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  • Promoting Productions

    The KSI Productions Team is popping, but it still needs help from you, the viewers! In the Productions Section on the forums viewers can find a request box where they are able to post whatever comes to mind, and the KSI Productions Team will strive to turn these simple requests into reality. The minds of our KSI membership are some of the most creative minds out there, and the KSI Productions Team would like to tap into some of that raw talent hidden within our membership. Want to see a GTA V montage? We can do that! Want to see a fails video? We can do that Too! Once a request is made and completed, the final video will be posted on our official KSI YouTube for all to see. So if anyone has an idea that they'd love to see in video form, place a request in the box today!
        Why should I fill out one of these requests? Have you ever gone on YouTube and watched  a montage or funny fails videos and said to yourself. "Those are really cool; I would love to make my own? "If so,  KSI Productions can help - all you need to do is fill out a request form. As a member of the Productions team, I and the rest of the team would be more then happy to sit in a party with the requester and discuss even more details, such  as what all you want in the video or what music. 
        How long would a request take to finish? The finish time on a request depends on what you request or how good you want it to look. You also have to think about the editors' real life and how busy are they with work, school, or sports. A good montage will take up to a week with a normal to busy schedule. 
        Will my video be on YouTube? That is up to you. The Productions team would love to upload your video to the KSI YouTube. If you are worried the video might turn out badly, worry not since all of the Productions have some type of software that it will make it look good. If we upload your video it helps us grow out in the world on social media and puts your name out in the community of KSI. People will be like, "Wow he is really good and make some cool clips. I want to play with him."
        The Productions team is here to take insight and new ideas from the community. The request form is just one new idea implemented. If you have any comments or other new ideas, leave them in the comment section.

    Iron Banner Hits Destiny 2

    Bungie recently announced the launch of the first Iron Banner in Destiny 2. The competitive based Player vs. Player (PVP) event, much like the Trials of the Nine, is set to start on October 10th at 5am EST. It then ends a week later on the 17th at the same time. Unlike Crucible and Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner likely has the extra element of damage given and received being based on power level (akin to the light-level enabled event in the first game). 
    The event begins by getting a quest from Lord Saladin in the tower. Keep in mind, to access the Tower you must have beaten the campaign. Then you can access the Iron Banner in the same place you would access the Crucible and the Trials of the Nine. Iron Banner will keep the same format as the other PVP playlists in Destiny 2 - 4v4 - with the gametype of Control, where Guardians battle it out to maintain the majority control of three posted flags. 
    Weapons are rumored to be a part of the new banner, but nothing is officially confirmed. All in all, I’m really excited for the Iron Banner. The new armor takes on the style of ancient warriors and already looks really good. It will be a nice break in between Faction Rallies, the week-long event in which Dead Orbit beat out New Monarchy and Future War Cult in the first appearance. 
    See you on the battlefield, Guardians! 
    Makuch, Eddie. “Iron Banner Makes Destiny 2 Debut Soon With These Gear And Armor Rewards.” GameSpot, Gamespot, 6 Oct. 2017, www.gamespot.com/articles/iron-banner-makes-destiny-2-debut-soon-with-these-/1100-6453826/.
    Image source: https://twitter.com/Bungie/status/916073036759023616

    Forums Competition on the Double!

    My oh my, we have had quite a few forums competitions going on! From  Reality Dynasty having a big squad battle for the best forums activity, to a KSI wide forums challenge hosted by the Events Staff.
    Reality Dynasty has won the KSI wide activity challenge, yielding $20 in Xbox gift cards. With a giant push the last hour of the challenge RD went on to win over the Hell Fire division.
    Within the division there was a push for forums activity started with KSI Airborn 7's own hands. He gave us a challenge, if the post got over 60 replies there would be a $60 prize for the squad that won. Sadly it did not get over sixty replies so the prize was halved at $30. Thanks to the hard work of the Hades squad, Hades RD has been named the most active squad on the forums and won the challenge!
    Thank you to all who contributed to both challenges and a big thank you to those that had sponsored the prizes.

