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  • This Week in KSI (August Week 2)

    This Week in KSI (August Week 2)
    Good morning KSI. This is your weekly newsletter bringing you the latest information on whats going on in the various areas of KSI.
    Web Operations
    This week Web Operations undertook various different changes. Some months ago we changed the system up to the different departments of Media, Personnel, etc. However, the system has been changed once again. Please view this link to see the details. 
    Fatal Genesis 
    FG has been doing well recently. Keeping their heads high and showing everyone that KSI CAN be on PS4.
    Exodus FG has held tryouts for their Head Hunters Rocket League team. Team A is looking amazing and we can't wait to see them in action on the KSI Twitch channel. Some promotions have pushed things up in the division staff ranks, emphasising FG's steady growth.  
    Congratulations on the following people being promoted within FG!
    Integritas FG
    KSI Icespot, to General
    Invicta FG
    KSI_Seremoty, to Captain
    Division Staff
    KSI_Riverrzz, to Co-Founder
    KSI_Johnson_7, to Founder
    Fallen Angels
    Finally getting back up on its own two feet, FA has been killing it recently.  Purgatory FA has been slowly but surely picking up, keeping KSI in line with some Halo love. The Officer Staff within Rapture FA is filling up quickly as well as the squad growing fast. Orientation concept has been somewhat successful. Some no-shows have occurred, but for those attending it seems to be working out and keeping things simple. Rapture FA has been nearing closer and closer towards a squad split. The split is being discussed at meetings, with goals and timelines for when this will occur.  
    Congratulations on the following people being promoted within FA!
    Rapture FA
    copperheab91011, to Private 1st Class
    TwirlyPython657, to Private 1st Class
    KSI PopRocket, to Staff Sergeant
    KSI Wild Bird, to Staff Sergeant
    KSI BurritoSlayer, to Staff Sergeant
    KSI Sexy Music, to Staff Sergeant
    KSI CupKake23, to 4th Lieutenant
    KSI BattleKing, to 2nd Lieutenant
    KSI RoadDog21, to 1st Lieutenant
    KSI CurrlyFry, to 3rd Captain
    KSI Mr Tyrant, to 2nd Captain
    KSI xMigrainex, to General
    Purgatory FA
    KSI Overkill, to 4th Lieutenant
    KSI Mr Legend 7, to 1st Lieutenant
    Grimoire Heart
    GH is KSI's very own PC division. Being headed up by KSI Crusader 7, we have strong hopes that this will be successful. Crusader tells us that at the moment with Battle for Azeroth (WoW) close to launching, he is focussing on gearing and building a raid team to start raiding in two weeks time.
    Thanks for reading this weeks KSI newsletter. Any questions, issues, or other queries, feel free to contact me or another member of the Moderation and Administration team.

    This Week in KSI (August Week 1)

    This Week in KSI (August Week 1)
    This is a weekly article we will hope to keep going, bringing news to members and visitors on the happenings of KSI Global Gaming Network.
    Web Operations
    Web Ops has seen some rocky times recently, but we are getting back to our roots and making the site great again!
    KSI Anatomy 7 was permanently made Director of Web Operations. KSI Biddulph 7 was promoted to Events Team Manager. KSI Vanilla 7 was promoted to Personnel Dept. Manager. The Events team have been working hard in discussion on new events and tournaments to start implementing soon. Achievement Awards Program team have been working on getting through member requests on the site and making sure everyone gets recognition. The Twitch Team are hiring new staff and implementing a new schedule to get the channel going again. The News Team are hiring new staff and putting some new features into place such as weekly series (like this. The Graphics Team are working away at completing member requests as well as Departmental requests too.  
    Fatal Genesis 
    The PlayStation 4 division has been once again shining brightly in the community. Under the leadership of KSIJohnson 7 - Co-Founder - and KSI Poseidon 7 -Co-Founder, they have really been making some great strides.
    Fortuna FG was merged into Integritas FG to allow Fortuna to have a stable Officer core and for them to get a chance to learn more and further their training in KSI. KSI Poseidon 7 is running a recruiting incentive for Exodus FG with a prize for the first person to 25. The division has been focussing on getting people trained up for the unfilled positions within each squad. Attendance for meetings has been excellent, with the attendance for gamenights increasing after each one.KSI Kered 7 - Executive Director of KSI - hosted a workshop lately that also saw a great attendance from FG.  
    Fatal Genesis' Rainbow  Six Siege Headhunters team ran a tryout this week. Congratulations to the following members on making the cut to the team!
    Congratulations to the following members on being promoted within FG!
    Leviticus FG
    xxlil_Hadesxx27, to Corporal
    Bada55kidop, to Sergeant
    johngalbraith93, to Sergeant
    KSI_Diesel_King_87, to 3rd Lieutenant
    KSI_Shadow_Yoshi, to 2nd Lieutenant
    KSI Osiris, to 1st Lieutenant
    KSI THEDRAMAMOMMA, to 1st Captain
    Integritas FG
    Dynomite313, to Corporal
    Sidetrack22, to Corporal
    jboss25457, to Corporal
    KSI Shy, to Sergeant
    Fallen_Phoenix, to Sergeant
    ProMicroW, to Sergeant
    LegendaryGameDay, to 4th Lieutenant
    SgtScorch, to 3rd Lieutenant
    Warblingsleet, to 4th Captain
    Archangel393, to 3rd Captain
    Highpointed, to 2nd Captain
    Rattlingmonster, to 1st Captain
    Ronald_McFallin, to Major
    Invicta FG
    KSI_Hades, to 4th Lieutenant
    KSI_Sxra, to 2nd Lieutenant
    KSI Serenity, to 1st Lieutenant
    KSI_Infinite, to 2nd Captain
    KSI CyanideDream, to 1st Captain
    Fallen Angels
    The Xbox One division has faced some troubled times recently but is finally getting back on its feet.
    Recently  Purgatory FA was created with KSI Vanilla 7 as the General. Purgatory is a Halo squad that will seek to bring KSI back to its glory days. There was a change in leadership within Rapture FA resulting in some promotions. KSI CurrlyFry came up with an idea for a new recruiting/orientation process that is now being implemented within Rapture. The weekly schedule for the squad is getting changed up to try and motivate better activity and interaction between members. Gun crowns are being put on a hold for the time being in Rapture but hopefully see a return in the near future.  
    Congratulations on the following people being promoted within FA!
    Rapture FA
    II RESCUE II, to Corporal
    KSI Biddulph 7, to General
    KSI BIG JOHN 7, to Co-Founder

