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    KSI Atlantis 7


    A wry man with an undeterred sense of justice, KSI Atlantis 7 (a.k.a. Jimtokd3d) joined KSI in 2014 with determination to be a part of something larger than himself. Initially a member of Reality Dynasty division, he strove to build the team that would eventually generate the longest-lasting division in recent history, to which he returned in 2017. Ever the one to look out for people, he refused to kowtow to more aggressive leadership styles, and he constantly defended members from irrationality. After brief stints in Lost Empire and Phoenix Rising divisions, where he lent his expertise to novice squad leaders, he moved on but returned to what he often referred to as his online home by joining Fatal Genesis in late 2018.

    He constantly sought to try new skills and contribute wherever he could. As a talented writer, he enjoyed supporting the News team. Through his desire to support, encourage, and train, he took part in AAP and Education teams. And, when KSI makes any effort to improve itself as a whole, KSI Atlantis 7 would jump on board to add his unique perspective such as in the Research & Development and Marketing teams.

    Who was he outside of KSI? He thoroughly enjoyed musical theater, particularly The Greatest Showman, and he was an avid fan of story-driven video games. I’m fairly certain The Last of Us is the game that converted him from Xbox to PlayStation.

    "Every time I was in a party with him or a Discord channel, he was always super chill and friendly. He really went out of his way to make sure, if you had any questions, that they were answered. He knew when to be serious, but he also knew how to have fun. I was truly honored to have the opportunity to have such a great friend. Atlantis was one of the first people in KSI that I gamed with, and that's something I'll never forget. I wish I would have thanked him more for being such a good friend and for going out of his way to help everyone. Jim, buddy, we thank you. And we miss you. May you rest in peace." - KSI_Cayde-6

    "Jim and I made a connection immediately. Somehow two people from very different backgrounds and experience found each other relatable. After a while, Jim would just swoop in, leave a funny little message or friendly little jab at me. Which, of course, I would return the favor. He was funny and personable. Jim also cared deeply for this community and did everything within his power to make it better; we had long conversations about how to do just that. His dedication to training and giving KSI members life skills were unmatched. Jim just had a knack for delivering mundane information and making it fun and memorable. I didn't know him long, less than a year, but he quickly became someone I could depend on and was always there to talk to. I am going to miss Jim tremendously, and the world has lost an incredible being." - KSI Dwardog79

    "When he and I first met, we hit it off. He was a cheeky fellow from Wales who had a crude sense of humor, similar to me. You wanted to be his friend because he sounded so witty with his accent, and you don't run into too many people from the UK online. I was particularly fond of whenever he would start singing Broadway show tunes; he really loved The Greatest Showman. Jim also shared the same desire I had to make FG the flagship division of KSI, and, throughout both of our time here, I like to say that we achieved that goal. What Jim brought to our division, our community is something that we could never get back. Jim was one of the hardest-working dudes; he exemplified what it meant to be a Co-Founder and a KSI member. It really makes me sad that Jim isn't here to see all of this; just the other day, I was in a party with him. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to have served in div staff with him, to have known him, and to have been his friend. Anyone who knew him was privileged to have had that opportunity. I love you, Jim; it's too damn soon." - KSI HulkHogan 7

    Jim believed in the power of people. He inspired togetherness, respect, and dedication. But this goes beyond KSI losing a long-standing member and even beyond losing a friend. With the loss of Jim, a bright spot in the world has gone out. Requiescat in pace.

    Image by KSI Xillery
    "One More Light" by Linkin Park



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