    Why take the FTLA?

    Last night I started taking KSI ZEUSWRATH 7's FTLA 101 class and I already feel like I'm being taught how to become a better leader. We went over how to recruit, how to not over step your boundaries, how to successfully micro manage, and much more. 

         What appealed to me the most in the first night of the class was when we talked about recruiting. Yes recruiting is a necessity, but there is a lot more to it. We sell our recruits on how much fun they can have here and how much they will get to game. But what if we also mentioned how much work they would have to put into it to become a successful KSI member? When I first joined it was all about gaming, I never would had thought of taking all these workshops and classes. But now I'm hosting Sergeant's workshops. We should start training these guys as soon as they join and let them know what there signing up for.

          Not over stepping your boundaries, now this is a good one.  An example that KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 gave us is; if a General is not doing their job properly; should he have to step in? No because he has ranks lower then him that should be able to step in. The only reason he should have to step in is if the ones below him are not well trained and aren't doing their job. A good way to not over step your boundaries is to use the chain of command up and also down, and truly mentor your lower ranking members.

           How to successfully micro-manage. When you hear the word micro manage you think "oh no". But micro-managing can be good. The best way to micro-manage is to train the person below you but also let them show you what they can do. Don't control them, show them, for instance if you are the General and you have a Major let the Major step in and run the squad while you as the General guide him/her. Teach your Major how to keep the squad active and how to keep your squad growing. After all the Major will be the one that takes your spot, and you don't want to micro-manage too strictly because the Major will do it to the ones below them, then your going to have a lot of members dropping out and getting transferred. So if you micro manage make sure it's to help and not hurt.

          We learned so much more then that but it's kind of too much to put in one article. I hope y'all found this informative and maybe your interested in taking the FTLA as well, that way you can see for yourself. 

    Render, Focal, What?!

    If you bleed renders and cry focals then come with me! Travel on down the forums to the graphics team section and place a "Join Application." 
    This team has all the resources but none of the manpower! If you need renders they got it. Need knowledge on how to correctly blur? Just ask! 
    Join the team and make this site pop! 
    The Application can be found: here

    Top Recruiters OTM August 2017

    Top Recruiters OTM August 2017
    Below is the top recruiter from each division during the month of August. With some new divisions being created we will hopefully see some new rising stars next month. Congratulations everyone. 
    KSI jHooD 7
    KSI Hoedoor
    Lost Empire
    KSI Packers97
    Reality Dynasty
    KSI Cynical