    Member Spotlight - KSI Johnson 7

    Member Spotlight - KSI Johnson 7

    Recently the Board decided that it was time to open up seats for representatives from each division. In turn both divisions had the opportunity to fairly vote on people to represent their division and their needs. On behalf of the Board and community itself, I would like to thank Fatal Genesis and Fallen Angels on their participation in the vote. Please congratulate and welcome KSI Johnson 7 (FG)
    KSI Johnson 7
    Fatal Genesis' Board Rep.
    FG Co-Founder
    Chaoticz 7: Johnson, how do you feel about being voted into this seat?
    Johnson 7: I am happy that my division was confident in choosing me as their representative. I will proudly represent my division.
    Chaoticz 7: Ultimately, what do you hope to achieve during your term?
    Johnson 7: By sitting on the board, I hope to make a positive difference in KSI and to present to the Board the best possible representation of FG.
    Chaoticz 7: You were a previous KSI member, correct? What made you rejoin?
    Johnson 7: Yes, I was previously in KSI. I originally joined in 2013 and built up Treadstone division to just over 250 members across both PS3 and PS4. I started the first PS4 squad, I had to pursue career opportunities so I left to prevent my job search from hindering the division in my absence. I returned a few months later when I job and stayed for a while but then decided it was best to do my own thing for a while. I joined this time to do what I have always done in KSI and that is to assist the division in positive growth and pass along the knowledge I have gained about the community over the years.
    Chaoticz 7: Currently as a Co-Founder for Fatal Genesis, where do you hope to advance to in the Clan Operations side of KSI?
    Johnson 7: I am hoping to build the division necessitate a full div staff and continue to build enough members to participate in a div split. If all goes well, I would like to put myself into a position to be the first Director on PlayStation.
    Chaoticz 7: What advice can you give to members seeking to become a leader like you?
    Johnson 7: As for advice I would give for people wanting to become a leader like me, I would tell them that working to create an environment where everyone treats each other like family
    Chaoticz 7: What one word describes your experience in KSI?
    Johnson 7: Family.
    Johsnon 7: We have came a long way since I began building the PS4 divisions and, I am very happy with where we are at today for multiple reasons. I have learned from my mistakes in the past and, I have used these lessons learned to better build squads and the division as a whole. These lessons have served me well and, it is the reason Exodus squad was so successful and was able to split into the new squad for Rainbow 6 Seige and rocket league. I am happier than ever about our relationship with the senior leaders, their choices for how to handle future endeavors and the support we have received from them.

    Fortnite: Season 5 Preview

    Fornite: Season 5 Preview
    KSI Packers - News Team Writer

    There is some pretty big news and speculation coming out of the Fortnite Franchise regarding Season 5, scheduled to release on July 12th! In case you missed it, the rocket within Snobby Shores launched on June 30th. Once the rocket broke the atmosphere, a robotic voice could be heard and the rocket came crashing back down to the surface. The rocket traveled all around the map through various portals, eventually shot out from Loot Lake creating a huge rift in the sky. This has caused a lot of the speculation surrounding what exactly is going on in Fortnite. The rift in the sky has been getting bigger and bigger each day. This is similar to how developers treated the comet in Season 4. Places around the Fortnite map, such as Motel, Tomato Town, and Lonely Lodge have seen smaller but growing rifts.

    Promotional Teaser Image released by Epic Games promoting Fortnite: Season 5
    According to Steven Ry, an IGN Staff Member, data miners have also found files for new areas and points of interest on the map. Could we be getting a brand new map once Season 5 drops? Epic Games released a teaser image for Fortnite: Season 5 that has everyone drawing even more speculation. The teaser image depicts the rift that is found in the sky currently  around the map but also what appears to be an Egyptian type Sphinx. One Reddit user believes the character is Bastet, an Ancient Egyptian goddess, but developers have yet to comment on the true intentions of the image. This Reddit theory however would certainly fit into the theories that many have about Fortnite: Season 5 being based upon time travel. We can read and hear all these speculations and theories but one thing is for certain: No one will known the true meaning behind Fortnite: Season 5 until it drops on July 12th! So gear up and get on that hype train for Fortnite: Season 5! 
    Check out more information about the theories surrounding Fortnite: Season 5 on IGN: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/07/09/fortnite-season-5-teaser-image-unveiled

