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  • 2017 Of the Years Process Announcement

    KSI Global is approaching the end of another year and that means it is time to start the Of the Year process. In 2017 we will be doing things just a bit different than previous years and we want to announce the entire process and important dates ahead of time. 
    We will start taking public nominations December 1st of this year until the 15th and nominations will be collected privately through google forms and will not be released to the public. Once the individuals and others involved have made decisions based on a set of guidelines it will then be announced on a twitch stream either January 15th or 16th.  The stream may also contain the 2018 Hall of Fame inductees and if not will be posted at a later time.
    As the process goes further details will be released so keep eyes out to the website.

    Update to Xbox Avatars

    We have all spent some serious time in creating our Xbox Live avatars over the years since their introduction to the Xbox 360 in late 2008. Whether we made them look comparable to how we look in person or end up becoming Master Chief in a tuxedo top, short shorts, and combat boots, we all have come to enjoy the characters that represent us while on Xbox Live. The selection of how we can make our avatars look though hasn’t changed much at all over the 9 years that they have been apart of the Xbox Live experience. There were numerous minor changes, such as the addition of the prop store, but the selection choices kept our characters very limited on how far / how close to ourselves we could push the avatar; that however is about to change!
    At the most recent E3 conference, the Vice President of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, revealed the updates to the avatar editor, calling it Avatar 2.0, that was supposed to originally be released Fall 2017. This week, Mike Ybarra tweeted out informing Xbox Users that the upgrade is being pushed back to early 2018 now, however from the teasers and images promoting the upgrade, as Mike says in his tweet, “patience pays off”.
    As seen in the article image, the level of customization is mass compared to what it currently allows. The diversity that Xbox is allowing users to consider is extremely mass too as the promotion video (linked at the bottom of the article) shows avatars in wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and even allowing for avatars to wear anything in the store to null out any gender issues. The level of care and consideration for all walks of people is something that was lacking up until now.
    The avatars themselves also come to life with the redesigned face, actions, attitudes, and so much more customization options. Bryan Saftler, a Lead Product Manager for Xbox says, “We built these from the ground-up, they’re being built in Unity which is a whole new engine. Avatars are meant for whatever you want your digital self to represent. We don’t want to put you in a box, there are no more checkboxes, no matter what you think you look like or what you want to present online.” An official release date for the update has yet to be announced, however, this is something that will likely be released in early 2018 so keep your eyes out for it!

    Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees

    Today we announce the 2017 Hall of Fame inductees and the two members who will be joining. These members truly inspire, speak, and act accordingly with Knowledge Strength and Integrity. 
    KSI Nex Addo
    Nex Addo is currently the Director of Departments and has held many titles before and reached the rank of Co-Division Leader. He has been in KSI roughly 7 years and earned News Staff of the Year 3 times. He started off in the news team before furthering his time in web operation where he currently strives to push the best for KSI Global and looks for the departments to as well.
    KSI Grey Wolf 7 
    Grey Wolf started in early 2014 as a captain in Synthetic Reality then transferring as Founder to AD. Grey Wolf became Senior Director  for his efforts in KSI and oversaw Wolf's Den (X360) after KSI went almost entirely Xbox One, being the only leadership present still on Xbox 360. Grey Wolf retired early in 2017 but we are still honoring his work with this induction.
    Congratulations to both on reaching the ultimate achievement. Thank you for your service to KSI.

    Calendar of Events - NOV/DEC/JAN

    Calendar of Events - November and December 2017  | January and February 2018

    Greetings, KSI Global. As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 comes to an opening, the KSI Web Operations Leadership and Clan Operations Senior Leadership will be sending out multiple important announcements. Don’t get too excited yet, it’s all a surprise! See our Calendar of Events below! Times will be confirmed closer to the dates!
    Community Announcement #1:
    -Twitch Stream 11/16/17
    -News Article 11/16/17
    Community Announcement #2:
    -Twitch Stream 11/23/17
    -News Article 11/23/17
    - OTY Public Nominations December 1st - December 15th
    Community Event/Announcement #4:
    - Nex Addo XMAS Giveaway 12/7
    Community Event/Announcement #4:
    - OTY Of the Years 2017 Release - January 16th (Live Twitch Stream then Article on Front page)
    Community Event/Announcement #5:
    -Twitch Stream 2/24/18 (Ringing in the New Year)
    -News Article 2/24/18


    The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader.

