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    This Week in KSI (August Week 2) Good morning KSI. This is your weekly newsletter bringing you the latest information on whats going on in the various areas of KSI. Web Operations This week Web Operations undertook various different changes. Some months ago we changed the system up to the different departments of Media, Personnel, etc. However, the system has been changed once again. Please view this link to see the details. Fatal Genesis FG has been doing well recently. Keeping their heads high and showing everyone that KSI CAN be on PS4. Exodus FG has held tryouts for their Head Hunters Rocket League team. Team A is looking amazing and we can't wait to see them in action on the KSI Twitch channel. Some promotions have pushed things up in the division staff ranks, emphasising FG's steady growth. Congratulations on the following people being promoted within FG! Integritas FG KSI Icespot, to General Invicta FG KSI_Seremoty, to Captain Division Staff KSI_Riverrzz, to Co-Founder KSI_Johnson_7, to Founder Fallen Angels Finally getting back up on its own two feet, FA has been killing it recently. Purgatory FA has been slowly but surely picking up, keeping KSI in line with some Halo love. The Officer Staff within Rapture FA is filling up quickly as well as the squad growing fast. Orientation concept has been somewhat successful. Some no-shows have occurred, but for those attending it seems to be working out and keeping things simple. Rapture FA has been nearing closer and closer towards a squad split. The split is being discussed at meetings, with goals and timelines for when this will occur. Congratulations on the following people being promoted within FA! Rapture FA copperheab91011, to Private 1st Class TwirlyPython657, to Private 1st Class KSI PopRocket, to Staff Sergeant KSI Wild Bird, to Staff Sergeant KSI BurritoSlayer, to Staff Sergeant KSI Sexy Music, to Staff Sergeant KSI CupKake23, to 4th Lieutenant KSI BattleKing, to 2nd Lieutenant KSI RoadDog21, to 1st Lieutenant KSI CurrlyFry, to 3rd Captain KSI Mr Tyrant, to 2nd Captain KSI xMigrainex, to General Purgatory FA KSI Overkill, to 4th Lieutenant KSI Mr Legend 7, to 1st Lieutenant Grimoire Heart GH is KSI's very own PC division. Being headed up by KSI Crusader 7, we have strong hopes that this will be successful. Crusader tells us that at the moment with Battle for Azeroth (WoW) close to launching, he is focussing on gearing and building a raid team to start raiding in two weeks time. Thanks for reading this weeks KSI newsletter. Any questions, issues, or other queries, feel free to contact me or another member of the Moderation and Administration team.
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    Member Spotlight - KSI Elderpoot 7 By: Chaoticz 7 Global Moderator/Board Member/Media Manager KSI Elderpoot 7 (Operations Director) is an exceptional leader that many of us have been lucky to meet. He has the skills, he has the attitude, and he has the humour. He is a current Hall of Fame member and has been many different ranks within KSI, more recently: Senior Director, Director of Web Operations, Administrator, and Operations Director. Chaoticz 7: Can you explain your position and duties briefly for those who may not understand? Elderpoot 7: This is something that I get asked quite often, and it's not always that easy to sum up. My intended role is to oversee the web and clan operations of KSI and to ensure that they are both functioning to their top potential. For clan operations, that means I oversee the senior directors (when we get some) and for web, Anatomy is my main point of contact. I take what the Executive Director and the Board want to do and do my best to implement. Right now though, my position gets more complicated as a lot of times I am needed to fill additional roles, in FA, for example, I am their acting Division Leader. So, yeah, I do a lot of different things!! Chaoticz 7: How long have you been in KSI? Elderpoot 7: Another question that isn't so easily answered, ha! I joined KSI in 2006 and was a private for close to an entire year. Stayed in KSI until 2012. I left in 2012 and returned in 2017, so there is a 5-year gap in there that I was not in KSI. Chaoticz 7: What made you come home to KSI? Elderpoot 7: Great question, one day I saw a Facebook post from KSI and realized it was still around. Decided to go onto the website, and there were some things that I saw happening that really upset me. Mainly because I have taken so much from KSI and learned a lot over the years, and I want others to be able to experience that as well, so I worked my way back up in web ops to attempt to change KSI for the better. Chaoticz 7: What do you think the most important thing about KSI is? Elderpoot 7: To me, the most important part of KSI is networking and comradery. Gaming is great in and of itself, but being able to game with your friends is truly a different experience. For me, KSI has always been about learning skills such as leadership and making new friends. Chaoticz 7: You're a Hall of Fame member, correct? How did it feel to be awarded this at the time? Elderpoot 7: Yes, I was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010. The only way I can answer is this: Go and look at the names on the Hall of Fame, particularly towards the beginning. These were people who I looked up to during my years of KSI, and most of them were some of the best KSI had to offer. Having my name listed among all of the other ones is truly an honor. Chaoticz 7: Do you have any memories in particular that you feel reflect some of your best times in KSI? Elderpoot 7: Well, I could go on for days talking about specific memories, but let me give just one general example. Back in Halo 2, I remember that most of my time was spent, not on playing the game, but sitting in various lobbies just hanging out and talking with people. I got home from school, hopped on my Xbox, and that was my way of hanging out. It was amazing to me that I was friends with people from around the country (and really the world). But what stands out is, a lot of times, we never started the lobby up! And when we did start it, it usually involved just driving a warthog around Coagulation and playing demolition derby!! Chaoticz 7: Describe your KSI experience in 1 word. Elderpoot 7: Enriching. KSI Elderpoot 7, thank you for your time. Keep gaming on!