    E3 2018 - Microsoft Highlights

    E3 2018 - Microsoft Highlights
    This years E3 conference has been a bang so far. Fans worldwide are excited as ever: the next instalment in the Halo, Forza, and Gears of War franchises have been announced, a multiplayer Fallout game has been revealed, as well as much more!
    Halo Infinite
    343 Industries have finally given fans the next Halo game to look forward to. Halo 6, being named as Halo Infinite, is expected to be released mid-2019 on the Xbox One and Windows 10. 3 years since Halo 5 was released and fans are still loyal to the franchise ever.
    The announcement trailer was only 2-minutes long and didn't give us a lot to go off. Although, at the end 343 do tease the legendary Master Chief holding his helmet at his side. Despite the lack of info we have, the trailer and game title is suggesting some sort of open-world/RPG sort of aspect, much different from traditional Halo games.
    Fallout 76
    The prequel to Fallout 4 is something to look forward to. Surprisingly we actually know quite a lot of what to expect in this game. In previous Fallout games "Vault 76" has been teased and described as one of the first ever vaults to be built and inhabited. The player will be resident of Vault 76 and one of the first group of survivors from The Great War.
    All other instalments in the franchise were set far off in the future. The first being 80 years and Fallout 4 being 200 years. However, Fallout 76 will be only 25 years after the bombs dropped. What this means for the gameplay is that the world won't be as ravaged and destroyed as players are used to. The landscape will be more colourful and vibrant as opposed to murky, degraded, and ruined.
    It gets better - Fallout 4 was famed for having the largest map in the series, but from what we know so far Fallout 76 will be four times bigger. Todd Howard from Bethesda said that "Set in the hills of West Virginia... you are one of the first to emerge into a very different and untamed wasteland". He went on to mention that there will be six different regions for players to explore. From the sounds of things, this game will be a big time consumer for hardcore fans.
    Bethesda also revealed that Fallout 76 will be a multiplayer game. Much like Destiny where you will roam the world and may run into other players. They did mention that all players will not be friendly. It will be interesting to see how combat will work with other players and if any sort of "squad" system will be implemented.
    There are a few other small things we know about the game so far too. The game was described as "softcore", meaning that dying doesn't result in a loss of progression. Players will be able to build their own bases and move them. An aspect of multiplayer involves being able to fire nukes at other players. The game will not be compatible with mods. The game will have a Beta, however, the date is unknown. Finally, players will be able to buy a collector's edition - see image below. 
    Forza Horizon 4
    Known as one of the most popular racing game series ever, Forza will be adding a new instalment this year. Available October 2nd on Xbox One and PC, Forza Horizon 4 will be in a British setting. 
    Gears 5
    The next game in the Gears of War series will be titled Gears 5 and Microsoft are feeling positive about it. Stating it is "the most beautiful Gears world ever". The game will feature split-screen and online co-operative play. Additionally, two more Gears games were announced. One is a turn-based game for PC (Gears Tactics) and the other being a mobile game (Gears Pop). We can expect more information on these soon with Gears 5 being expected in the first quarter of 2019.
    Tom Clancy's The Division 2
    I'm sure we all remember when the trailers dropped for The Division. It had the potential to be one of the greatest types of games ever, but fans were extremely disappointed with a half-attempted game.
    Ubisoft has now announced the second instalment in the series and they hope to impress. The Division 2 will take place in Washington DC roughly 6 months after the events of the sequel. Despite the failure of the first game, fans are excited for The Division 2 which will be released March 15th, 2019.
    Multiple other titles were announced such as Kingdom Hearts 3, JUMP FORCE, and Crackdown 3. For the best info and experience, view the full conference below.

    Member Spotlight - KSI Kronic 7

    Member Spotlight "KSI Kronic 7"
    Written by: KSI EJKilly, News Team Writer
    One of the corner stones of our community is the leadership of our members. They are the wheel of the machine that pushes us forward and helps us achieve and sustain success. Without our leaders to usher in the next generation of members and train them in ways and morals of KSI, then we would never live up to what a community is suppose to be. There have been countless leaders in KSI since it's founding. The good, the bad, then every now and then, the great. Leaders are what has shaped KSI into what it is today and provided our storied history. These leaders have led divisions with hundreds of members, ran departments charged with assisting thousands, train members in tools they can use in their real life. These leaders are rare and more often than not their legacy is etched forever in the KSI Hall of Fame. During the tenure of a leader such as that, it's easy to lose focus and not realize just how big the impact they had on the community until they've gone or retired. 
    Our member spotlight will be used to combat situations like that. We will attempt to shine the light on the leaders that are in the trenches building the community inch by inch, member by member, To show them that their work and dedication hasn't gone unnoticed, that they are recognized for their achievements. We will also use it to show the members and the gaming world just what kind of standard we've set in terms of our leaders.  The spotlight, lastly, is used to show that we look out for leaders and give back. Lord knows they've earned. 
    Our first spotlight is on the General of the Rapture squad in the Fallen Angels Division, KSI Kronic 7. Kronic, also sometimes known as Camaro, has been in or affiliated with KSI since 2009. In that time Kronic has had quite the career. His highest rank achieved was Division Leader of Semper Fi, his home division. He's built 5 squads from the ground up and led two successful, full scale re-builds of divisions. Taking time for school in work, Kronic had to step away from KSI for a few years. This all changed recently. Kronic is now back and is helping lead the re-build and stabilization of the X-Box side of the community. Recently, we tracked him down and asked him a few questions. Enjoy!
    Ejkilly: How long have you been in KSI?
    Kronic: I joined KSI in 2008, I've been on and off but it’s been about 10 years, I joined in March. I got recruited into the Semper Fi Division where I made some of my best memories in KSI. 
    Ejkilly: So what brought you out of retirement?
    Kronic: I’ve been wanting to come back for a couple years, but it was mostly Kered, he’s been my friend for a long time (since 2008), he asked me to come back and I already had desired so I agreed. I share his vision on what can be achieved in this community, that we can attain greatness. I'm going to work as hard as I can to make sure KSI is a community the members and myself can be proud of. 
    Ejkilly: Being in KSI for 10 years you must have been pretty high, so how high have you gone rank wise?
    Kronic: Division Leader over Semper Fi, as well as Founder in XD during one of their re-builds. 
    Ejkilly: So what is the main thing that brings you back?
    Kronic: The comradery, I'm sure you’ve experienced it, you make lifelong friendships and we connect and know how other people’s lives are. The friendships are what bring people to KSI in the first place. It is also something that I want to introduce to as many people as possible. The experience of KSI should be far reaching, and I want to help extend that reach as far as possible.   
    Ejkilly: What are your goals for the squad, division, and refurbished Xbox side as a whole in KSI?
    Kronic: I want to make the squad active and help make it radiate how KSI is at a whole. I want to build the division to stay the largest and most powerful and best Xbox division to stay. I like to try new things and be innovative here. I want to help train the members of the division to be the future leaders of the community. 
    Ejkilly: Community wise, is KSI the first and the only one you’ve been in?
    Kronic: Mostly, although I’ve been in a few smaller ones, KSI is the first mainstream community I’ve been a part of.
    Ejkilly: Obviously you’re taking over after another leader, so how do your goals compare and contrast with his?
    Kronic: We match a lot, although I want to be more innovative. I want to do better, not saying they did bad, but I want to be better. I do have some things to change but I want to keep these on the basis that people find out over time what happens, but there won’t be too many major changes. There will be some change in squad leadership though, I’m big on engagement and keeping people active. In the squad as a whole I want people to be active and game with each other and be comfortable with one another.
    Ejkilly: Before we cut off, do you want to add anything?
    Kronic: I really appreciate the warm welcomes I’ve gotten today, and I hope I I can grow, especially helping the division and squad grow, and I want to help to restore KSI Global to its former glory. I look forward to working with everyone and creating some more solid memories. 