    Would you define yourself as a boss or a leader? Remember your answer and when this article is over, re-evaluate your response. My personal definition of a boss is someone who is in power and solely uses their power for advancement whereas a leader to me my personal definition for a leader is someone who has followers that they support, guide, and lead to bigger and better expectations. But what is the real definition. A boss is defined as “a person in charge of a worker or organization.” A leader is defined as “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.” Looking at the two they are almost similar by definition, but, that is truly not the case. I am going to go over the 9 differences between a leader and a boss. 
    The first difference is shown as a boss being impersonal; having no true personality or character. A leader is usually known to be compassionate and caring of those around them. This is shown in a number of ways, but the most important is a leader will take care of those around them before being concerned about themselves. How would you define yourself in this aspect, as a leader or a boss?
    Moving on to the next difference. A boss is one that usually says “I” when referring to accomplishments or accolades. A leader is one who truly steps up and says “We” when referring to the accomplishments or accolades of their team or group. A leader gives their praise straight to those who work for and under them as a thanks while a boss takes the praise for their own advancement as I said before. KSI has had many leaders over the years who give it all to their members. But we have also had some “bosses”. 
    The next difference is a big one when it comes to KSI. A boss uses people for their own personal gain and glory, while a leader develops people into leaders in their own right. Have you ever known someone in KSI who simply uses people that can build a squad or division for just that, building a squad or division? I have known many through my years in KSI and my journey to where I am today. I have also known some leaders who have developed me (as well as others) into the leaders we are today. The influence their leadership styles have had to those around them is something that will never disappear or get old. Do you use people or develop people?
    Another huge difference and another big one for me personally is most Bosses inspire fear in the individuals they are over, while leaders earn the respect of those they are over and work with. Lets go into more detail on this one. Have you ever had a boss you were afraid to bring things to because of their reaction and what could come from it? Have you ever had a boss you knew would give you a hard time if you messed up and so for that purpose you tried maybe harder then you should have in your work? I know I have, and those are the people we want to get rid of as soon as we can because those type of “leadership” styles roll down hill and you WILL pick up on it if under it for long enough. In the same instance have you ever had a leader that absolutely earned your respect because of their hard work and way they handled situations? I know I have, and I am currently under one of those leaders. His name is KSI Zeuswrath 7, Zeus always ensures he earns his members respect, no matter their rank or position in KSI. Zeus is big on doing things that he has done before and know that works, and if it doesn't he is not afraid to admit when he is wrong or ask for help or suggestions from the leaders around him. Are you like Zeus or like the many failed “bosses” in KSI history?
    The next difference is one that a lot of people truly take for granted. A boss will take credit and dish out blame while a leader will give out credit and take the blame. A boss is someone who simply think they are the only ones in their universe; they are the only thing in existence. So to them, taking the credit for everything is just normal. What they fail to comprehend is that they have individuals working for them who usually look to them for guidance and direction, but they usually overlook that and don't take care of those under them. A leader on the other hand is someone who you can count on to give you guidance and direction and when things go good they give you more then the fair share of the credit and usually give themselves less then the fair share while also taking more then the fair share of the blame. A good example of this in KSI is KSI Mizz Airy, I see a lot that she works her butt off to make sure things are running smoothly and a lot of what she set up in LE is truly flourishing. She doesn't take all that credit though, instead she gives it to those under her because they worked just as hard. When things go wrong she takes the blame and helps fix the issue. That is a true leader.
    Another big difference between a leader and a boss, is that a boss micromanages to ensure things are done their way. A leader is one who delegates tasks tailored to the strength of the people working for them. The way I see is, a boss is going to come to you and interfere with your space, task, or job to try and get it done their way, which might not always be the right way. Sometimes it is better to take a step back and look at what the final outcome will be, whether that is what your boss asks you to do or not. When a leader delegates these tasks they are merely overlooking the work of those underneath them while ensuring they are being done by the proper person, with the proper training, and in a proper amount of time. The difference is easy to tell in a person in KSI, there are some who will simply step into your squad and handle everything when it could have been done at a much lower level, that would be a boss. You also have the person who is going to guide you in the right direction, while also giving you some back-up in case you need them. They will only reach into your squad when needed depending on the situation. That is a leader.
    The next difference and a big one when it comes to defining any leader is when they say “Lets go” compared to a boss which says “go.” A boss is typically one who is going to say “Go” when giving orders or directions. They are going to tell you to get something done without helping or even guiding you through the right path of doing it. A true leader is always willing to do anything they give you task wise themselves if need be. They will always be there to ease the pain and help lower the burden when things don’t go right and when they do go right, they will be right there beside you. This one kind of ties into the next one so Im gonna combine them. The difference in a Leader Vs a Boss is the fact that a leader thinks much longer term then a boss. A boss is really only concerned with short term building and growth rather then long term building and growth. KSI leaders can be one or the other, either they are constantly pushing for recruits or they are pushing for recruiting and training all at the same time to build the next generation of great leaders. 
    The last difference and again to me is a big one is boss’s seem to focus more on the process of getting things done instead of the people doing it. This is where training within KSI comes in to play. A KSI leader need to be always pushing for training. We need to push people to see the light at the end of the tunnel, instead of what is directly in front of them. When you focus solely on the process you get quick usually not very long lasting outcomes. When you focus on the people and combine that with the process you get a good combination of both. 
    Now that we have gone over these differences, where do you see yourself as a leader? Where do you see the person to the left and right of you? I know where I see myself and the people around me. Only you can change who you are or how you act as a leader. Only you can change your legacy.
    Shriar, Jacob. “The Difference Between A Boss And A Leader.” Officevibe, 21 Sept. 2017, www.officevibe.com/blog/difference-between-a-boss-and-a-leader-infographic.

    Rainbow Six Siege DLC Year Plan

    Recently, Ubisoft has detailed plans for micro transactions within its upcoming first-person shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Also revealed are the company’s plans for Rainbow Six Siege DLC, which will be coming over the course of the next 12 months.

    According to Ubisoft, the recently delayed Rainbow Six Siege is to see four content expansions in 2016. Each expansion will add one new map and two characters (known as operators), each armed with a unique gadget, as well as a new primary and secondary weapon.

    The Road map below shows details about Ubisoft’s plan for release dates, currently aimed for January, April, July and October with exact dates to be confirmed sometime in the future. The Road map also states that new game modes will be available, but it is uncertain as to whether we will see any more single player content, or whether the DLC will be solely multiplayer-based.

