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    Calendar of Events - NOV/DEC/JAN

    Calendar of Events - November and December 2017  | January and February 2018


    Greetings, KSI Global. As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 comes to an opening, the KSI Web Operations Leadership and Clan Operations Senior Leadership will be sending out multiple important announcements. Don’t get too excited yet, it’s all a surprise! See our Calendar of Events below! Times will be confirmed closer to the dates!


    Community Announcement #1:


    -Twitch Stream 11/16/17

    -News Article 11/16/17



    Community Announcement #2:


    -Twitch Stream 11/23/17

    -News Article 11/23/17

    - OTY Public Nominations December 1st - December 15th



    Community Event/Announcement #4:


    - Nex Addo XMAS Giveaway 12/7



    Community Event/Announcement #4:


    - OTY Of the Years 2017 Release - January 16th (Live Twitch Stream then Article on Front page)



    Community Event/Announcement #5:


    -Twitch Stream 2/24/18 (Ringing in the New Year)

    -News Article 2/24/18



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