    Blacklist Abolished

    KSI Global Members,
    I just wanted to take a moment to make everyone aware of our change in stance concerning blacklists. I want to first make everyone aware of the change and how it will impact the community as well as relations with other communities. Secondly, I want to be clear on why we made the decision we made and how we think it will allow us to not only grow our community but be better individuals, leaders, and most importantly human beings.
    So what is this big change?

    We have cleared the Blacklist and going forward we will no longer be using a Blacklist! Now I know some of you probably just said "What the?" or "Is he crazy?" out loud. Please take the time to read the entire reasoning and vision before forming your opinion.
    What if people are kicked out?

    We will still have a strict DNH (Do Not Hire) policy. Members who are removed for serious violations of the C.o.C. will not be allowed to join or participate in "Community activities" or be in divisions/squads. However, KSI members will be allowed to associate and game with the DNH'd individuals.
    What if people are being disruptive/abusive?

    We need to simple work as a team and make smart decisions about who we associate with. If someone is harassing you or another member, simple block and part ways with the individual. Don't feed into the nonsense, just move on and enjoy your game time with your fellow KSI members. If a KSI member is hanging around someone that is acting in this way have an open dialog and let them know that you don't wish to hang out with the disruptive individual. If it continues to be an issue than simply don't associate with the member and inform your leadership.
    Why? - This is probably the most important question to answer.

    My question to you would be, What does a blacklist really accomplish? Many communities/gamers that are blacklisted see it as either a badge of honor or a personal insult. Both of which are contradicting to our goal of helping shape better individual. We need to learn to be better people and see situations from both sides of the coin. Even if we can't see eye to eye we still treat the other person with respect, even when they are not respectful to us.
    We all make friends with people that may not be the type of character that we look to have within KSI. It is not our place as a community to dictate with whom you can and can not play with.  It is your money that pays for your internet, console, games, etc. You should be able to enjoy it with whomever you want.
    My vision is for all gamers to have fun gaming while helping each other to become not just better gamers but also better people. Our world is full of terrible people, lets help change that one person at a time.
    Never leave a KSI member behind!

    -KSI JT 7 aka Jtthemarine aka R00t Da3m0n
    Proud lifelong member of KSI

    Calling All Content Creators!

    Calling All Content Creators!
    By: Chaoticz 7
    Media Manager
    Hey you, yeah you. Are you of the creative mind? Can you stream? Can you design? Can you produce? Can you write?
    If you're still reading and you're thinking, “Yeah, this sounds like me”, then read on, we are searching for people like you.
    If you're still reading and you're thinking, “Nah, not me”, don't worry. ANYONE can become a content creator. Take a stab at some art, some writing, or another area. You might discover a hidden talent.
    Meet me, KSI Chaoticz 7, the Media Manager. Two years ago I started my journey into media by joining the News Team in 2016. That small step and choice led me to become Media Manager over all Teams.

    Take a leap of faith, read more about each Media Team below, and give it a shot if you got what it takes.
    The News Team post content onto the front page of the KSI website. From game reviews to interviews to fictional pieces, there is room for any writer. We don't just hire you, use you, and forget you. Being apart of the News Team has benefits both ways. You give us your all and we give you ours. Improve your skills through our 1 on 1 coaching.

    The YouTube Team, yup you guessed it, posts content to our YouTube channel. Our producers and editors work on making videos for our viewer base. If you even ask them nicely, I hear they make montages for members that even get featured on the channel!
    The Twitch Team follow a schedule and stream content to our Twitch Channel. From game nights to award announcements, you get to come chat with our streamers LIVE. Even join our Twitch specific discord server to chat with the guys behind the channel.
    Arguably the most creative of em’ all, the Graphics Team are masters of Photoshop and other software. They work on projects for the community and even complete requests for members who ask politely. As with News - our Artists are here to help make you better.


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    Recruiting Tournament

    KSI is holding a huge recruitment tournament which begun on Friday, April 13th, that will run thru Sunday, May 13th!  All KSI members are eligible to participate, regardless of rank!
    First Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card
    Second Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card
    Official Rules:
    Recruit must join the KSI Global Discord server before the end of the contest Recruit must join the KSI Forums and post the PSN/Xbox Gamertag in the official topic along with who recruited them in order to count. Link Here For PS4, a member who posts 5 non-spam posts on the forums will count as 2 recruits for the person who recruited them For Xbox One, a member who changes their gamertag to a KSI tag will count as 2 recruits for the person who recruited them All recruits must be added into CMS. CMS will be used as a tool to track who has recruited who. Members with CMS access are expected to enter the recruited by field honestly. KSI Elderpoot 7 will be administering the tournament and will not be eligible to win. He may also designate those he wishes to moderate the contest and to help verify recruits. Time deadlines will be in EST. The contest will end on Monday, May 13th at 12:00 AM EST. All criteria must be met before the end time/date. Any recruits who joined KSI prior to the beginning of the contest are not eligible. Rules, time period, and any other criteria subject to change without notice at discretion of management.