    Ubisoft announced last September that Rainbow Six Siege DLC maps will be coming free to all players in addition to the 10 initial multiplayer maps already in the base game. To support this decision, players will use an in-game currency called Renown in the game’s multiplayer, which can be purchased using real money. Renown can also be earned by playing the game and can be used to purchase new characters and weapon skins.

    Clumsy players may even end up losing Renown, as killing teammates will have a negative impact on your totals. Rainbow Six developers have estimated that each player should earn around 1000 Renown per hour of gameplay, but it should be noted that each operator requires 25,000 renown to purchase.

    Players who don’t feel like putting in the hours have another option: buying R6 Credits. These credits act as second in-game currency, available for $4.99 for a pack of 600, which can be used to buy a number of cosmetic features that cannot be obtained through other means. 600 Credits is also the amount needed to buy an operator that would otherwise take roughly 25 hours to unlock. Ubisoft have stressed, though, that the premium skins solely available for purchase with R6 Credits are purely decorative and will not affect gameplay in any way.

    Kered interviews JT

    We'll start with some lighter questions before we jump into the KSI specific stuff, give a chance for the members to get to know you a little better. 
    Kered: Other than being the KSI Webmaster and your real life job, what are some of the things you like doing?

    JT: "I like to keep myself busy with a variety of different things. I am huge into everything technology from hardware to software. I dabble in a lot of programming languages because I like to find out how things work. On the other end of the spectrum I have a huge motorcycle obsessions. The feeling of riding is amazing, nothing like it. Just like with technology I also make it a habit to “tinker” with my bike. I have taken it apart multiple times for a variety of reasons, sometimes to upgrade a part, other times just because I want to see how it all fits together. My last and newest hobby would be home brewing, once again I think this stems from the same concept as my other hobbies. I wanted to see how beer was made and how subtle changes can make a difference."
    Kered: When did you first get interested in coding and web site management, and what brought you to stick with it? 

    JT: "Actually it all started with KSI. I was young and was already playing around with a lot of software/hardware but nothing in the realm of websites. When I joined our website had zero interactivity, and was basically an information page (which wasn’t much) with a flash header (which wasn’t bad for the time). I was so excited when I first joined that I wanted to help however I could. So I went to one of the best (and sometimes worst) resources we have GOOGLE. I started reading all sorts of stuff from tutorials to reviews of different CMS (Content management systems). When we first changed the website to E107 I knew little about PHP or MYSQL. I was literally figuring it all out as I went. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. At the time that is why I stuck with it, now it is different for me. I no longer have as much time to be around the community; however, KSI has taught me so much over my 14+ years. I run and maintain everything now so the community has the resources to be a rock for someone that maybe is in a bad spot and gaming is what gives them peace and keeps them out of trouble."

    Kered: Inside and outside of KSI, do you have any role models you look up to and why do you look up to them?

    JT: "I can’t really name any specific role models. I think anyone at any time can do things to be considered a role model. But at the same time none of us are perfect. So I try to look at everyone around me and try to resemble the best of them."

    Kered: What are some things that you absolutely hate and why? 

    JT: "Mustard and Mayo. It tastes gross! Hate is a strong word and I don’t really like to use it. One thing that bothers me is when I know what the right answer or solution is and I am unable to do anything about it

    But Seriously I hate Mustard & Mayo"

    Kered: What would be your chosen superpower and what is your spirit animal? (If you can't make this answer funny, lord help us.)

    JT: "Superpower…. I would have to go with speed. Simply because think of everything you could get done if you could move 30x or even just 10x faster then normal. I could have been done with this interview a while back now. On a serious note, think of all the good you could do, the things you would have time to learn. It would be amazing! Plus I just like going fast.

    As far as a spirit animal I guess a Lion (according to some random 10 question online quiz I found just now on Google)."

    Kered: As it stands, you are the longest standing member of KSI. One of the original Creators of our community. That being said, the story of your recruitment probably isn't know by many people. Mind telling us your recruitment story?

    JT: "Well it all started back on the original Rainbow Six Three on the original Xbox. KSI was still relatively new and just started playing Rainbow Six. I don’t remember the exact details of how I came across KSI but I was invited to play in a tournament they were hosting. I ended up winning and afterwards I was talking with Bill (KSI Natas 7) and Wvern (KSI Wvern 7 – Don’t recall the spelling he has been retired for a long time now) and we all just clicked and shortly afterwards I started helping on the website and then revamped it multiple times. Not a great story but the journey has been awesome."

    Kered: How did you first come to hear about the community and who's idea was it to create the forums?

    JT: "I stumbled upon KSI on Rainbow Six Three on the original Xbox. I knew we needed somewhere for everyone to write down ideas and conversations instead of just Xbox live messages. So after we changed the front page we started the forums a couple of months or so later."

    Kered: You've been the leader and the owner of the forums since their conception. Which means you've seen many different eras and leadership on here. In your opinion, what was the "Golden Age" of the KSI forums and what made it such?

    JT: "I can’t really declare any time a Golden Age. I think the needs of the community have fluctuated over time and we have continued to change. To answer your question though, I think the Halo 2 days were probably the most active days we had."

