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    60,000 strong in 2004? Let me express my doubt
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    I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!
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    Why hello! I recognize that gamertag and remember seeing it as well many times, I like your post, it has no negative comments only positive ones and that's what I've wanted! But somehow along the way it took a turn for the worse! I too know where I come from and what I've done, seen and experienced! KSI has always faced outsiders who were former members, cheaters, modders, hackers, poachers, etc! I remember the days it was easier just setting it face to face in the top games and kicking their asses Everytime and it was settled! Now it's a total different thing! I commend and thank you for what you contributed to KSI! But what happened in KSI recently wasn't anything like before and in the past it was a huge argument who runs KSI from within the community! But so be it all I can say is it's a DAMN SHAME!
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    Well I guess I have to introduce myself being that I have been swallowed hole by life and completely inactive with gaming and KSI for years. I’m a veteran of KSI, KSI Ricanflava. Joined officially in 2004 back when we were 60,000+ members strong. I was there when a lot of our divisions had huge falling outs and we had infiltrators within the community trying to tear us apart from within. Back then we were at war with another community that was ran by someone who use to be apart of KSI. They would infiltrate and remove us by the thousands until most of us had enough. Fuzzy, Reaper, and a few of us division leaders at the time decided to take action, at the time Firestorm was the next division to fall apart so instead of taking the Loss I befriended one of the enemies that Was portraying themselves as one of us by the game name KSI taxi and I got close enough to have him leak info overtime and then started a recon rogue division to infiltrate the Wolf Pack, thus finding myself in a party with the leader himself. After a huge conversation, some disagreements, and clarifications...we came to a understanding that there was only one way this would end. So in 2016 there was a huge hacking war between both KSI and Wolfpack.. one of our biggest threats. Just sharing a little bit of the history before some of the newer history. KSI Was and is indeed formed on knowledge strength and integrity. The knowledge of our foes and our purpose, the strength not to back down and stand firm to our cause, and the integrity to keep going no matter how far back we’ve been knocked down. There use to be a time when even uttering the words Wolfpack would be a means for pinklisting or blacklisting that member. The goal was to not focus on the past and let it become a myth.. but I can never forget the struggle we went through to become the gaming community that so many of our newer members enjoy today. It’s been a tough road indeed, I wouldn’t call myself a hall of famer lol but I’d say a veteran of KSI War wouldn’t fall too far behind.
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    Hello Paul long time so how's it going? It has been a long time, last memory I have if you was carrying you in Halo 4 in a Team Slayer match, I would send you a friend request but don't k ow your gamertag! On my topic I never said anything about what happened to KSI, it's obvious and these forums are proof of that! The real facts is KSI is no longer the giant clan it once was, these forums use to be off the chain, everyone came here! A Hundred members use to be on here at the late night, a few hundred we're on here during the morning, afternoon etc! Members were posting topics, talking, sharing ideas and posting minutes apart! I looked at all the pages and most haven't been replied to in years and months that's when KSI was strong! Regardless of everything I WAS part of the biggest gaming community on Xbox Live, that was when the numbers were 24,000 strong! A **** load of silver active members, however if the non active were on we would've been at 31,000+ that was my count I did in KSI back in 2009! Now it's less then 300 members in this KSI, KSIGLOBAL.COM, in the other KSIGLOBAL.ORG they are strong, their website is way better, members on it daily like how it use to be here! The future of KSI is over their and not here! That's a fact! Funny really, many of you will take this as negativity or just one opinion but look at what's happening now? Many of you say hardly anyone comes here, if that's true, why have a forums section? Should just have the main website page and history & other information! Never would I have said this but now I am the future is not what I would've guessed back then! Arrogance, Greed, Ego's and Stupidity has left the Original KSI in ruins! But your fighting and gonna really tell me your doing strong? What world are you living in and any other Hall of Famer who isn't part of KSI now would be pissed off and frustrated to what has happened! I would live to use colorful language but that was the old me! I just hope the Original can back to over 1,000 members or 2 Divisions then it be Strong! Have a goodnight and good morning!
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    Hello Marcus, how have you been old friend?
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    According to different KSI members I was right, so how did KSI end? Let me guess problems with Clan Ops and Web Ops? I'm not surprised and what most fail to realize is KSI existed before their was a website! However this KSIGLOBAL is the Original that I won't forget but it's no longer Strong like it is too be! If that were true I'd see so many posting every few mins in different area of the forums but not anymore! The KSI run by KSI Fuzzymeep is way bigger and their forums and everything is still pretty large and the reason most of them get along! I wonder why that couldn't happen here? That bs rank, ego's etc got beyond control and this Revamp I here is another way of saying The Original KSI Global was gone for a bit and strange how SE7EN 7 thinks about all this! Although I'm gonna hear his 2 cents don't matter but the fact is it does! Funny how Many of the other KSI members have sent me friend requests and not one from here has! Meaning no matter what my past still haunts me but too the others they forgive and forget it is a damn shame the Original hasn't!