    August 2017 OTM Winners

    August 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners
    The August Of The Month Winners are in! August was a successful month for KSI. Congratulations to all, no matter what rank, no matter what division, you have helped make this community stronger. If you did not win this time round, you and only you can make it possible next time round.
    Senior Leader of the Month
    KSI Cali 7
    "Cali has constantly shown his dedication to KSI and I see it every time I'm talking to him. He has done everything in his power to better KSI and continues to do so."
    Director of the Month
    KSI Space Ops 7 
    "He is a great leader in KSI and always listens to his members. Any issue/question that is brought to him is always responded to promptly and is taken seriously"
    Division Leader of the Month
    KSI Mizz Airy 7, Lost Empire [LE]
    "She's just an MVP all around. Constantly touching base with her division. Always on top of the happenings of all squads and leaders right down to a new recruit fresh in the community."
    Co-Division Leader of the Month
    KSI ZEUSWRATH7, Reality Dynasty [RD]
    "He is always inspiring me and helps me and his lectures are really helpful."
    Founder of the Month
    KSI jHood 7, Firestorm [FS]
    "For bringing some of the old school ways in with the new school ways to build our division. He is an awesome leader. He just wants to make FS the best division ever and together we can do that."
    Co-Founder of the Month
    KSI Nizzy, Lost Empire [LE]
    "Great investment into the PS4 side of KSI and has shown time and time again that he's committed to seeing the most out of his members and squads."
    General of the Month
    KSI MONKEYY 7, Firestorm [FS]
    "You really care about this squad. You care about us as people. When Harvey hit you spent two days trying to make contact with all your members in Texas just to know they were okay... You pour your heart into this community. You give it your 100%"
    Officer of the Month
    KSI Helios 7, Reality Dynasty [RD]
    "Helios was given the chance as a squad leader and he has done nothing but be a working machine. Everything runs without him being there and I am extremely happy to have such a great leader."
    Member of the Month
    KSI Lite 7, Hellfire [HF]
    "KSI Lite 7 is a previous member in KSI with experience. He's been recently brought back into HF and is having a great and positive effect... He is always recruiting, training his members, and helping out."
    Global Member of the Month
    KSI Packers97, Lost Empire [LE]
    "i nominate KSI Packers97 for Global Member OTM. He has worked hard and dilligently to bring up his squad from recruiting to playing to training his recruits to running his squad. He has done an amazing job and stepped up to the plate."
    Forums Staff of the Month
    KSI Mr Miagi, R&D Team Lead
    "KSI Mr Miagi is a genius and a hero. He has spent countless hours making us the best CMS we've ever had! He is constantly working to upgrade it and the background checker site. He is an amazing addition to KSI and to the Forums Staff."
    Streamer of the Month
    KSI Chaoticz, Hellfire [HF]
    "KSI Chaoticz is the most interesting streamer and keeps me entertained every time I watch his content. He brings in fun guests and is a good commentator for KSI events."

    We need you!

    Have you ever read anything and felt as though you didn't understand the point behind it, maybe it wasn't clear enough, and god forbid there were too many errors. I'm shuddering at the mention of that last one... 
    Nonetheless, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then I have a spot for you! The News Team of course! A place where you can either make sure that information is relayed clearly or write the information yourself! Get on it people because pretty soon only the most skilled journalists and editors will be accepted! 

    Expectations and Future Goals for T&E

    Hello fellow KSI members! I just recently got in contact with KSI MONKEYY 7 and discussed future goals for KSI, and I am very excited to share the great news to all KSI members. Monkey and I examined many different goals that KSI needs to achieve. What's to come will bring entertainment back into KSI, by the means of Tournaments and events. Also, the Events Staff will be coming back better than ever. Ready KSI? Here we go. 
    Firstly, I would like to provide the list of dates and what is planned for the rest of the month of September.
    Sep 10th: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare FFA 
    Sep 17th: Minecraft Speed Build 
    Sep 24th: Rainbow Six Siege 3vs3
    The T&E staff wants to get the activity level back up to where it needs to be, and more entertainment flowing on a constant basis for you guys and girls to enjoy. What better way to do that then a good competition? On a side note, the T&E Staff are searching for individuals that would be interested in joining the T&E staff. Below this paragraph displays the jobs available in the T&E Department:
    Division Representatives: Help divisions have a smooth communication process.
    Game Representatives: In charge of helping make rules on games there assigned to.
    Therefore, if your ready for a little competition or you just want to help build your community, go to the events section, and there you'll be able to sign up for Tournaments or fill out an application to join the T&E staff. I hope this article was informative for all KSI members. Thank you KSI MONKEYY 7 for your time and allowing me to get an awesome interview. Hopefully, we get to do it again!