    Kered: It's been debated for many years the usefulness of the forums. Discussed whether or not there would be benefits for pushing our members and leaders to sign up and stay active. Some say the recent technological advances (social media, discord, skype, IM'ing, etc) have left forums obsolete. Some say that the forums are a product of a by gone era. What is your stance on that?

    JT: "I don’t think forcing people to do anything will help any situation. The forums are a tool, they can be used in a variety of ways. Are there other tools out there we can use instead? Yes. Will those are tools show the world our strength and unity? No. Discord is a great tool however it is private, which it is meant to be. However I think our use vs the forums is short sighted. If we want to continue to grow and do new and exciting things for our members that requires money. If you go to a website and it is just news and no active community, you probably are not going to be as excited about it."

    Kered: Why are the forums important to our community and what can they offer our members?

    JT: "Well like I said the forums are a tool, if we truly want to continue to grow we need a stable platform as a base. Chat applications come and go as we have seen in the past."

    Kered: Again, going back to you being the longest standing member in KSI, have you ever had an interest in joining Clan Operations of the years?

    JT: "I don’t consider myself to be outside of clan operations. If you are referring to running divisions and such, I would not be a good fit for that role, especially now. It takes a lot to run a division or even a successful squad. I don’t have the time to dedicate to that, ultimately I think it would hurt the community and that is the last thing I want to do. If something changes to where I have more time to dedicate I would consider it."

    Kered: Has there ever been a moment where you thought you would be more beneficial to the community if you joined Clan-Ops, specifically at moments of crisis(i.e. LS split, creation of KSI United, split of .org)?

    JT: "Like I said, I don’t consider myself separate from clan ops. Over the years I have dealt with a lot of the hurdles and bumps in the road. Albeit behind the scenes, but still very much involved."

    Kered: Lastly, any parting words of wisdom for our members of KSI?

    JT: "KSI is what you make it. If you just want to play games. Awesome. Want to become a leader and learn new skills(conflict resolution, etc) Awesome! Want to learn how to do Graphics? Awesome. Code? Awesome. I do what I do so that future generations can have a great community to be in just as I did."

    Get to Know Your Moderators/Admins

    So Recently I had the opportunity to have a little chat with the mods and admins of our lovely forums. I gave them all the same questions so that all of us could get to know them better. Here are some of the questions that I presented to them. How long have you been in KSI? What rank do you hold in KSI? What is your biggest dream for KSI?
    Let’s get started with the mods!

    First off, we have KSI Cali 7. Cali has been in KSI for 6 years going on 7 years now. He is one of our Senior Directors. When asked "what is your biggest dream for KSI"? Cali replied, "My biggest dream for KSI is to see the community reach it's fullest potential. I was here in the past when KSI was bigger and the forums were more active.  KSI has always been 'home' to me and unfortunate events over the years have put is in a 'rebuilding situation.' My primary goal in this rebuild was to get KSI back to the place that I remember, as well as have a member base that can see how amazing KSI can be and not just a place to game but as a place to grow and work together as a team to be what we always could be.
    KSI Mr. Miagi said, “I first joined back in 2015 and was a member for a few months until life events caused me to leave and then rejoined in September 2016.” When asked about his rank, “There's a few. Co-founder in LE, CMS Admin, R&D Team Lead, and now moderator.” His biggest dream, “My biggest dream is for KSI to become a well known community, not just for being a gaming community but also one in which we provide skills that members can utilize in life.”
    Next, we have KSI Airborn 7. Airborn has been in KSI for almost 10 years! He is a Co-Founder over in the division, Reality Dynasty. Airborn wants KSI to be great. Not big, but great! He wants KSI to be a community revolving around their members and constantly building leaders. Soon, KSI will be great!  
    Next up, we have KSI Mizz Airy. Mizz Airy has been in KSI since December of 2005. She is now a Director over the divisions, LE and PR, and also works as a Global Mod for the forums. KSI Mizz Airy's biggest dream for KSI is for it to thrive and flourish as well as to see her boys be able to join in 10-15 years when they're old enough.
    We now move on to the Admins. (Note: These are not all of the Admins)
    Last but not least, we have KSI Kered 7. Kered has been in KSI for just over 10 years. He is the Chief Administrator of Web Operations and Departments. His thoughts on the current state of KSI are remarkable. He said "The core principle of KSI is to bring gamers together from all over the world, from different backgrounds and cultures. We do this so that when a member turns on their console, they'll be able to jump into a game with a ton of friends! If you take a second to actually think about that, it's remarkable. We unite people who would probably never have met otherwise. KSI gives people good experiences and good memories, some that will probably last a lifetime. And that's just with our current state, which brings me to my dream. Kered's biggest dream for KSI is to expand KSI to over 10,000 strong. Not for website activity, not for ego, and not for just gloating about the number. I want to hit that number because it means that we've made a hopefully positive impact on 10,000 people in the world. The world's a dark and confusing place right now, and to be just a little source of good and bring a positive environment, makes it all worth it.