    As many of you know there has been a lot of information flying around lately. I just want to set the record straight so we are all on the same page.
    1. This website has always been home to the one true KSI.
    2. It will continue to do so.
    3. I am and have always been the highest ranking KSI member still around for at least 8 years.
    4. We will continue to run KSI now and forever
    5. Those that want to stay apart of KSI are more than welcome to, those that want to leave with BT are more than welcome to( no hard feelings ).
    More details will be announced shortly
    -KSI JT 7 aka jtthemarine aka R00t Da3m0n
    Creator since 2003

    April Games With Gold

    April Games With Gold
    As March gold with games Games with Gold come to a close, we prepare for the April free games
    Free during the month of April:
     The Witness 
    Available: April 1st - April 30th (Xbox One)
     Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
    Available: April 16th - May 15th (Xbox One)
    Cars 2: The Video Game
    Available: April 1st - April 15th (Xbox One and Xbox 360)
    Dead Space 2 
    Available: April 16th - April 30th (Xbox One)

    Bungies Death Ending with Destiny 2

    Bungie's Death Ending with Destiny 2:
    By: Sterben
    News Team Writer
    Is Bungie a failed company? The answer is yes. In their early days, Bungie started out with the Halo franchise, the best series of that era. It continued for some time until after Halo: Reach Bungie broke off from Halo and moved on to a series that will forever live in infamy as one of the most failed Xbox franchises.
    Destiny 1 was a precursor to the inevitable end times of Bungie and their gaming days. At first, during beta testing, Destiny seemed to have a bright future...then came its release. Early on, Destiny had DLC which kept players entertained for a sum of a few months before the content went stale. Then there was more DLC, and again the cycle kept repeating itself into the next game in the series: Destiny 2.
    Bungie's latest project of madness: Destiny 2.  Why is this, you ask? From the loss of your D1 progress, to the completely altered weapon system, Destiny 2 is definitely not what fans or Bungie expected it to be. Story-wise, the game lacked just like its predecessor. The loot system was broken, players having to spend unnecessary periods of time to find decent weapons and/or gear. Repeated drops making farming a pointless endeavor.
    Destiny 2 itself then brought a whole new problem. Self-reliance on microtransactions with the Eververse kiosk. This concept was completely unfair to some players as many could not afford to buy these transactions especially if they are completionists. 
    The last problem is one D1 had. Content. As with D1, there were a few months at a time where DLC or updates brought new content to the front lines. However, with the release of D2’s Curse of Osiris, this DLC ended up as {like} the House of Wolves to some {-} lacking in content and bare{-}boned.
    The true question is: Can Bungie salvage the last ounce of reputation they have left by releasing a great DLC in the spring? I seriously hope Rasputin can bring a small glimmer of hope for this failing company. 

    Xbox Live Spring Sale

    Xbox Live Spring Sale!
    By: Nick Wilde
    News Team Writer
    This spring, Microsoft will be having a sale full of great deals on games, hardware, and more until April 9th.
    Discounts range anywhere from 10% to 50%, and the titles available include some of the biggest hits of 2017: Cuphead, Call of Duty: WWII, and STAR WARS Battlefront II to name a few.
    You can also find even better deals if you're an Xbox Live Gold member, saving you up to 10% more than your casual shopper. If you're missing a game that you'd like to play with your friends or fellow KSI members, this sale is a great chance to pick them up!
    Here are a few more titles and their promotional prices to get you excited:

    [Picture via g2a.com]
    Destiny 2 - $35.99 | $30.00 w/Gold

    [Picture via microsoft.com]
    Bioshock: The Collection - $24.00 | $19.80 w/Gold

    [Picture via microsoft.com]
    7 Days to Die - $15.00 | $12.00 w/Gold

    [Picture via microsoft.com]
    Ark: Survival Evolved - $41.99 | $35.99 w/Gold

    [Picture via microsoft.com]
    Battlefield 1 Revolution bundle - $24.00 | $19.80 w/Gold
    The discounts don't stop at games, and if your gold membership has run dry, there's a deal that will be especially enticing (I already got mine!) Xbox Live Gold membership, until the end of the sale, is available at a discount to new members or those who may be nearing the end of their subscription. Microsoft is offering a 3 month Xbox Live Gold membership for the 1
    month price of $9.99.
    These deals won't last much longer, so make the best of it by visiting the Microsoft Store on your console or computer and getting your shopping done before it's too late!

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Rumours?

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Rumours?
    By:  UMBREON X
    With rumours of COD: MW2R being remastered a lot of players are to be hyped. Players may now get the chance to play an old classic that a lot of the COD community called the best game out there. Many fans have been speculating about various dates for COD: MW2R. Multiple sources saying that March 23rd would see big retailers push out the pre-order - which to the dismay of fans turned out to be false. However, a large majority of the community is hopeful that the game will drop before the already announced COD: BO4.
    Popular gaming news site Eurogamer recently released a report saying that their sources can confirm that COD: MW2R is real. Later, Kotaku (fellow gaming news site) stated that they can confirm the game will NOT have a multiplayer mode, but will, in fact, be a campaign only game. It would be wise to believe that this is true, considering Kotaku's track record. They are infamous for their predictions and reliability with other titles such as Destiny.
    Multiple big name COD YouTubers aren't happy with Activision's decision to make COD: MW2R a campaign only game when the original had both campaign and multiplayer. Despite rumours and reliability of sources, until Activision makes an official announcement then we will not know for sure whether the game will have multiplayer or when it will drop.
    From my reading about the game, the chances it will drop this year are unlikely. A developer from inside the studio stated that old titles will probably be redone with the new software coming. I for one would like to see the old titles remade and see what Activision can do to them.

    The New Way to Play?