    Fundamental Changes

    "Fundamental Changes" 
    Don’t you love when the new completed achievement pops up on your Xbox One notifications? We all love being awarded those achievements while gaming on Xbox. But what if there was a chance to celebrate in a way that was actually both meaningful and impactful? Well soon, the method you earn your achievements will be much more worthwhile. On August 10th, Microsoft released a teaser for an Xbox update that would bring a revamped, fundamental change to the Achievement system for Xbox. 
    Joe Skrebels recently interviewed Windows Central, Xbox platform corporate Vice President, Mike Ybarra about the teaser. Yabarra explained, “That Microsoft is working towards making the Achievement System bigger and more meaningful so that it will change the way you celebrate your gaming achievements as a gamer on Xbox." 
    As of now, it sounds like the traditional Achievements will also be sticking around for the enjoyment of those who will still continue to hunt them. The idea for the new achievement system is to reward those who actively play a single game as much as those who play multiple games. Yabarra also said, "We can do a lot more to reflect and let people show their gaming history and their status. Whether someone only plays multiplayer on Halo 5 at a professional level, they might only have a 2,000 Gamerscore, but you still want that person to be able to celebrate." 
    Yabarra did not explain how exactly the achievements will be changed, however he did say this, "We're going big in the area of letting people show off and represent their gaming history, achievements, and what the type of gamer they are. It's going to be far more than what we do with Gamerscore." 
    Xbox achievements were first introduced in 2005 and really haven't changed a whole lot since then. In 2014, Ray Cox IV became the first Xbox gamer to reach 1 Million Gamerscore and was rewarded with a lifetime Xbox Live Gold Membership for his accomplishment. 
    Along with the newest teaser came an actual update for the Xbox One's Home Screen for more customization in which you can add a Friend or Game to your Home Screen. The update also creates shortcuts to jump between Tabs, Switch between Applications, and Return to the Home Screen quickly and efficiently. Also updated is the Community Feature which adds an Activity Feed layout which lets you view more content at once. Stay tuned because Updates to Game Hubs, Avatars, Profiles, and much more are expected to be released this fall.

    Hurricane Harvey: The Road to Recovery

    Hurricane Harvey: The Road to Recovery
    Houston is a region known for their resilience, and rightfully so. When the town was founded in the 1830’s, the residents quickly discovered that flooding was a major issue in the area, with floods occurring multiple times a year. Although that may be the case, Hurricane Harvey is a larger, more prominent issue then past floods.
    Since August 25th, when Harvey began its reign of terror over the Texas/Louisiana area, more then an estimated 27 trillion gallons of water has been released upon the regions, causing mass amounts of flooding in the Houston and Beaumont region of Texas. Due to the extreme nature of this flood, a great deal of residents have been forced to evacuate from their homes, but many desire to stay with their home and possessions, and outlast this freak of nature. If you happen to be one of the people, beware because this storm can cause catastrophic damage. 
    Since the remnants of Hurricane Harvey is still very present at this moment and time, the toll on life and property is still unknown. Sadly 40 people have been pronounced dead from Hurricane Harvey’s vicious assault on Texas. Many individuals wished to reside in their homes during the event due to their unwillingness to give up. 
    Flooded residential area in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
    ABC News
    With that in mind, many people are now either trapped or stranded from the flood. Relief efforts are currently underway to attempt to rescue any survivors trapped from the flood, but it could take days for all trapped residents to be rescued, due to the sheer size of this catastrophe. 
    Last Friday, President Donald Trump called for a “National Day of Prayer,” that would take place on Sunday, to honor the victims of Hurricane Harvey. During this, the White House is expected to ask Congress for $14.5 billion, which would go directly to the relief efforts in Texas. $14.5 billion would definitely contribute to the relief efforts, but many speculate the total cost of damages to be well over $190 billion, with an estimated $97 billion being just for damages. If all estimates are correct, Hurricane Harvey would be the most expensive storm in U.S. history. 
    Hurricane Harvey didn’t just bring rain; on Friday evening, a fire engulfed a section of a chemical plant North-East of Houston, causing a mass amount of black smoke to fill the surrounding area. The day before the fire broke out, a chemical storage trailer exploded at the same chemical plant, due to the Hurricane knocking out the refrigeration system needed to keep the stored chemicals at a stable temperature. The chemicals are expected to irritate the eyes, nose, and lungs, but the company that owned the plant never stated how much of a true long-term impact the chemicals could have on the health of nearby residents. 
    Alongside the worry of another potential chemical spill/chemical fire, many scientists have expressed concern about the flood water. A CNN senior medical correspondent stated, "The potential for contamination is everywhere.” He continued to state that he was worried about the health effects among people who had spent time in the water, especially those who might have gotten cut while walking through the murky depths. "People with underlying illnesses, pregnant women, the elderly and young children would also be more susceptible to illnesses resulting from contact with contaminated water.” – Scutti, S. (CNN, 2017, September 01) 
    Time and time again Houston has witnessed and been victim to flooding, and even though Hurricane Harvey put a dent into the spirits of the Houstonian population; just like every time before, they will recover and prosper off Hurricane Harvey. 
    KSI is a community that desires to contribute to those in need. We will never demand or request that KSImembers should donate towards an issue or event, such as Hurricane Harvey, but we wish for all members who are eligible to donate to Hurricane Harvey to do so https://fundraise.convoyofhope.org/team/132206at: 
    Alongside the donation, those who choose to donate receive a special forums awards dedicated to those who contributed towards the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey. Do not do this for the award, or to satisfy KSI leadership. Do this for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

