. FTLA is very much doing well just not at the size we want it to be. E learning is kinda its own thing that doesnt affect KSI negatively if it is inactive for a little. So from that we got this. Workshops- Could use work. FTLA- Needs more activity (maybe more advertisement). E Learning- We can leave at this point. Next you have to look at staff positions and see what could need to be added. The way I look at it there should be each of the following staff leadership positions. -Head of Education -Co Head of Education --Head of FTLA ---6-8 FTLA Mentors (Once fully active) --Head of Workshops and E Learning ---5-6 Workshop mentors ---2-3 E Learning helpers After the staff is figured out the FTLA program needs to be restructured and redone to account for the changes in time. Meaning things are not the same now in KSI or on Xbox as they were the last time the FTLA was changed. The program needs to have things added and things taken out. Along with this there needs to be an actual schedule of when each Mentor would be running their class and make it a set schedule so that courses arent being ran too often or not often enough. After this is completed the next step would be to work on the workshop area and E Learning area and see how each of them can better benefit KSI being used more often. This plan is still a work and progress but maybe some feedback on changes or things you see wrong.
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    HELP! AYUDAME AYUDAME! HELP ME! Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it that is what the KSI leadership is here for. Everyone knows that being a leader, whether it's an officer, general, or higher position, can be very stressful. Even the privates, corporals, and sergeants can feel a little stress from KSI. What I would like to share is that stress you feel over the community is actually a good thing. It means you care about what happens to the community, to your squad, and to your division. So what feels terrible is actually great, in an odd way. Stress itself is never good. That is why I stress to talk to others when you feel it. We are all around to help each other out. Some helpful tips: *Do not make rash decisions when stressed out, you need a clear mind. *Take things one step at a time to release the amount of stress build up *Organize your week out ahead of time. Organize out when the meetings, game nights, and other possible events for that week. So you can visibly see if your over-doing yourself, or how they would say "Stretching yourself thin". Everyone understands each other here. So look into building a friendship around and build support around you so you will always have someone to go to. If it is personal you will know who is there for you and will even be able to vent to them. A few leadership members that are known for being there to listen are KSI Hucklberry, KSI Mizz Airy, and KSI ZeusWrath. I am sure there are more, but those a 3 noteworthy listeners. Here in KSI, we all strive to do the best that we can. That means there will always be hurdles. It is how you choose to handle them. Always look to others in a great time of need.
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    This award is one of the very few which are given only at the discretion of senior leadership of KSI to those who have provided an incredible long-lasting contribution to the community. It is a coveted award, not handed out by self-nomination or even by nomination from other members. Today we have the pleasure of announcing a new recipient of this classic award. KSI Mr Miagi first joined KSI in Empire RD in November 2015. He rejoined into Darkness TR September 2016 and was a key part of building the first Destiny squad to execute a successful split. Not long after, it was mentioned that the Clan Management System admins could use help with coding, and Mr Miagi volunteered for the extra responsibility. Within six months, he redesigned the somewhat broken CMS, fixing and improving on features with assistance from KSI DoubleOh 7 and input from other community leaders. His efforts resulted in the launch of the new CMS in June of 2017, and the difference has already been recognizable. Squads are better accounted for, displays are simpler to see at a glance, and administration functions have improved significantly. For this selfless volunteered dedication, senior leadership has seen fit to award KSI Mr Miagi with the Outstanding Service award. Congratulations @KSI Mr Miagi!