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    Community Focus: X-Ray TR / Omega TR

    Community Focus: X-Ray TR / Omega TR
    By: Chaoticz
    News Team Writer

    X-Ray TR are smashing it with yet another squad split. Twisted Reality is killing as a whole also - seriously, someone put these people to sleep.

    Flash your minds back to the beginning of March, where you were most likely reading a similar article to this. Community Focus: X-Ray TR/Tango TR. It was an article outlining the split of X-Ray into Tango. Here we are -yet again- with another split X-Ray and all within the space of two months. KSI Silvu 7 - Director of Twisted Reality {TR} and Lost Empire {LE} - gave his feelings towards how effectively and quickly X-Ray has split, “I think the split has worked really well, it drove up the levels of excitement and dedication within the squad. It also appears to have lit a fire inside of people raising the moral.”.

    X-Ray has managed to split so well due to a number of different factors: good leadership, correct structure, massive activity, and excellent enthusiasm from everyone involved. KSI Dr Evil X was the General of X-Ray on this second split. We asked him some questions related to his personal KSI career and the splitting of this squad.

    Q. “Can you describe with one word how you feel about the split?”
    A. ”Accomplishment”

    Q. “Where do you see Omega and X-Ray in a month's time?”
    A. “I see both squads having their numbers up and activity in full swing in a month's time”

    Q. “Do you have any leaders that you would like to give recognition to for contributing towards this?”
    A. “I’m not usually one to ask for help but when I ever needed anything, KSI
    Dr Waddles 7 - my Co-Founder - was always there to help and point me in the right direction.”

    Q. “What personal goals do you have for yourself in KSI?”
    A. “I’d just like to continue my success with splitting squads, training new members, giving them opportunities to grow, and become a reason that KSI is as great as it is.”


    As mentioned in the previous article, KSI Dr Evil X has great potential within Twisted Reality. He keeps his squad motivated, active, and enthusiastic. He never refuses a member help and has a true passion for doing what he loves, helping others. Congratulations to KSI Dr Evil X on splitting X-Ray and good luck with your future career in KSI, I am sure we will be hearing from you again in a future article.

    It came as a surprise to many that TR leadership opted for Omega as a squad name; mainly sticking to Phonetic Alphabet themed names for BF squads in the past. That hasn’t stopped KSI OneTerror from taking charge of Omega and working towards making it great. The previous 1CPT of X-Ray, KSI OneTerror has now been promoted to Major and has been charged with overseeing Omega. We asked him how we felt about being given this responsibility, “I’m very proud and honored by the responsibility I have been given.”

    Back in the original squad, let’s talk about KSI Blackout908. For those who do not know, KSI Blackout908 and KSI Dr Evil X are related. Not just some: Father-Son, Uncle-Nephew, or Cousin-Cousin relation. They are biological brothers. This is something that has helped pave the path of success for X-Ray. Having two leaders over your squad who communicate daily is exceptional and is the main factor contributing towards the squad’s success. 

    With KSI OneTerror departing for Omega, KSI Blackout908 remains in X-Ray as Major alongside his General - and brother - KSI Dr Evil X. From what we understand, KSI Dr Evil X is keeping tabs on both Omega and X-Ray whilst taking a step back to see what KSI Blackout908 is truly made of.

    We asked KSI Blackout908 where he sees himself and X-Ray in the future, he stated, “In the next few months I see X-Ray continuing to be the great squad it has always been. I also see myself being a leader of X-Ray within the next few months.”

     KSI Dr Waddles 7 -formally KSI DrWobbles - remains as Co-Founder over these two squads, as well as Echo and Foxtrot. After being asked how he felt about X-Ray splitting, KSI DrWobbles said he was “surprised” as he did not expect them to split so well and fast. We asked him for any extra advice he can offer to Officers, Generals, and Co-Founders aiming towards splitting their squads and he said;

    “Find a schedule that fits your squad for gamenights and meetings. Do not force anything on the, go around and help them because you are here to help develop and progress your squad, not solely to obtain your next rank. Also, listen to your squad’s ideas and complaints as it will help build trust and unity within the squad.”


    KSI Dr Waddles 7 stated that his goals for Omega and X-Ray are to keeping building up, developing as a squad, and eventually reach another squad split. He believes that within a month X-Ray and Omega will have built their numbers back up to help the division prepare for an eventual split.

    KSI is a community that was originally built on Halo 5 and as it progressed into the early to mid 2010’s, began to move towards Call of Duty. We currently sit at over 2000 members officially within this community; over 600 of which are CoD: Infinite Warfare players and almost 400 of which are Battlefield 1 players. I believe that over the next half year or so, KSI could shift to a higher percentage of Battlefield 1 gamers. Almost every single division has at least one BF1 squads; Twisted Reality {TR} rocking four because they can! Here is what KSI Blackout908 had to say about the matter, “I think if we keep the recruiting and hard work going, anything is possible.”

    Only time will tell. Who know’s, in three months time KSI could be all Battlefield 1. Either or, Battlefield 1 will continue to be a popular game; both within and without KSI. X-Ray TR have proven it thus far.

    Finally, from me -KSI Chaoticz- as a fellow BF1 General, I would like to personally congratulate Twisted Reality on this recent success. Thank you to everyone from Private onwards for allowing this squad to continue it’s growth and truly witness the KSI experience.


    Below is a link to the article posted when X-Ray first split.



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