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  • KSI Leadership Chart

    Creators of KSI Global Gaming:

    KSI Se7en 7

    KSI JT 7

    KSI Deadmeat 7

    KSI Syrus 7


    Clan Operations

    Chief of Community Operations

    They have the responsibilities of overseeing all Divisions and aspects of the community. They manage the work on Xbox Live, the websites, the marketing and all other components. They oversee all of KSI.

    Operations Manager
    KSI Game 7 | Profile

    Second highest achievable rank in KSI Global Gaming Network. The right hand man to the Chief of Community Operations. Manages daily operations on all platforms and websites. They oversee all of KSI under the Chief of Community Operations. 

    Senior Communications Manager  
    KSI Servo 7 | Profile

    This position deals with all aspects of internal and external communication aspects of our community. They are responsible for making sure all aspects of communication are being utilized PROPERLY and professionally. This position also plays a Administrative role on CMS to make sure distribution of access is completed properly and securely.  

    Senior Directors
    KSI BIGG PAPA 7 | Profile

    KSI Cali 7 | Profile

    This position is given to Directors who have proven they have the experience needed to run all of KSI’s Divisions and they have been a member for at least a year and have successfully fulfilled the Director position for at least 3 months time.


    KSI Space Ops 7 | Profile
    KSI N3XUS 7 | Profile

    This position is given to those Division Leaders who may become eligible for a promotion after 3 month as Division Leader, as well as at least 32 weeks of training and experience in KSI. They must also have a productive leadership history within a division.

    Division Leaders

    KSI Battles 18 I Semper Fi I
    KSI Space Ops 7 | Hell Fire | 
    KSI ZeusWrath 7 | Reality Dynasty | 
    KSI H3KTYK 7| Synthetic Reality |
    KSI Mrs Euphi  I Xiled Gods I



    Web Operations Leadership

    R00t Da3m0n aka "JT" | Profile
    The Webmaster is charge of aspects of the KSI Administrations, they have complete control of the server and are the Head of Web Operations. Any changes to the KSI Web Administration or ideas being implemented must be approved by the KSI Webmaster. The Webmaster is also in charge of selecting new Administrators for the KSI Forums.

    Chief Administrator of Web Operations
    Kered | Profile
    The CA is in charge of day to day operations of the KSI forums and websites. They also oversee all KSI Web Operations programs to insure they are meeting the highest level of productivity. The CA takes direction from the Webmaster to insure the KSI websites are running at maximum capacity for the KSI Members. The CA is also the head of the KSI Moderation Team and is designated to choose new members for the Moderation Staff. When the Webmaster cannot be reached for an issue or question the CA will step in. With the approval of the Webmaster the CA is charged with implementing new ideas and policies for the KSI Forums. They also handle any questions or concerns brought to them by KSI Leaders or Admins. The CA also supervises the KSI Discord server and appoints Admins and Moderators for the server to insure it is the best place for KSI members.They are tasked by the Webmaster to maintain the KSI Departments and have the authority to create and close KSI Web Departments. The CA also oversees the Director of Departments and Deputy Director of Departments in order to make sure Web Operations leadership is operating at the highest level. With the exception of the Webmaster and Chief of Community Operations, the CA is the ultimate authority in Web Operations.

    Director of Departments
    KSI Nex Addo | Profile

    Description: The Director of Departments primary responsibility is the supervision of all web based KSI departments and projects. The "DoD" ensures all departments are operating at peak efficiency and producing quality content, working hand in hand with the Department Leads. The DoD makes sure that the KSI departments are working in tandem to bring about the best possible environment for KSI and it's members. With the approval of the Admins and CA, the DoD can remove and appoint Department Leads, shut down departments, start departments and create projects for the KSI Global Gaming Network. The DoD will also respond to any complaints, questions or concerns brought to them by the Department Leads, and handle them accordingly. Departments exempt from the DoD's purview is Tournament & Events and the Moderation Team. The DoD reports directly to the Chief Administrator and KSI Admins. The DoD acts as the number two to the CA.


    Deputy Director of Departments

    KSI Elderpooter 7

    Description: The Deputy Director of Departments acts as the number two to the Director of Departments. They assist with running the KSI Departments, teams and projects. The Deputy DoD supervises the department leads to insure peak efficiency and quality work is produced. With the approval of the DoD, the Deputy DoD can remove and add members from department staff as well as create and close down KSI Web Operations projects. The Depty DoD also works in tandem with Clan Operations leaderships to insure a strong and prosperous relationship and works as a liaison between the two sides. Deputy Director of Departments is considered Senior Leadership in Web Operations.



     A KSI Administrator has access to the Admin Control Panel, and is tasked with fulfilling the daily requests brought to them by the members of KSI (within reason). Admins also answer member questions relating to the KSI Forums. Admins assist the Chief Admin in day-to-day operations of the forums, managing the Web Staff, and other assigned duties. When the Webmaster or CA are not present, the Admins take the duties of being the highest command present on the forums. Admins also have the ability to permanently ban members from the KSI Forums. KSI Admins are the highest rank among the Moderation Staff meaning they handle any issues brought to them by the members of the Moderation Staff.