    The Twitch Experience

    Twitch is one the platforms that revolutionized the way we share our gaming content. Years ago when I first started gaming, if you wanted people to see your gameplay you had two options. Number one, the person had to be there and witness it your gameplay or two, you needed a capture card device to record the gameplay and create a montage for others to watch and enjoy your gameplay. Halo 3 also brought gameplay sharing to another level, so that you could watch your gameplay and record certain clips to share with others. That was the normal routine for many gamers until Twitch released. Now I would like to cover how KSI utilizes the Twitch Platform. Many of our members like to stream their games on Twitch for the enjoyment of others. When a Member streams their gameplay, it allows the viewers to not only watch but interact with the streamer and others in the community. Another cool way KSI utilizes Twitch is that we stream our "Of The Month" awards. These awards are given to Members, Officers, and Leaders who show incredible skills, leadership, and initiative in KSI. These awards are voted on by the members of KSI every month and are announced anywhere from the 10th to the 12th of each month. This is your chance to see other members in other divisions and interact with all the members in KSI. Now, I don't think you'll be bored watching KSI members' streams because it's always fun and games! I encourage you to take a little time out of your day to check out the Official KSITwitch Channel and tune in for the "Of The Month" awards every month. I Remind you, the awards only happen once a month and it's always great to come out, rep your division, and rep your squad! Bring the heat for your teams and your generals because I hope to see you there!

    Why Fortnite?

    Why Fortnite?
    By: KSI Formal
    Fortnite is a new game that will be coming out in 2018, and the beta is currently out.I don’t know about you guys but I love having fun playing games especially new ones like this. There are many reasons why you should check it out. Everyone loves to play something new, something they haven't seen before which is what makes people love new things. Fortnite is a game where you and your friends break down materials to build a fort and stop the zombies from coming in. This mode is very good if you’re the type of player who loves fighting zombies off like Dead Rising or Dead Island.

    Don’t worry if you’re the type of person  who just loves multiplayer then you’re not left out. There is also a mode called Battle Royale which is similar to a cartoon version of Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Basically when you’re at the main menu you can choose whether you want to play solo, duo, or squad depending on who all your are playing with. Once you start up the game you are put into a waiting room until there are 100 people. Once the lobby is full, the game starts by you being in a bus floating up in the sky by a blue hot air balloon above the arena. Once the bus reaches the first part of the map you and 99 other players jump out to where you want to land and gear up for gunfights. You might want to be fast about doing it or else you may get the short end of the stick. If you’ve ever seen the movie the Hunger Games, this game is similar, just with a whole lot more people. After everyone drops out the objective is to be the last standing by looting places and taking out other players, or you can be smart and hide until there are few remaining.

    When you’re in the match you can pick where you want to go by pulling up the map by hitting up on the D-pad, and you can also set a waypoint for your teammates or just to remind yourself. Again this game is fun to play with others and have a good time with each other. If you’re not into games like this and they overcome your standards, try something new that you might find that you love to play.

    This game overall is great for just being a beta and it is also free right now in the Xbox store. Might as well try something new with your friends and create more memories with each other, or find new people on Fortnite. 

    The New Twitch Team

    "The New Twitch Team"
    By: KSI Chaoticz

    First of all, thank you for taking your time to come here and read this post. You are making the first step towards making the Twitch Channel great again!
    I'll Introduce myself - I'm KSI Chaoticz 7, the Scotsman. I'm the current Twitch Team Lead. In this article, I'll be outlining everything we're currently doing to improve the Twitch! 
    Meet The Team
    Team Lead: KSI Chaoticz 7
    KSI Chaoticz 7 • KSIAirbornTyler • KSI Hoedoor • KSI Beardly • KSI ChrisHansen • KSI QueenPink 7 • KSI MercysAngel •
    KSI xWasabii, DEANelite • KSI BIG JOHN 7 • KSI Knox 7 • KSI SSGSS GOKU • KSI Eternal15 • KSI Prideful • KSI Tiger • KSI Trivom • KSI Noter • KSI TheWolfGod • KSI Payback88 • KSI SwiftFury82 • KSI NewCreature
    Whats New?
    1. Discord
    Our KSIOfficial Discord Server has been revamped! 
    Join the server to get the following benefits:
    •Chat with the faces behind the Stream!
    •Suggest ideas and improvements that you'd like to see. Have a specific fame in mind you think would be fun? Suggest it!
    •Be the FIRST to know about upcoming events and features being added or streamed
    •A Subscribers-Only chat room for those dedicated to our channel!
    Go to twitch.tv/ksiofficial and use both command !discord to join! OR message KSI Chaoticz 7 on Discord "Chaoticz 7#2186".
    2. Xbox Club
    We have a Xbox Club up and running for the Twitch Team now! Club Name: KSI Official Twitch Team.
    Join the club to get the following benefits:
    •Chat with the faces behind the Stream!
    •Suggest ideas and improvements that you'd like to see. Have a specific fame in mind you think would be fun? Suggest it!
    •Be the FIRST to know about upcoming events and features being added or streamed!
    •See who's online and streaming. Possibly get in touch with streamers in part chats!
    Having trouble getting into the Club? Message KSI Chaoticz 7 on Xbox.
    3. Bot Commands
    •We've updated the commands of our Nightbot on the Twitch Channel. Go over to twitch.tv/KSIOfficial and use both command !commands.
    •We'll be adding more and more useful and fun commands as we go along. 
    Have a suggestion for a command? Go to our Discord server or Xbox club and post your suggestion NOW.
    Coming Soon
    •We are going to be updating our graphics for our channel, Discord server, and Xbox Club. The KSI Graphics Team always do an excellent job. 
    •We'll be working on our Social Media side of things. Getting our Twitch Channel noticed and shared more!
    Join The Team
    The Twitch Team is ALWAYS accepting new applications for streamers. If you're new streaming, we'll help you. If you're experienced at streaming, perfect.
    Apply Here: 

