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    Have you ever wanted to write something, but you were afraid of how it would turn out? Do you have some hidden talent just waiting to be discovered? Do you thoroughly enjoy games and ache for more story about your favorite characters? This is for you!

    How it works:

    The News Team will periodically post a writing prompt. Anyone can enter their submission by means of a comment on the announcing article, a topic in the News section, or a Private Message/Direct Message to any of our News Staff.

    The team will come together to select a promising submission (occasionally with guest judges) and work with the author to polish the piece which will be posted on the front page when completed. The division to which the author belongs will receive a point. At the end of the season, the winning division will receive a special accolade.


    How will a winning author be selected fairly?

    • We have representatives from each division of KSI (other than GH currently), and, where we don't, we will find someone to stand in.

    How is the team qualified to run this?

    • Each staff member has a unique, competent writing style. A couple of us have degrees in communications and English, and we all have extensive writing and editing experience in a number of genres.

    Genre - Fanfiction
    A day in the life of [your favorite video game character].
    Suggested by KSI Atlantis 7/Jimtoke3d

    11:59 PM EST 31 January 2019

    Edited by ThatLilyDoe

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