    New Update for PlayStation

    Have you heard about the new Update coming out for PlayStation? Twitch streamers are getting what they asked for, the update will consist of 1080/60fps which is definitely better then the current 720p.
    A few other improvements are also being added such as: being able to keep up with people's activity without having to add them as a friend, notifications will now be viewable from the quick menu, and now PlayStation users will be able to use an external hard drive. For all those VR people out there you will be able to use your Virtual Reality for Blue Ray 3D disk.
    One thing I've heard rumors about is that PlayStation and Xbox One would be able to play certain games with one another. Being a Xbox fan I would love to be able to play with some of my friends on PlayStation. I know this is all a rumor but here is to hoping it is true. So to all you PlayStation fans out there, you now know what to look forward to in the next update. 

    Money Vs Notorious

    Money Vs Notorious 
    This fight right here could change the game as we know it.
    There is a boxer in one corner and a MMA fighter in the other.
    Both at the top of their game, celebrities, and kings of their sport. Something that has never been done or though about being done. This isnt the same as Lesnar going from WWE to MMA. This is history in the making.
    No one thinks a MMA fighter can stand in a ring with a boxer who is looked at as the best of his time. How did this all begin we all ask to ourselves.

    All of this leads to the biggest fight of the decade, and two of the biggest ego's in sports colliding. Something we haven't seen before. Will we see a crazy upset? Will we see Floyd play defense and win by decision? 
    This is greatness before our eyes. Gives the viewers something we have all been wanting to see for a long time. This is sports!

    June/July 2017 Recruiters of the Month.

    Top recruiters for each division for the past 2 months! The months covered were June and July. The August winners will be announced with the August of the months.

    1) 51 - KSI x Oblivious - SR
    2) 50 - KSI JHoooD 7 - FS
    3) 30 - KSI Mjollnir - HF
    3) 30 - KSI Cynical - RD
    4) 23 - KSI Atomic - LE
    5) 15 - KSI Bizarre - AK
    6) 12 - KSI Relinquish - FU
    Thank you and great work to these members, you are part of the solution to building this community back to how it has always been, great. We commend you on your hard work and dedication to the cause and this community.

    Is the price right?

    For generations now big businesses and companies have made a killing on child minded inventions. Some of these inventions are gaming goggles, wax cube warmers, fidget spinners, etc. Today I'm here to talk about gaming chairs. Is it just an ordinary computer chair with some kind of different fabric, is it really going to help improve the way you game? The chairs run anywhere from $59 to over $599. Don't get me wrong they look insane and extremely comfortable. But I ask you KSI is it worth the hard earned money that you make? 
     First off I would like to talk about some of the different Gaming chairs available. There is the Vertagear racing Series SL4000 which is used by some YouTube stars and twitch streamers. It's known to have very firm cushions and it also has nine different colors you can choose from. The only down side to the product is that it costs $339.99
      Next we have the DXRacer formula series. It's another chair known to be used by twitch streamers. It looks awesome and comes in yellow, green, orange, or coffee. It price is a little on the steep side at $299. It has racing stripes and in my opinion is the best looking game chair out there. 
      Last but not least we have the furmax ergonomic racing chair witch is a lot cheaper then the first two. It sells for $66 and apparently makes a great office chair as well as a gaming chair. It comes in several colors, and like I said it's cheaper. So I ask you KSI what is your opinion on these cool but also expensive chairs? Will they improve your gaming or improve your room? 