    KSI In Real Life

    "KSI In Real Life"
    By: KSI Mizz Airy

         When you spend so much time with people online, talking to them, teaching them, learning from them, it's amazing how easily those bonds can translate over to real life as well! A week ago, I returned from an awesome trip where I had the absolute pleasure of meeting some members of LE and seeing a couple of former SO members again. The six people I was able to see not only reminded me of how KSI can do more than just teach lifelong skills, but it can build lifelong friendships. 
         I started by going to Houston, TX, and meeting Shayzerbeam, a Private in Avalon LE, while I killed some time before my flight to Pennsylvania. She was incredible to get to know! Having only ever talked to her on the Discord server before, it was really cool how easy she was to get along with. Within a very short time, she showed me just how much she cared about her friends and fellow members. I enjoyed my short time with her so much, that I saw her again on the way back, and by that point, it felt like I'd known her for much much longer. 
         Upon arriving in Pittsburgh, PA, I drove up to stay with KSI MercysAngel, the squad leader of Avalon LE. She and I have been friends for a few months online. We have worked out together and talked about things ranging from her native Texan life to kids and, of course, Destiny. Her family welcomed me very warmly, and they were a blast to hang out with. Cards Against Humanity will never be the same! 
         Mercy then accompanied me for the four hour drive to where KSI Mr Miagi and KSI BlazeDaily7, Co-Founder and Co-Division Leader of LE, respectively, live. Prior to this trip, Mercy had hardly ever talked to them. My history with them goes back a lot farther, though. They were recruited into Empire RD when KSI DoubleOh and I were getting ready to split into Cerberus RD back in 2015. All three of them were new to Destiny, and it was a lot of fun getting to play with the "KinderGuardians". To fast-forward about 18 months, Blaze and Miagi were two of the very first members of Darkness TR, the squad that would eventually execute the first successful Destiny split in KSI. 
         That kind of bond (building something and seeing the continued results of those efforts much further down the line) is something special in and of itself. And from the moment we met at the bar, you'd have never guessed it was our first time meeting. (By the way, Blaze is the master of darts, but sprinklers are not his friends. And Miagi is the master of bouncing darts.) What's more, though, I got to see the body language for the first time of how these three reacted when speaking about KSI matters. I was really moved by how evident it is that they really care for the efforts they and the other LE members put into making the division function day-to-day. 
         The next day, following an adventurous lunch with Mercy (duck was involved), Miagi joined us in doing an escape room challenge with a former member of the Special Ops Division (2007), KSI Moos3, as well as a couple of his friends. Teamwork won out in the end, and we escaped the serial killer with barely a couple of minutes to spare! After lunch with Moos3 and another former member and very dear friend, KSI Templar EK, Mercy and I started the journey back. 
         For the past week, I've been holding onto that amazing, light feeling from my long weekend away. These men and women who I have known ranging from 10 years to just a few weeks reminded me what incredible bonds can be built, in game and out. Pennsylvania was beautiful, but it was this group that made the trip one of the best weekends of my adult life. Thank you, all, for your kind hospitality and even more so for your great friendship. 

    Top Recruiters OTM September 2017

    KSI grows by the dedication and heart our recruiters express each and every day while gaming. Because of this we feel it is only necessary to award those top recruiters from each division. 

    What classifies a top recruiter? A top recruiter is someone who pours their hearts into recruiting to grow, not only their squads and divisions, but the community as whole. They do not recruit for quantity, instead they recruit for quality. 

    Each month we like to award each top recruiter from each division. We would like to say thank you and congratulations to the September 2017 Top Recruiters of The Month.

    Firestorm – KSI MONKEYY 7
    Evil Ties – KSI Wild Sniper
    Hellfire – KSI XxR34PERxX, KSI Calamitosis, and KSI Hoedoor
    Lost Empire – KSI Packers97
    Phoenix Rising – KSI BlackWidow 
    Reality Dynasty – KSI Nagisa
    Synthetic Reality – KSI XxMercxX

    September of the Month Winners

    KSI Global every month gives the community a chance to recognize those who have been seen by their peers for doing their part in this community. Each month we want to thank every member of this community for making a difference and during the month of September the following are those who stood out to their fellow members for numerous reasons. 
    TO HAVE THE TWITCH EXPERIENCE: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181740463
    "The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do."  - Kobe Bryant, Professional Basketball Player
    KSI GAME 7   "Senior Leader of The Month"
    KSI Mizz Airy   "Director of the Month"
    KSI Anubis 7   "Division Leader of the Month"
    KSI Blazedaily 7   "CoDivision Leader of the Month"
    KSI Hardman 7   "Founder of the Month"
    KSI Altair S7   "CoFounder of the Month"
    KSI Packers 97   "General of the Month"
    KSI x Partyboy X   "Officer of the Month"
    KSI DoWrk   "Member of the Month"
    KSI panda sr   "Global Member of the Month"
    KSI Airborn 7   "Forums Staff Member of the Month"
    KSI Hoedoor   "Streamer of the Month"