    Global Moderator
    Cali 7 | Profile
    KSI N3XUS 7

    A Global Moderator has full access of moderation tools in all KSI forum areas. They i-sure that the Moderators are policing the forum areas, and keeping said areas organized and spam free. The GM's take direction from the Admins. 

    KSI Chaoticz 7

    KSI God of Rage 7

    KSI Elderpooter 7

    KSI Toxic 77
    Moderators handle day to day procedures on the forums, as in moving, closing and editing posts and topics. They insure members aren't spamming, and no problems and issues are being created by members on the forums. Moderators police the forums and enforce the KSI Code of Conduct and Forum Rules, and make sure they're being followed. Moderators take direction from Global Moderators and KSI Admins. 

    CMS Admin
    KSI JT 7

    KSI Kered 7

    KSI Cali 7

    KSI N3XUS 7

    KSI Servo 7
    These members are directly over the Clan Management System for KSI Global. CMS Admins work daily on the website ensuring security, access, usage and more. 


    Web Operations Departments 


    KSI Mutedoll | T&E Team Lead
    Responsible for the day-to-day running of the Tournaments and Events, setting up said events, and the overall management of the staff. The Manager is allowed to hire, fire, and suspend members from the team for violating rules or not conducting themselves in a manner conducive to team goals.


    Court Team
    KSI Servo 7 | Chief Justice | Profile
    KSI Nex Addo | Assistant Chief Justice | Profile
    Responsible for the finalization of court trials. The Chief Justice is given the final say on a members membership status and is given the full authority to authorize a DNH or blacklist. They are expected to keep their staff non-bias and on task during any court trial to ensure the fairness for each members court case. 

    FTLA/Education Dept
    KSI Game 7 | Director of Education | Profile
    Responsible for overseeing any and all FTLA classes, guiding the mentors for the better of the students. They are expected to keep classes up to date and running smoothly. They are also allowed to hire and fire the FTLA mentors.

    Achievements Awards Program
    KSI Chaoticz 7 | AAP Team Lead
    Responsible for the finalization of the nominations for awards in the AAP section. They are given the final say on any award requests, as well as hiring and firing the staff members. They are expected to keep nominations/requests up to date and spam free.

    Marketing Team
    Kered 7| Marketing Team Lead
    Responsible for the day-to-day running of the Marketing team, special projects, and the overall management of the staff. The Manager is allowed to hire, fire, and suspend members from the team for violating rules or not conducting themselves in a manner conducive to team goals.

    Productions Team

    KSI FORMAL| Productions Team Lead
    KSI CrazyHedge | Productions Assistant Team Lead

    Responsible for overseeing the creative aspects of a film and livestreaming, including controlling the content and flow of the film's plot, directing the performances of Actors, organizing and selecting the locations in which the film will be shot, and managing technical details such as the positioning of cameras, the use of lighting, and the timing and content of the film's soundtrack. Director reviews all final submissions and uploads all content to the YouTube channel. Director is in charge of what projects are worked on. Reports directly to the Operations Manager and Chief of Media as needed. 

    News Team

    KSI Zeuswrath 7 | News Team Lead | Profile
    TBA | News Assistant Team Lead 

    This member has received the honor managing the entire staff. The duties of the Department Head of News are as follows: Managing the health of the staff, moderation of the News Team forum areas, evaluations of applicant's  to the staff. This member sets the deadlines for the rest of the staff's pieces to be due, they represent the News Team in the other Media Departments of KSI, and enforces the rules of the staff. They are also expected to write weekly articles.

    Graphics Team

    TBA | Graphics Team Lead 
    This member has shown they are capable of managing the entire KSI Media Team Graphic Design Staff. This member works to produce the latest and greatest artwork for the members of the KSI Global Gaming Network website, but also manage the productivity of the KSI Graphic Design Team, enforce the rules as stated in the KSI Media Team Official Handbook, moderate the various sections of the KSI Graphic Design forums and subsections, and evaluate the applications in becoming a member of the KSI Graphic Design Staff. This member may also set side projects, such as Signature of the Week, in the case that the amount of incoming requests is deemed low.

    Research and Development Team(CLOSED)

    TBD | R&D Team Lead | Profile 
    TBD| R&D Assistant Team Lead | Profile

    Responsible for discovery and development of new innovative applications and tools that are used to support KSI needs. Team Leads are responsible for project management, development and design, alpha and beta testing, and implementation of approved projects. Both summaries have been approved by the respective team leads.

    Twitch Team 

    KSI Chaoticz | Twitch Team Manager | Profile

    Responsible for the overall health and production of the Twitch Team, to include managing streamers, the schedule, and Twitch moderators. The managers ensure that the Twitch is active during key hours as well as supports KSI events such as charity streams, tournaments, and highlighting division activities.