    The New Way To Play?
    By: Biddulph 7
    Editor & Writer
    The gaming world always seems to rapidly evolve over the last few decades. First, it was gaming systems like the Magnavox Odyssey and the Atari who created the primary foundation for gaming as we comprehend it to be today. Then it was games like DOOM and Wolfenstein who created the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre. Then over the next two decades, gamers have bared witness to new genres and gaming platforms being introduced into the gaming industry, some revolutionary and some, not so much. Will Mobile gaming be the next major step for the gaming scene, or will it be just another road bump in the road?
    Recently, the most prominent gaming news has revolved around the aspect of “taking the console on the move” with Mobile gaming becoming the hottest new feature for those who are desiring to play Console/PC games like FORTNITE or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on iOS and Android. All of these significant releases were happening during the 2018 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. While there were a bunch of new ideas, concepts, and plans regarding major indie projects and gaming companies; the release of the two most significant Battle Royal Games took the headlines.
    These two gaming juggernauts have made Mobile history, especially FORTNITE. It resonates across the gaming galaxy in a multitude of ways. The biggest reason being FORTNITE Mobile presents itself just like it does on Console and PC; having the same features, the full game on each platform, and it also allows for Mobile players to play with Console and & PC players together. This essentially has never occurred before. No game previously has ever allowed Mobile players to interact with other platforms like Xbox One and or PS4.     
    Regarding the Game Developers Conference, the conference itself has shifted its focus over the years concerning Mobile gaming and only recently become dominated by Indie developers and titles that are focused towards Mobile. Although large companies and triple-A console/PC titles still take up the majority of news, Mobile gaming has pushed the dominators aside and has created its own space in the world of gaming.
    Dan Gray of ustwo studios which is a part of the mobile indie/puzzle game Monument Valley 2, spoke with Techcrunch, stating how he has witnessed the change in attitude regarding Mobile becoming a serious competitor with other gaming platforms.
    “I remember the GDC before we launched Monument Valley. We were fortunate enough that Unity offered us a place on their stand. Nobody had heard of us or our game, and we were begging journalists to say hello, it’s crazy how things have changed in four years. We’ve now got three speakers at the conference this year, people stop you in the street (within a two-block radius) and were asked to be part of interviews like this about the future of mobile."
    Although FORTNITE and PlayerUnknown’s both released on iOS and Android, many gaming companies and gamers both believe that iOS will dominate the Mobile gaming market as more and more users use their smartphones to play favourite games. TechCrunch also spoke with Apple’s VP of iOS, iPhone, and iPad product marketing, Greg Joswiak, and they discovered how Apple is gaining the lead in the Mobile gaming race by promoting gaming.
    “I spoke to Apple VP Greg Joswiak about Apple’s place in the industry. “Gaming has always been one of the most popular categories on the App Store,” he says. A recent relaunch of the App Store put gaming into its own section and introduced a Today tab that tells stories about the games and their developers."
    TechCrunch also inquired about how Apple views its competitor and how they believe they have an advantage over Android. 
    “We bring a very homogenous customer base to developers where 90% of [devices] are on the current versions of iOS,” says Joswiak. Apple’s customers embrace those changes and updates quickly, he says, and this allows developers to target new features and the full capabilities of the devices more quickly."
    In regards to the Game Developers Conference, Apple is not an official sponsor of the event, but the company is hosting two sessions at the event, including an introduction and overview to Metal 2, and ARKit, Apples hope for the future of Mobile gaming. 
    With all this being said, there is an exciting future ahead for gaming, especially Mobile, with one of the worlds biggest tech companies being willing enough to engage in the gaming community that has encircled its platform. It also shows how the gaming industry is becoming more open to different avenues of platforms and Mobile becoming genuinely integrated into the gaming scene, with Mobile taking its portion of the market alongside the console, PC, and other portable gaming devices.

    Fortnite: Battle Royale V3.3 Overview

    Fortnite: Battle Royale V3.3 Overview
    By: Chaoticz 7
    Media Manager
    Not long after V3.2 Epic Games surprise players with another update - V3.3. Introducing new features and saying goodbye some older features.
    Blitz Limited Time Mode (LTM)
    Coming March 19th, Blitz will essentially be an enhanced version of the base game. Faster storm times, additional loot rates, and more!
    -Matches will start with the storm circle immediately closing in.
    -Storm circles move faster and more intense.
    -Maximum match length decreased to 15 minutes.
    -Chest spawn rate increased from 50-70% to 80-90% and chest health increased from 200 to 500.
    -Ammo box spawn rate increased from 65-80% to 85-95% and ammo box health increased from 120 to 150.
    -Floor loot spawns almost all of the time.
    -Supply Drop spawn time lessened and Supply Drops fall faster. 
    -Launchpad spawn rate greatly increased.
    -Harvesting resources yield double the materials.
    -Loot resources yield 100 materials rather than 30.
    In other news;
    Supply Llamas
    Fortnite's latest addition to the game is the supply llama. Extremely rare loot boxes found in randomly scattered locations across the map provide great loot for players dedicated to finding them.
    -500 of each material
    -Various traps
    -Various consumables
    Including Chug Jugs and the below Remote Explosives, these supply llamas will prove to be possible game changers in times of need. However, the catch is that only three supply llamas appear on each map.
    Introducing: Remote Explosives
    The new gadget added to the game is the all-too-familiar C4 device. Found in chests, floor loot, supply llamas, and supply drops, the RE can be thrown and remotely detonated at the click of a button. RE comes in stacks of three and can players can carry up to ten at a time. It provides a great way to destroy players in a timely manner or take down a base strategically.
    Finally, we wish farewell to the Smoke Grenade. Epic Games send the item to the vault stating that not as many players as they would wish are utilizing the item. Maybe it'll return...maybe not. 
    Check out the official Patch Notes for V3.3 for more information and Save The World notes.