    Promoting Productions

    The KSI Productions Team is popping, but it still needs help from you, the viewers! In the Productions Section on the forums viewers can find a request box where they are able to post whatever comes to mind, and the KSI Productions Team will strive to turn these simple requests into reality. The minds of our KSI membership are some of the most creative minds out there, and the KSI Productions Team would like to tap into some of that raw talent hidden within our membership. Want to see a GTA V montage? We can do that! Want to see a fails video? We can do that Too! Once a request is made and completed, the final video will be posted on our official KSI YouTube for all to see. So if anyone has an idea that they'd love to see in video form, place a request in the box today!
        Why should I fill out one of these requests? Have you ever gone on YouTube and watched  a montage or funny fails videos and said to yourself. "Those are really cool; I would love to make my own? "If so,  KSI Productions can help - all you need to do is fill out a request form. As a member of the Productions team, I and the rest of the team would be more then happy to sit in a party with the requester and discuss even more details, such  as what all you want in the video or what music. 
        How long would a request take to finish? The finish time on a request depends on what you request or how good you want it to look. You also have to think about the editors' real life and how busy are they with work, school, or sports. A good montage will take up to a week with a normal to busy schedule. 
        Will my video be on YouTube? That is up to you. The Productions team would love to upload your video to the KSI YouTube. If you are worried the video might turn out badly, worry not since all of the Productions have some type of software that it will make it look good. If we upload your video it helps us grow out in the world on social media and puts your name out in the community of KSI. People will be like, "Wow he is really good and make some cool clips. I want to play with him."
        The Productions team is here to take insight and new ideas from the community. The request form is just one new idea implemented. If you have any comments or other new ideas, leave them in the comment section.

    Iron Banner Hits Destiny 2

    Bungie recently announced the launch of the first Iron Banner in Destiny 2. The competitive based Player vs. Player (PVP) event, much like the Trials of the Nine, is set to start on October 10th at 5am EST. It then ends a week later on the 17th at the same time. Unlike Crucible and Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner likely has the extra element of damage given and received being based on power level (akin to the light-level enabled event in the first game). 
    The event begins by getting a quest from Lord Saladin in the tower. Keep in mind, to access the Tower you must have beaten the campaign. Then you can access the Iron Banner in the same place you would access the Crucible and the Trials of the Nine. Iron Banner will keep the same format as the other PVP playlists in Destiny 2 - 4v4 - with the gametype of Control, where Guardians battle it out to maintain the majority control of three posted flags. 
    Weapons are rumored to be a part of the new banner, but nothing is officially confirmed. All in all, I’m really excited for the Iron Banner. The new armor takes on the style of ancient warriors and already looks really good. It will be a nice break in between Faction Rallies, the week-long event in which Dead Orbit beat out New Monarchy and Future War Cult in the first appearance. 
    See you on the battlefield, Guardians! 
    Makuch, Eddie. “Iron Banner Makes Destiny 2 Debut Soon With These Gear And Armor Rewards.” GameSpot, Gamespot, 6 Oct. 2017, www.gamespot.com/articles/iron-banner-makes-destiny-2-debut-soon-with-these-/1100-6453826/.
    Image source: https://twitter.com/Bungie/status/916073036759023616

    Forums Competition on the Double!

    My oh my, we have had quite a few forums competitions going on! From  Reality Dynasty having a big squad battle for the best forums activity, to a KSI wide forums challenge hosted by the Events Staff.
    Reality Dynasty has won the KSI wide activity challenge, yielding $20 in Xbox gift cards. With a giant push the last hour of the challenge RD went on to win over the Hell Fire division.
    Within the division there was a push for forums activity started with KSI Airborn 7's own hands. He gave us a challenge, if the post got over 60 replies there would be a $60 prize for the squad that won. Sadly it did not get over sixty replies so the prize was halved at $30. Thanks to the hard work of the Hades squad, Hades RD has been named the most active squad on the forums and won the challenge!
    Thank you to all who contributed to both challenges and a big thank you to those that had sponsored the prizes.

    Why take the FTLA?

    Last night I started taking KSI ZEUSWRATH 7's FTLA 101 class and I already feel like I'm being taught how to become a better leader. We went over how to recruit, how to not over step your boundaries, how to successfully micro manage, and much more. 

         What appealed to me the most in the first night of the class was when we talked about recruiting. Yes recruiting is a necessity, but there is a lot more to it. We sell our recruits on how much fun they can have here and how much they will get to game. But what if we also mentioned how much work they would have to put into it to become a successful KSI member? When I first joined it was all about gaming, I never would had thought of taking all these workshops and classes. But now I'm hosting Sergeant's workshops. We should start training these guys as soon as they join and let them know what there signing up for.

          Not over stepping your boundaries, now this is a good one.  An example that KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 gave us is; if a General is not doing their job properly; should he have to step in? No because he has ranks lower then him that should be able to step in. The only reason he should have to step in is if the ones below him are not well trained and aren't doing their job. A good way to not over step your boundaries is to use the chain of command up and also down, and truly mentor your lower ranking members.

           How to successfully micro-manage. When you hear the word micro manage you think "oh no". But micro-managing can be good. The best way to micro-manage is to train the person below you but also let them show you what they can do. Don't control them, show them, for instance if you are the General and you have a Major let the Major step in and run the squad while you as the General guide him/her. Teach your Major how to keep the squad active and how to keep your squad growing. After all the Major will be the one that takes your spot, and you don't want to micro-manage too strictly because the Major will do it to the ones below them, then your going to have a lot of members dropping out and getting transferred. So if you micro manage make sure it's to help and not hurt.

          We learned so much more then that but it's kind of too much to put in one article. I hope y'all found this informative and maybe your interested in taking the FTLA as well, that way you can see for yourself. 

