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  • 2017 Of the Year Winners!

    With another year in the books, it’s that time! The 2017 Of the Year votes have been counted, tallied, and considered for each award. 2017 was a bit rough for all of us, but for those that preserver the efforts are recognized and the rewards, endless. Thus I present to you the winners in each category for 2017:

    Director of the Year: KSI Space Ops 7

    Division Leader of the Year: KSI Huckleberry 

    Co-Division Leader of the Year: KSI Zeuswrath 7

    Founder of the Year: KSI Hardman 7

    Co-Founder of the Year: KSI Chaoticz 7

    General of the Year: KSI Medusa 7

    Officer of the Year: KSI Hoedoor

    Forums Staff of the Year: KSI Chaoticz 7

    Take a moment this week to congratulate these members of the KSI family and pick their brains a little of how to be a successful leader! Many were considered for each spot, though with the requirements set many who deserve a spot on the list were also ineligible. If you didn’t win or weren’t eligible this year, let us not forget that 2018 is upon us and with it, your chance to be recognized for the success you bring to KSI

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