    Fortnite: Battle Royale V3.2 Overview

    Fortnite: Battle Royale V3.2 Overview
    By: Chaoticz 7
    Media Manager
    Not long after Fortnite's Season 3 (V3.0) update and they are still adding more content to the game.
    Changes for both Save the World and Battle Royale were added in V3.2 but we will be detailing BR only here.
    Teams of 20
    The biggest addition to the game in V3.2 is the new Limited Time Mode (LTM), Teams of 20.
    Similiar to the previous 50 vs 50 LTM, TO20 is a mode that will most likely be in the game for a week or two with returning periods in the future.
    There are 5 teams of 20 loaded onto the map on one bus at the start of the map. One thing changed from 50 vs 50 is that you can now see ALL of your teammates on the map symbolised by green markers no matter where they are. Additionally, teammates markers will show at the start of the map as green, allowing teams to sort of indicate where to go and mass together.
    -The chance of a chest spawning in TO20 was increased from 50-70% to 60-80%.
    -The chance of an ammo box spawning in TO20 was increased from 65-80% to 75-90%.
    -Each round Supply Drops come in batches of 5, according to Epic Games.
    -Instead of the normal 9 Storm Circles, TO20 has been brought down to 6 Storm Circles. This affects the times of the usual Storm Circles we are used to. Check the full Patch Notes at the bottom of this article for details.
    Another great feature is that players now receive the credit for forced fall damage. Meaning if you do one of the following resulting in a player elimination, you receive credit in your kill count:
    -a player dies by taking fall damage from your Impulse Grenade
    -a player dies by taking fall damage from you breaking the platform below them
    -a player dies by taking fall damage from you breaking the bottom support of their base
    The emotes that everyone loves to use in the pre-game lobby now no longer last 5 seconds and are infinite. This allows us to annoy our friends for eternity with our Take the L dance!
    Bug Fixes
    -Hunting Rifle now uses perfect accuracy when aiming down sights.
    -Issues with weapons not loading in at the start were fixed.
    -Issues with inventory slots being rendered unusable were fixed.
    -Game crashes caused by unplugging headphones or closing the game after opening the settings menu were fixed.
    -Squad member names being missing from the start menu in-game were fixed.
    -Glider trails not being visible to other players were fixed.
    This is a summary of the V3.2 Battle Royale update. For information on the Save the World update or the rest of this Battle Royale update, visit the link below.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveal

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveal
    By: Chaoticz 7
    Media Manager 
    You heard right. Treyarch Studios are the developers for the next instalment in the Call of Duty franchise. Fans all over the world have been long rumouring that a new episode in the Black Ops is coming.
    This week it was officially announced that the next instalment will indeed be Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Twitter was immediately overrun with excitement and hysteria as fans start their mental countdowns.
    Treyarch stated that there will be a Community Event on May 17th, 2018, which will give more information on the gameplay itself. The Global Launch of BO4 will be October 12th, 2018.
    Irritation filled many peoples heads at the IIII used as the official logo as opposed to the expected IV. However, it has been confirmed by multiple sources that Romans used both IIII and IV to represent the numerical value 4. We all still know IV would be better though, right? Like, c'mon Treyarch, you're killing us here.
    We will be following the latest news on BO4 and releasing news as relevant. Keep an eye on social media and this page.

    Fortnite Coming to Mobile

    Fortnite Coming to Mobile
    By: Chaoticz 7 
    Media Manager
    Globally popular battle royale and survival game Fortnite has been receiving frequent updates in the last few months. Developers Epic Games are working tirelessly to push out content and fixes for their dedicated fanbase.
    Fortnite has created a community of its own in the gaming world. Played by people worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Streamers, viewers, clans, and friends all come together to enjoy this wonderful game.
    Today Epic Games made a surprising but exciting announcement of Fortnite coming to mobile! Their already huge community will now be growing even more with this great leap.
    "We believe this is the future of games. The same game on all platforms. Console quality graphics and action. Play when you want, where you want." - Epic Games, 3/8/18.
    What's even more interesting is that Epic Games state Fortnite: Battle Royale (Mobile) will be cross-platform with PlayStation 4 and PC. It will be interesting to see how that works out.
    Epic Games encourage players to take part in the beta for the mobile version. The event will be invite-only and only for iOS users (Sorry Android!).
    On March 12th or thereafter, head over to www.fortnite.com to sign up for the event. EG stated that invites will start rolling out soon thereafter. 
    Invite emails will come with a link to the game on the App Store. If you receive an invite email you will also receive extra links for you and some friends! What fun would it be alone, eh? If you don't get an invite email straight away, no worries, EG ensure that more invites will be sent out in months to come.
    Android users have been promised that the game will come to them sometime in the next few months.
    Participation requirements:
    -Internet connection
    -iOS 11
    -One of the following - iPhone 6S/SE or higher, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad 2017

    Games with Gold - March 2018

    Games with Gold - March 2018
    By: Chaoticz 7
    Media Manager
    As February closes to a halt, we take a look at the lineup of free games available to members of Xbox Live Gold through the Games with Gold system.
    Trials of the Blood Dragon:
     March 1st - March 31st (Xbox One)
    IGN Review: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2016/06/17/trials-of-the-blood-dragon-review
    March 1st - March 15th (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
    Metacritic Review: http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/brave-the-video-game
    March 16th - April 15th (Xbox One)
    IGN Review: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2016/02/25/superhot-review
    Quantum Conundrum:
    March 16th - March 31st (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
    IGN Review: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2012/06/21/quantum-conundrum-review
    Each month one game from the previous month carries over to the next. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India will be available until March 15th.