    Render, Focal, What?!

    If you bleed renders and cry focals then come with me! Travel on down the forums to the graphics team section and place a "Join Application." 
    This team has all the resources but none of the manpower! If you need renders they got it. Need knowledge on how to correctly blur? Just ask! 
    Join the team and make this site pop! 
    The Application can be found: here

    Top Recruiters OTM August 2017

    Top Recruiters OTM August 2017
    Below is the top recruiter from each division during the month of August. With some new divisions being created we will hopefully see some new rising stars next month. Congratulations everyone. 
    KSI jHooD 7
    KSI Hoedoor
    Lost Empire
    KSI Packers97
    Reality Dynasty
    KSI Cynical

    August 2017 OTM Winners

    August 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners
    The August Of The Month Winners are in! August was a successful month for KSI. Congratulations to all, no matter what rank, no matter what division, you have helped make this community stronger. If you did not win this time round, you and only you can make it possible next time round.
    Senior Leader of the Month
    KSI Cali 7
    "Cali has constantly shown his dedication to KSI and I see it every time I'm talking to him. He has done everything in his power to better KSI and continues to do so."
    Director of the Month
    KSI Space Ops 7 
    "He is a great leader in KSI and always listens to his members. Any issue/question that is brought to him is always responded to promptly and is taken seriously"
    Division Leader of the Month
    KSI Mizz Airy 7, Lost Empire [LE]
    "She's just an MVP all around. Constantly touching base with her division. Always on top of the happenings of all squads and leaders right down to a new recruit fresh in the community."
    Co-Division Leader of the Month
    KSI ZEUSWRATH7, Reality Dynasty [RD]
    "He is always inspiring me and helps me and his lectures are really helpful."
    Founder of the Month
    KSI jHood 7, Firestorm [FS]
    "For bringing some of the old school ways in with the new school ways to build our division. He is an awesome leader. He just wants to make FS the best division ever and together we can do that."
    Co-Founder of the Month
    KSI Nizzy, Lost Empire [LE]
    "Great investment into the PS4 side of KSI and has shown time and time again that he's committed to seeing the most out of his members and squads."
    General of the Month
    KSI MONKEYY 7, Firestorm [FS]
    "You really care about this squad. You care about us as people. When Harvey hit you spent two days trying to make contact with all your members in Texas just to know they were okay... You pour your heart into this community. You give it your 100%"
    Officer of the Month
    KSI Helios 7, Reality Dynasty [RD]
    "Helios was given the chance as a squad leader and he has done nothing but be a working machine. Everything runs without him being there and I am extremely happy to have such a great leader."
    Member of the Month
    KSI Lite 7, Hellfire [HF]
    "KSI Lite 7 is a previous member in KSI with experience. He's been recently brought back into HF and is having a great and positive effect... He is always recruiting, training his members, and helping out."
    Global Member of the Month
    KSI Packers97, Lost Empire [LE]
    "i nominate KSI Packers97 for Global Member OTM. He has worked hard and dilligently to bring up his squad from recruiting to playing to training his recruits to running his squad. He has done an amazing job and stepped up to the plate."
    Forums Staff of the Month
    KSI Mr Miagi, R&D Team Lead
    "KSI Mr Miagi is a genius and a hero. He has spent countless hours making us the best CMS we've ever had! He is constantly working to upgrade it and the background checker site. He is an amazing addition to KSI and to the Forums Staff."
    Streamer of the Month
    KSI Chaoticz, Hellfire [HF]
    "KSI Chaoticz is the most interesting streamer and keeps me entertained every time I watch his content. He brings in fun guests and is a good commentator for KSI events."

    We need you!

    Have you ever read anything and felt as though you didn't understand the point behind it, maybe it wasn't clear enough, and god forbid there were too many errors. I'm shuddering at the mention of that last one... 
    Nonetheless, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then I have a spot for you! The News Team of course! A place where you can either make sure that information is relayed clearly or write the information yourself! Get on it people because pretty soon only the most skilled journalists and editors will be accepted! 

    Expectations and Future Goals for T&E

    Hello fellow KSI members! I just recently got in contact with KSI MONKEYY 7 and discussed future goals for KSI, and I am very excited to share the great news to all KSI members. Monkey and I examined many different goals that KSI needs to achieve. What's to come will bring entertainment back into KSI, by the means of Tournaments and events. Also, the Events Staff will be coming back better than ever. Ready KSI? Here we go. 
    Firstly, I would like to provide the list of dates and what is planned for the rest of the month of September.
    Sep 10th: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare FFA 
    Sep 17th: Minecraft Speed Build 
    Sep 24th: Rainbow Six Siege 3vs3
    The T&E staff wants to get the activity level back up to where it needs to be, and more entertainment flowing on a constant basis for you guys and girls to enjoy. What better way to do that then a good competition? On a side note, the T&E Staff are searching for individuals that would be interested in joining the T&E staff. Below this paragraph displays the jobs available in the T&E Department:
    Division Representatives: Help divisions have a smooth communication process.
    Game Representatives: In charge of helping make rules on games there assigned to.
    Therefore, if your ready for a little competition or you just want to help build your community, go to the events section, and there you'll be able to sign up for Tournaments or fill out an application to join the T&E staff. I hope this article was informative for all KSI members. Thank you KSI MONKEYY 7 for your time and allowing me to get an awesome interview. Hopefully, we get to do it again!
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