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    Another Year Come and Gone


    Another year come and gone

                Well gamers it is now a brand-new year in 2018, and as in any gaming community, we dealt with the good and the bad in 2017, and here we are thriving at the end of another year. Coming into our 15th year of being a community let’s take a minute and go through some of the events of last year

                We started 2017 we have had many divisions here is the list, Wolf Den (Xbox 360), Synthetic Reality, Twisted Reality, Reality Dynasty, Final Reality, Hell Fire, Immortal Empire, Lost Empire, Arcane Kings, Phoenix Rising, Evil Ties, Semper Fi, Xiled God’s, Blades of the Eternal, and Fatal Genesis. Going into 2018 we are left strong with Reality Dynasty, Synthetic Dynasty, Xiled God’s, Semper Fi, and Fatal Genesis. We also lost members, leaders, and friends, but through all that this community stayed thriving on the guidelines it was founded on, to create a safe and fun environment for gamers to dwell. 

                This community also gave back this past year in two different charity events. One of which was for the AFSP (American Foundation of Suicide Prevention), in which we raised a total of around 450$. The other charity was for Child’s Play which is a charity that donates toys and games to hospitals worldwide. Our goal for this charity was 500$, but we surpassed that, and raised a total of 1,015$ for them. We also landed Cinch Gaming as a sponsor this year, they sell custom game controllers and other accessories.

                In another of year gaming, I encourage the new members to look towards your leaders, learn from them as you are the future of KSI, and with your help we will make it another year as a community. Above else remember people come and go, but KSI will never die.



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