    The Review - Bright

    Hello! Welcome back! All that jazz. Last month I said we’d be starting an installment of reviews on entertainment items and for those that read it, this is the second installment. The topic this time? Bright. The movie is a Netflix original that came out last month starring Will Smith. 
         So! Did you enjoy Suicide Squad? My first impression of the movie was that it gives off an eerily similar feel. No doubt that’s because it shares some of the same directors. It has an almost... cartoonish feel with the CGI and animation that went into the production process. On that note, the make up and special effects in the movie are as well done as any that I’ve seen recently. 
         To avoid spoilers I won’t mention any details regarding the storyline, however, I will say that it’s a little far fetched. The backstory is almost a representation of the political events happening now. Although I’ve gotten mixed reviews from others who have watched it, personally I’m a fan. Will Smith is a great actor and by no means did he disappoint in this one. His character was salty and pretty bada** at the same time. 
         It’s very easy to follow the chain of events that take place currently, though I do think the movie would have been far more enjoyable as a series. There was plenty of action going on, car chases, gunfights, magic, and a lot of epic stuff. My only real gripe is that so much goes unexplained, the backstory isn’t laid out that well and just jumping in current day seems almost a waste. There were a ton of great things that were hinted at and never expanded on. 
         If it’s on your watch list I highly recommend watching it, it’s not a bad way to spend a few hours. If you’re like me and think there should be so much more, do me a favor and call the writers and directors and politely yell at them. Either way, it’s worth the time and I could definitely watch it again! 

    Another Year Come and Gone

    Another year come and gone
                Well gamers it is now a brand-new year in 2018, and as in any gaming community, we dealt with the good and the bad in 2017, and here we are thriving at the end of another year. Coming into our 15th year of being a community let’s take a minute and go through some of the events of last year
                We started 2017 we have had many divisions here is the list, Wolf Den (Xbox 360), Synthetic Reality, Twisted Reality, Reality Dynasty, Final Reality, Hell Fire, Immortal Empire, Lost Empire, Arcane Kings, Phoenix Rising, Evil Ties, Semper Fi, Xiled God’s, Blades of the Eternal, and Fatal Genesis. Going into 2018 we are left strong with Reality Dynasty, Synthetic Dynasty, Xiled God’s, Semper Fi, and Fatal Genesis. We also lost members, leaders, and friends, but through all that this community stayed thriving on the guidelines it was founded on, to create a safe and fun environment for gamers to dwell. 
                This community also gave back this past year in two different charity events. One of which was for the AFSP (American Foundation of Suicide Prevention), in which we raised a total of around 450$. The other charity was for Child’s Play which is a charity that donates toys and games to hospitals worldwide. Our goal for this charity was 500$, but we surpassed that, and raised a total of 1,015$ for them. We also landed Cinch Gaming as a sponsor this year, they sell custom game controllers and other accessories.
                In another of year gaming, I encourage the new members to look towards your leaders, learn from them as you are the future of KSI, and with your help we will make it another year as a community. Above else remember people come and go, but KSI will never die.

    2017 Of the Year Winners!

    With another year in the books, it’s that time! The 2017 Of the Year votes have been counted, tallied, and considered for each award. 2017 was a bit rough for all of us, but for those that preserver the efforts are recognized and the rewards, endless. Thus I present to you the winners in each category for 2017:
    Director of the Year: KSI Space Ops 7
    Division Leader of the Year: KSI Huckleberry 
    Co-Division Leader of the Year: KSI Zeuswrath 7
    Founder of the Year: KSI Hardman 7
    Co-Founder of the Year: KSI Chaoticz 7
    General of the Year: KSI Medusa 7
    Officer of the Year: KSI Hoedoor
    Forums Staff of the Year: KSI Chaoticz 7
    Take a moment this week to congratulate these members of the KSI family and pick their brains a little of how to be a successful leader! Many were considered for each spot, though with the requirements set many who deserve a spot on the list were also ineligible. If you didn’t win or weren’t eligible this year, let us not forget that 2018 is upon us and with it, your chance to be recognized for the success you bring to KSI. 

    PSN Name Change?

    Getting the perfect gamertag, for PSN players it’s a maddening thing to talk about; see for the PSN, your gamer tag is attached to your custom email address. Once set you are stuck with it, you can only change your first and last name or create a whole new account. Think for a minute and ask yourself how many times throughout the years have you changed your gamertag on the Xbox? Owning a PSN based console is not for those who have commitment issues. Now I know some will argue and say you can just make a new account, no harm there. For those people I would like to remind you all that yeah while that’s an excellent idea it’s a headache to transfer over all your friends onto the new account, it’s time-consuming, your friends will get tired of it if you keep making new accounts and say goodbye to all your achievements. To get around this headache of a problem you merely change your first and last name on your account and keep your gamertag the same right? But even that gets old fast. Imagine watching Xbox and PC players just be able to change their names whenever they please while you can’t for years on end.
         Out of annoyance, rationalizing or just hope people eventually began to start rumors about the possibility of one day maybe just maybe the PSN allowing their players to change their names and get the same options on personalization all other gamers have had for far too long. At the PlayStation experience,  players were given a reason to continue to hope. Shawn Layden was quick from the beginning of the discussion to let people know that while elves were working on allowing players to change their PSN names, that from merely a technical standpoint it’s a lot harder than you think to correct this issue. He also stated, in his own opinion, Shawn hoped that they would be able to offer the players this feature by PSX 2018 mainly, so he didn’t have to answer this question for another consecutive year in a row. That may not be much, but considering the fact over the years they keep giving new reasons or excuses for the problem of why it’s not offered and taking into account this is the first time we have a possible timeline even if it’s stated as a personal opinion.  I will run with it and hope that by this time next year our PSN members are allowed to change up their names whenever they see fit.

    KSI Events - January

    With the first month of 2018 finally here, there are a few things every KSI member should know. Among them, the list of events held by the KSI T&E Team! This month there are many events planned no matter what you play. Die hard Halo gamer? Call of Duty loyalist? Or perhaps you’re more of a Rainbow Six shooter? Either way this month has something for you. 
         The highlight of the month is a Rainbow Six Seige Tournament on January 13th, but there are many other activities to get involved in.
    Click here to view a full schedule of events
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