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    Okay, so you're thinking "why is blue posting something like this near the end of the forums" Well, that's a fair question. Here's the answer: KSI has been around since 2003. If you're reading this, odds are you are not in KSI at the moment. Today's members pretty much only use discord. There are very few reasons to hop on the forums today (besides the News). You have 1 of three opinions. 1. there is no reason to be in KSI or any other community. 2. KSI is not the way it used to be. 3. It is the next generation's turn to lead the community. So, while there may be some truth to those thoughts, allow me to break them down. 1. A community is a place to very easily find camaraderie. Whether you game solo, or with a small group, there are always places and times where you need one person to fit the position or niche you usually cannot find. KSI's members are so amazingly diverse that it's nearly guaranteed that we can help you out in that aspect. Even if you don't game anymore, we still have an entire Web Ops side. 2. You are completely correct. It is not. However, for good reason. Even only a couple years ago, KSI culture was dominated by seemingly impossibly responsibilities. If you were on News Team, you worked like a dog. If you were an officer, you recruited 4 or more people a week. Today's culture is 170% laxer. with one recruit good recruit a week, you could be successful. With only one graphic or news article every 2 weeks, you could still do well. Hell, the only way we can remove somebody for inactivity is after 30 days of silence on discord AND not playing with a KSI member. 3. Yeah. I could easily see how this makes sense, but if you look at it from a new perspective, you can see that we are not asking you to lead the community. In 2020 alone, Game x7, Anatomy, and Mizz Airy have made a return to help with the Wiki Team. Nex Addo and I run the team and would love you have YOU next. KSI Wiki Team: The goal of this team is to extract ALL the information from the KSI Forums. We are needing members that are wanting to preserve KSI's history throughout its 17 years. My contact info E-Mail: [email protected] Discord: KSI New Blue#5555 Xbox: KSI New Blue