    About KSI

    Knowledge, Strength, Integrity.
    These are the traits and qualities we look for in our members, to develop them further, and to construct a community together. It is about more than just gaming. For nearly 15 years, we have aimed to build upon life skills, technical abilities, and lifelong friendships.
    Leadership is important, but even more than that, KSI is about teamwork. Conflict resolution, understanding different ideals and motivations, and setting aside differences for a common goal are all essential to the efforts we put forth to build our squads, divisions, and departments. Members develop incredible team-building and leadership abilities through the efforts they put into making KSI the long-lasting community it has become.
    There are several opportunities for members to learn new technical skills as well. KSI offers the chance to take part in our various web operations departments to learn journalism, graphic design, video editing, and more. Members voluntarily dedicate their time to learning these skills and teaching others to better their abilities and explore their options. These chances to try something new and master a skill have resulted in revealing new hobbies and even career paths for KSI members.
    We strive to uphold a work hard, play hard mentality. When building with other people, seeing the resulting efforts being a creation previously undreamt of, strong bonds are formed between people. These ties become friendships that can last for decades, as many KSI members can attest to. The community becomes something guaranteed that people can fall back on and know that they have the support of someone, whether that member is in the next town over or across the ocean.
    KSI is, and always will be, a community by gamers, for gamers.

    July of the Month Winners 2017

    Congratulations to the July 2017 of the Month Winners! For those who did not win, keep up the great work and keep pushing towards being a winner in August.
    Senior leader - KSI Cali 7
    Director - KSI N3XUS 7
    Division Leader - KSI Mizz Airy
    Co-Division Leader - KSI Anubis
    Founder - KSI Beat 7
    Co-Founder - KSI Bruin 7
    General - KSI Izzy 7
    Officer - KSI MercyAngel
    Member - KSI Obliterate
    Global Member - KSI Monkeyy 7
    Forum Staff - KSI Monkeyy 7
    Streamer - KSI Oblivious

    Call of Duty: The Revival or the Destruction?

