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    Gamertag: (Requirement)Axi Your Senpai Link to Forums Account:(Requirement)https://forums.ksiglobal.com/profile/57097-axi-your-one-and-only/ Awards/Achievements:(Requirement) Champion, 2 Timer, Failure at Life, Hot Shot, Tuning in, Socialist, Reality Star, Anime-Holic, Halo 5, Destiny Witnesses or Proof: @Chaoticz 7 Comments: Hehe sorry. These are old awards from my old amount that i got merged with this one.
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    sorry umm so elder merged my account with was Axiology 7 with this account but the awards didn't transfer with it.
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    What Does KSI Mean to You? By: Frostiie Writer Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. Three word's that mean a whole lot to the members of KSI Global Gaming. Whether you are new to the family or an old head of the community, KSI seems to attract many gamers over multiple platforms. KSI is a great online based gaming community where gamers can explore their own interests and discover new people who have the same interest who you can hang out with. (KSI is a lot like a Family and we enjoy hanging out with each other; Its a place to come and have fun. -KSI Migraine 7). In KSI we are all about making memories with each other and having a good time. Since 2003 KSI Has been giving gamers a good time with a friendly environment. (KSI Halo 2 Custom Games were so fun. I would be at my friend's house playing on his Xbox with KSI and my parents would call me asking where I was and I would say I'm on my way. Two hours go by and they would call again I would say I'm on my way. By this time it would be 11pm on a school night and they would come get me p***ed off but I could not put down the controller. -KSI CurlyFry). Now I personally thought this was so funny because I can remember myself doing close to the same exact thing on Modern Warfare 3 Myself. Now KSI is not only about gaming, this online gaming community offers positions in GFX Design, Productions, and much more on the forums which allow you to explore and perfect different skills of interest. With programs like the gamer pic request on the GFX sub-forum or KSI live streaming to Twitch that any member can sign up to do really gives you the chance to practice and hone your skills. Web Ops has played a huge step in me discovering who I am and what some interest I like that I feel like without it I would never of known. KSI does seem to have a huge impact on players (Since being in KSI the influence of KSI has grown tremendously than what I thought it was originally going to be like. -KSI ClaiireBear. I can relate as i have seen it in members myself. With being a Family/Friendly oriented type of community people tend to grow bonds with each other and start to trust and understand one another. But we do have to make sure we have the Knowledge to keep moving in a positive direction, the Strength to be there for one another and the Integrity to stand by each other in our community. KSI means a great deal to me and I know it means a great deal to my fellow member's so let's keep up what we are doing and remember to have fun gaming together.
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    Happy Veterans Day! Today is a day to commemorate. I would like to show my respect to the moms and dads,sisters and brothers, daughters and sons as well as grandparents that has served and still continue to serve and fight for our country. It is an honor for me to even be typing this. You guys have saved countless lives while protecting not only the United States but the world as well from chaos and destruction. You did something I fear to do and that I am ashamed of. You took an oath. To protract and defend the United States at all cost. For that I say 'thank you for your service.' Not all veterans are proud of what they had to do in war. Some veterans were asked to do horrible things in war, so we don’t say thank you – we say 'thank you for your service.' Because regardless of whether a veteran is proud or angry about their service, they’re still willing to serve and I thank you for that. To those who have served and to those who are currently serving, words cannot express my gratitude.
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    we should get a few 7s to play this game
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    I am the new king. Bow down to anime tits ^.^
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    neither they are both gross
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    really good brownies
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    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Jaydon Lewis Remix)
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    Anime is a fun thing to play around with^.^
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    Dub is better. OG is always better
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    I know sir. I know sir. I just won't have power tomorrow so I do apologize for the disrespect sir.