    Call of Duty WWII: the Revival or the Destruction?
    By: KSI Biddulph 7
    Throughout the last decade, many gamers agree on one thing in particular; Call of Duty is going down hill and at a rapid pace. Will returning to the roots of Call of Duty be the solution for the gaming franchise needs? Many veteran Call of Duty gamers are rejoicing and for good reason. Call of Duty WWII may be the solution to reviving the long-standing Call of Duty franchise and bringing the franchise back to its former glory.
    The most recent installments in the Call of Duty franchise always gave gamers a new gaming experience, but the games themselves never innovated upon themselves. Gamers always received the same thing in each title; a decent Campaign, wall running and double jumping in multiplayer, typical zombies, and a pay to play attitude. Now, ever since the announcement at E3, the series is set to see many new significant changes, overhauls, and innovations.
    The campaign in Call of Duty WWII is obviously set in World War II, the second great war that the world saw. The main character in this action packed story is Private Red Daniels, a teenager that is thrown into the US 1st Infantry Division and made to live the horrific events that occurred in Europe during WWII. Based off the trailer released at E3, the story seems to start at Operation Overlord (also known as D-Day), a major and significant battle that occurred on June 6, 1944, that saw allied forces land on beaches along a heavily fortified Normandy coastline.
    Even though the Call of Duty games are not known for their campaigns, gamers might notice a difference in this particular campaign due to the nature of WWII. Since the campaign's trailer was released, many gamers have noticed that it seems like the campaign is based on companionship and brotherhood. Expect to see heartfelt, tear jerking, and shivers down your spine moments in this story.
    Also, Activision has promised that Call of Duty WWII’s campaign will revisit “"iconic World War II battles" throughout its story, from the anarchic events of D-Day at Normandy to the long and brutal battles at Hürtgen Forest.”
    Multiplayer is one of the most important features in a Call of Duty game due to the mass number of gamers who play it. Over the last few titles released, many gamers have been in disagreement with the direction that multiplayer has been going in. Therefore, Activision has decided to do a complete turnaround, and make many new implementations on the core foundation of Call of Duty’s multiplayer.
    One of the newest innovations is being called “War Mode,” which “brings a gripping new layer of excitement to Axis vs Allies team play." Essentially, it adds context to conflicts. Another change in Call of Duty WWII is the change in the “create a class” system, which is now titled the new “Division system.” It changes the way load-outs work, with the removal of “finely tweaking your own personal loadout” and adds pre-made divisions (classes). There are an expected five divisions to be available during launch, and every division bringing their own personal play style to the field. The 5 divisions are:
    Infantry is a traditional front-lines soldier, packing a semi-automatic rifle and self-loading pistol.
    Expeditionary is an aggressive scout class, best suited for when situations get up close and personal.
    Airborne soldiers gain access to a submachine gun with an optional suppressor, allowing for a more strategic and tactical angle to gameplay.
    Armored is a tank class, with heavy weapons, heavy armor, and unrivaled power.
    Mountain is the long-range class of Call of Duty.
    Alongside the new gameplay options, Call of Duty WWII will also have a new “social space,” providing a central hub for multiplayer. It allows players to customize, interact with other gamers, and other soon to be announced features. It is similar to the way Destiny’s multiplayer is configured.
    Call of Duty WWII will also feature the return of Nazi Zombies, one of the most beloved game modes in Call of Duty. Not much has been released on the game mode, but from the reveal trailer itself, it looks more terrifying than previous installments.
    Call of Duty WWII is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 3rd, 2017. You can pre-order both physical and digital copies of the game currently, with three different pre-order options. The Standard Edition, Pro Edition, and the Digital Deluxe Edition. Those who pre-order Call of Duty WWII will also be able to participate in the private beta on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
    Links to Call of Duty WWII videos:
    Call of Duty WWII - Worldwide Campaign Reveal
    Call of Duty: WW2 MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY (Credit to Ali-A)
    Official Call of Duty®: WWII Nazi Zombies Reveal Trailer

    Xbox’s New Controller Lineup

    Xbox’s New Controller Lineup
    Starting August 3rd, the need to purchase a 3rd party Xbox One controller will disappear into the far reaches of gaming purgatory, thanks to the recent release of the new Xbox One controller lineup.
    Over the last few weeks, the company has displayed three new controllers, with all three being compatible with the Xbox One family, and all three being respectfully different. The most basic looking controller is colored in a light two tone gray design, with green accents at the base of the two joysticks, and will cost $64.99 USD. The second one is labeled as the “Volcano Shadow,” which is a special edition to the “Shadow Series,” another series of controllers. The controller features a black matte top and a red metallic finish lining the bottom of the controller’s face. This controller will cost $69.99, relatively the same as the first controller. Both of the controllers will be made available on 9/5/2017.
    Alongside the two new controllers, a third, more advanced controller also has been announced and expected to be available on 9/26/2017. The new Xbox Patrol Tech Special Edition controller will be the newest addition to the Tech controller series. Xbox has been quoted to have said the controller is, “inspired by military technology and performance patterns found in airborne navy patrol units." The Patrol Tech Special edition will be released with a “laser-etched texture and rubberized back grip.” Similar to most Xbox One controllers, it’ll have a 3.5mm headphone jack for headphones, but will feature improved wireless and Bluetooth range, and full button remapping which can be done through the Xbox Accessories app, which is available on Xbox One.
    Surprisingly, the controller only will cost $69.99 USD. Microsoft also added it will be selling the controller bundled with a cable for windows for the same price which will be available on October 17th. Essentially, the controller will be the cheaper version of its predecessor, the Xbox One Elite controller, which will set gamers back around $149.99 USD.
    The links provided below will allow you to view the official pages of the new Xbox One controller lineup:
    Volcano Shadow: http://www.xbox.com/EN-US/xbox-one/accessories/controllers/volcano-shadow
    Grey/Green: http://www.xbox.com/EN-US/xbox-one/accessories/controllers/grey-green
    Patrol Tech: http://www.xbox.com/EN-US/xbox-one/accessories/controllers/patrol-tech-special-edition

    Welcome KSI's Newest Moderators!

    Welcome KSI's Newest Moderators!
    By Jay Fox
    Becoming a KSI Moderator is a huge deal and a truly rare occasion. When it happens, it’s a big team effort to pick the most qualified member to become a Moderator. On 8/2/17 the KSI forums staff and Administration brought three new Moderators to the team: KSI Bizarre KSI Achilles 7, and KSI Airborn 7 are the newest additions to join the forums staff. As well as brining in a new Global Moderator KSI Mizz Airy, who just stepped down from her reign as Co-Head of the Department of Web Operations.
    From all of KSI, congratulations on your new roles in KSI and we wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor!

    NBA 2k18

    NBA 2K18
    It's almost time for it to be released, September 19th is the day.
    Some things to know if you pre-order, you get the special early tip-off edition which will get you:
    5,000 vc 
    Myplayer apparel 
    10 weekly my team packs. 
    Something that comes to my attention is that NBA 2K18 might be hard for some to buy, due to the fact that Kyrie Irving (The cover player) might not even be in a Cavaliers jersey next season. Being the cover athlete might be the only way we get to see kyrie in a cavaliers jersey other than highlights.
    My player is going to get a better career mode. My team is getting much needed updates and becoming more appealing to everyone.
    Something that is being rumored is that NBA 2K18 is getting rid of the MyPark part of the game. Personally I never enjoyed MyPark. I know some friends who are really heart broken by this, but as of right now we don't really know till the game is available for everyone. Until September 19th comes we are stuck waiting and wondering
    By the time this game comes out they'll have to make a roster update with all the free agent signings as well as all the trades that have happened. The outcome will look completely different, roster wise, by the time the game is released.
    Official NBA 2k 18 trailer
    Shags legend edition trailer 
    NBA 2k legends trailer 
    All YouTube videos make by NBA 2ks official YouTube. 

    You're Never Alone

    I try to maintain composure in front of others, most of the time. But there are times, entirely too many, where I hit a breaking point. When something happens that just eats away at me and leaves me wondering "What am I doing wrong?" I've had a lot of those lately. 
    But when it comes to those times, those despairing thoughts that won't go away, I've found that there are friends - hundreds or even thousands of miles away - who will help it sting a little less. Even if that means them telling me to get on Destiny and go kill some aliens with them to think about it a little less. Or just sitting in a party for 3 hours and talking it out with me. Or getting me to get up and go do a workout to rid some of the stress. 
    Lost Empire has been a blessing. Half of the members came from broken divisions, feeling defeated or angry. Together, we have risen up to the challenges presented. There is no shortage of members willing to reach out to one another when they are feeling upset, depressed or hurt. We make it a point to let it be known to speak up to someone, to anyone, in the event it gets to be too much. 
    It doesn't always work... We lost a member recently. Before sitting down to write this, I looked at his picture, his screenshots, the last things he wrote in our server, then I spent 20 minutes sitting on the floor of my room, crying. Not because I was especially close to him. But because now I never will be - no one else will be. I feel like I failed him. 
    Life is entirely too short already. Don't help it along to the end. Say something. If someone doesn't listen, say it again to someone else. I have been in that seemingly never ending black hole. All it can take sometimes is one lifeline. Just one person to say, "You are so brave. Every day that you get up to face the next one, you are strong, and you are brave." Whether that person is right next to you or is a voice over the headset, you're never alone. 
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